How Is Your Decluttering This Month?

I set a challenge months ago, to declutter 1 item daily from your homes. I was surprised by how many amazing people have joined me in the challenge! It has been about 5 weeks since I last asked, so I wanted to ask you: How is it going?

I have been keeping to task quite well. Speaking the truth, I had thought that my only problem was an actual lack of storage space. As I do not actually have so many items, I have been unaware how much clutter I have until I began this challenge. I am no hoarder, but I keep paper. So. Much. Paper! It pours out onto every place, it seems so. I keep papers everywhere and when I rediscover them, I mostly cannot understand why I had the need to keep it instead of dispose of it immediately. So, I dispose of it now. It is such a waste of time looking through these items trying to remember: was it a topic of importance? From a long lost friend? A receipt from a memorable moment? A notification that will alter the way the system works? Or do I just have the habit of putting papers down to never be sorted again and then moving them with me from place to place while always thinking it something of importance? This, I do not know. But I am glad to be working through this challenge and to be able to work to repair the things I am doing to add to the clutter.

How is you declutter going?

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14 thoughts on “How Is Your Decluttering This Month?”

  1. Mine is going very well. I got out all my summer clothes and discovered that I could no long fit into most of them. I filled up five bags of still-good clothing and donated them to the charity store that benefits the battered women’s shelter in our county. It felt good to know that someone else would buy them at a bargain price and the proceeds would support the shelter. I had more tee shirts than anyone needs and I’ve aged and grown out of wearing shorts. I was concerned, though, that I didn’t have a nice dress to wear to a cousin’s wedding this summer. Lo and behold, my sister went through her closet and found a very nice summer dress she could no longer wear. It fits me perfectly! So everything worked out great!


    1. That’s super! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love that you are always finding a good charity to give your items to. That is very cool! Also, I cannot believe your luck! Your sister found the perfect dress for you when shopping her closet, I mean, really…I am certain that you must be walking around with a pocketful of charms!


  2. Thanks to your blogs; my de clutter is going great! Odd though, yesterday I realized I have drawers that hardly shut for receipts ! Iโ€™m gonna go through 1 file a day and go to one of those places with a huge shredder and go to town!
    Youโ€™re 1 a day advice keeps me sane!


    1. That is great to hear! 1 file daily seems manageable, but also like enough of a challenge to keep it going. Please, keep us updated how it is going!


  3. Ha, it’s an ongoing struggle. Paper and magazines, mostly. I’ll save something interesting and rarely go back to it but I always think I’ll need it. Usually, this leads to a weekly purge to keep things under (sort of) control.


      1. Clear as you go…as I was taught in Home Economics…makes it easier. That way I have to focus on what I really need. For e.g. when I stopped need newspaper articles for something I had been doing, I plucked up the courage to dispose of the lot. Courage because one tends to fear or hope that they will be useful at some time in the future. (Almost the same with people who become a habit even though they are “negative energy “) After a while it becomes clearer what has to go and what may stay. I guess it’s a lot like knowing yourself better. Still tough at times. Attachment or sentimentality tends to feel like something good. ๐Ÿ™‚ We live and we learn.


      2. Thank you for sharing this. I agree that holding on to items because of fear you might one day need it is a difficult habit to tame. That seems to be one of our challenges here.


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