March RBRC: Signal-Close Action by Alexander Kent

This month’s RBRC post is a bit late. Apologies. On the 1st of this month, I was quite focused on not looking at the web, news, emails or texts as to not fall for any more April 1 pranks. I did not realise it was that day until after I saw a tweet from the tourism Norway site that was sharing ‘breaking news’ that Sweden, Norway and Denmark would be forming their own alliance in 2020 – thus combining resources.  (‘Does anyone have a suggested name for this new alliance?’ – BTW, that name would be SWEDEN. SWE (Sweden) -DE (Denmark)-N (Norway)) After my brain stopped shorting, I realised that ah-ha, it’s international jokester day!  After that, I made an effort to remain unavailable for the remainder of the day. And then, after that, the days just rolled by. I somehow forgot about the 1st and the Recycled Book Reading Challenge post that I had not posted. YIKES!

So here I am, with a very late, RBRC post.

My March read was Signal-Close Action! Written by Alexander Kent. I do not remember how I came to have this book in my possession, but I am thinking that it was from a holiday book exchange.

Alexander Kent is an author from the U.K. and it is not a surprise that his nautical tales are composed from a historical British perspective.

Based in the early 18th century, this book captures an intriguing image of naval warfare in that age. I will admit that many of the tactics were difficult for me to imagine, as the extent of my naval warfare knowledge comes from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a good book and I quite enjoyed it. The characterisation was clear and defined and for the most part, there was no guesswork required. (With the exception of my admitted ignorance of the subject matter)

This book is part of a series, so there are some backstory that I am clearly unfamiliar with. The series is the Richard Bolitho series and I think that this is either #12 or #14 in this series. So, I have missed quite a bit. Apparently, Bolitho has been working his way through the ranks and is a commander in this volume. He does have some challenges, especially with some of the other men and other captains and this book does share some insight into the challenges of holding this new post for Bolitho.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of naval history and naval fiction. It’s preferable if the series is read in good order, though.

That’s all for my Recycled Book Reading Challenge for this month. If you would like to enjoy our challenge, please do! I post about 1 book each month and I will link to your RBRC posts as well!

This month, Colette shared here RBRC post which I am linking to below:

I am linking to Collette’s RBRC post for this month. Thank you, Collette and welcome back!

If you are reading this series, you can find this book by clicking here.

Thank you for reading!


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