Surprised By An Old Friend…

Friendship is a strange thing. It can be so challenging to make long-lasting friendships, although a person can have far too many people they know – none of which are actual friends. Sadly, many long-term friends seem to slowly vanish over the years. Friends from youth move away for work, have their own families, find differing interests and the years just go by.

I was so excited when a long time friend of mine came to visit! We haven’t seen in years and it was just like no time had gone by at all when we got together again. We had such a fantastic visit, I monopolised all of her time for about a week, but it was so lovely to just be….silly ladies again!

This is why I have been a bit of a bad blogger this week. I do apologise. I was just having so much fun with my guest (and perhaps having a few glasses of wine as well) that I have only had the briefest of opportunities to check in online.

Thank you for understanding!


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9 thoughts on “Surprised By An Old Friend…”

  1. Having long time friends is in itself a treasure and a a rarity ! So glad you had the opportunity to have good times again!


  2. Reconnecting is lovely. Having married an old friend whom I hadn’t seen for nearly 40 years, I can attest that a real connection will withstand the test of time. And I have a few female friends I see rarely but when we get together it’s as though no time has passed. It’s possible the wine has something to do with it, LOL.


    1. I love this! It is wonderful that you married someone you had known for so long. There is a familiarity in it that just cannot be found in many circumstances.
      Haha. Wine ALWAYS has something to do with it! ;P


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