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Goodies and a Challenge

Hello 🙂

I am super excited. I received this amazing package from Buy Whole Foods Online today!  It seems that the friendly people at Buy Whole Foods Online discovered that I am working quite hard to expand my culinary ability. And so, this package of goodies was accompanied with a challenge. My set challenge is to create a recipe for each of the ingredients received. Oh, oh…now my mind is playing!


The contents of the package include:

Edible Rose Petals  125g

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder  250g

Organic Turmeric  250g

Pickling Spice 500g

Raw Wild Flower Bulgarian Honey  900g

Textured Vegetable Protein  500g

I am loving this company for several (very good) reasons! 1) Super cool things like this happen 😀 😀  2)  The are against genetically modified foods and prefer organic all the way. I love that!  3)  The package sizes are good! I hate buying tiny packets of spice, knowing that I will be constantly buying tiny packets of spice. I appreciate having a decent enough amount that I don’t have to worry about using it all in a couple dishes. They also provide bulk/larger sizes for order option.   4) They are a homegrown small business. I love small businesses like this because they do not lose sight of their customer base & business orientation! 5) Based in the UK, the prices are reasonable and the shipping within the EU does not currently require additional tax or fees when shipping to other EU countries.

Which one should I use the first? I think maybe Turmeric. Or what do you say?




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