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Extreme Sustainable Food Experiment Do-Over?

Do you remember this extreme experiment from the previous summer?  I have been thinking quite a bit about it today. I am tempted to try it again and see if I can make it work little bit longer this time. (Not the shopping ban though. I am 10 months in on the shopping ban and have broken it only once to purchase a necessary dress for a friends birthday party. It was an important party and I do not feel guilty. Yes, I wear the dress regularly.) But, I digress…

Shopping ban aside, I have been considering the sustainable food/local food challenge for again this summer. But a bit differently this time, now that I understand more how this goes. For example, I have to find a way to work with the heavy price of locally made goods, like mustard.  Also, I will not keep this from my friends this time. Sometimes, it is far too complicated to keep a desperate need for help and expertise to myself.

I want to work with what I have, and have access to. But I also do not wish to restrict myself to the point of misery – living only on dandelions and tortillas. So there has to be a centre point somewhere. I just do not know what that is. Let’s be real, I am not a person who has any connection to doing things herself. I am a city girl. I like convenience. I do not knit, sew, bake, craft, or barely even garden or cook. So this is a big ask.

Maybe it’s a mind thing. Summer is here and I can see the possibility around me. Perhaps I am too idealic in my thinking, but I can’t stop myself thinking that this should not be this difficult! People have always lived off the land. Only in the last 50 years have we become so dependent on processed rubbish and food market convenience, that we have thoroughly forgotten how to eat like ‘normal’ people used to. Have we really lost touch with our food this much?

I’m uncertain. Hoping you can help me to decide. What do you think?


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