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RBRC: Brought in Dead by Jack Higgins

I’ve done it again…just today…posting this while writing when I’m saving a draft. This is happening so often now that I am quite certain that there is a some kind of technical problems occurring and not me clicking carelessly. Apologies again for the false start of this post.

Brought in Dead by Jack Higgins is my Recycled book reading challenge book for the month of May. This is the 2nd book of the Nick Miller series.

Set in London in the 60’s, this suspenseful book provides a real look into police procedure of the era. The detective (Nick Miller) comes across a young suicide victim, who is not a suicide at all but is actually a murder victim. And the story continues in the search of Justice.  It is difficult to discuss this book in depth without giving away the entire story. I very much dislike it when someone tells me all the suspenseful bits and then there is really not so much left for me to discover myself by reading. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it as a good read for you also. I would say that it is a medium level suspense read. Not so difficult as to easily fall of the wagon and get lost in the characters plots, but complicated enough to keep the readers interest.

As with any series, it is always best to start reading from the beginning and forward in the correct order. This is one of the points that frustrates me with this challenge. If I find a book in english that I can read for this challenge, I only purchase the one – as most times it is all you will find in a used items shop – and I never purchase books that say on the cover that they are part of a series. Then I find myself reading book 5 out of 12 and I never really know the backstory or the in depth characterisation. I am always missing important information.

If you would like to read this book for yourself (if you have not already) you can find it by clicking here.

If you would like to join the RBRC, all are welcome! Just link to your challenge book post on the 1st of the month and I will link to your post in my upcoming RBRC post as well.

Thanks for reading!

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