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Sharing a Small Fact About WordPress Plugins

Hello to you!

Many of my super readers are also fellow WordPress users. I discovered a little something about WordPress plugins and I thought I would share. (Had I known this, I never would have made this mistake.)

Many of you know that I went on a reformatting spree and managed to thoroughly destroy my blog pages. Some of which are yet unfixable.

Apparently, when you install your first plug-in on wordpress, you can say fare-the-well to some of your wordpress perks, previously taken for granted. For example; the plug-in I installed, completely scrambled my formatting. In a forever kind of way. I changed to varying themes with minimal success in retrieving things lost. One of the permanent losses is my reblog button. As someone who loves to share great posts on occasion, this was a real sad moment of realisation for me.

Worst of it? I did all that damage for a plug-in I didn’t even want! Ugh…

I finally spoke to WordPress about what I can do and was informed that when you install your first plug-in (!Any plug-in!), the reblog button is gone forever. (I noticed myself that if my reblog button on my site is missing, then I have no ability to reblog from others sites either…) *Sniff sniff

If this happens to you and you want a reblog button for your site, you can install another share plug-in which will give you the capability to create a button for wordpress sharing.

Good Luck; Ask yourself if you reeeaaaalllllyyyy need that plug-in!


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  1. Not sure if you have seen this or use it already, but WordPress does have a little thing called “Press This” that essentially works like a “reblog.” If you follow this path: Settings>Writing>scroll to the bottom of the page – it explains what it does there. It is REALLY helpful when you are reading the news or visit a website you want to write about because it creates a blog post and a link right in the post to be saved for later or you can write and publish right then if you choose to. You might check into that and see if it could be helpful.

  2. I can so relate to this.

    I launched my blog on the personal plan but all the blogging advice articles I read insisted that some plug ins especially Yoast were essential to grow my blog.
    So I upgraded to the Business plan and lost my Reblog button.
    Since the plug ins weren’t doing much for me and the plan was very expensive I reverted to the Personal plan.
    Hey ptesto !
    I can reblog again.

    That was a long rant !

    Hope it helps you.

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