I Keep Doing This…

So it seems that I keep accidentally publishing post drafts. Apologies for the title only post that I was just beginning to write and seemingly hit the publish button instead of the draft. Ugh.

I find it amusing though, that I got some likes on it.  Obviously no person read the post because there was no post yet written to read. Was the title that good? Or…how does this happen?

Please do not mistake me – I am NOT complaining about likes! No, no, no, no, no… not at all! But I do find myself asking the question: Does anyone actually read these posts? Or are people just scrolling through the reader hitting the ‘like’ button?

Whatever it is, I am sorry for the accidental posting. I will try not to do it so often, but we both know that it will happen again, most likely.

Have a lovely week’s end!


*Feature photo via Haha stop

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6 thoughts on “I Keep Doing This…”

  1. There are a lot of people who just hit “Like” unfortunately. When you look at your stats and have four likes but no views, that is a good indication no one read it and just clicked like in the reader. Happens to me all the time…


    1. It is frustrating. I do visit blogs many blogs who take the time to come by my site, but I always read before liking anything. There are some strange things on the internet…


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