Getting To Know You 14.05.2019

What is the weirdest thing you have ever done to your hair?

My answer: Only one? I face palm every time I look through photographs…


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6 thoughts on “Getting To Know You 14.05.2019”

    1. Oooohhhhh…..I remember hearing about those! You actually did it?!??? What happened with it, did it hydrate or just make your hair yicky?
      Did you do the beer rinse also? What was the other one that was so popular, was it…avocado or oats or honey or something like that?


      1. It was gross like putting salad dressing on your head.
        No it didn’t work at least I didn’t think so.


      2. Eewww…. I am not imagining good results with a head full of salad sauce. I am laughing quite hard at the moment though. Hahahaha. Sounds awful. So glad you shared this!


  1. When I was younger ( (with my mom’s help) put curling rods all over my head and slept in them. My hair got so curly that it looked like I had an afro. Not a good look for a preteen redhead.


    1. Oh no!! It sounds like it started well, but it seems to have set a bit curlier than you expected! I can only imagine that was a devastating morning for you. Nice that you can laugh about it now 😉


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