The Most Wonderful Season

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, this is what I want to do! Planting πŸ™‚

Maybe I am showing my age, but I love to put plants to grow. Oftentimes, I even have fantasies that it will grow into actual food. You know, the stuff you can eat! But, I fear that that level of success is quite far away. Perhaps not πŸ™‚

HC garden

Β© Hugh Clack

I really love these box gardens! One day, perhaps, I will become a planting master! But for now, you can consider me the slow-growth charm to all plants…

I have recently been on a binge-search for those heirloom seeds. I think that those original plants are so much nicer somehow. Maybe next year I get my nerve to try them.

I would love to have one of those amazing gardens with cucumber, tomato, melon, squash, salads and herbs, peonies and gladiolus. How amazing would it be!

Learning, learning…all the time!

What do you enjoying doing in the warm summer sun?


*Photo credit: Β© Hugh Clack


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4 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Season”

  1. I love the neatness of the boxed garden. We love the flowers and have a huge perennial garden of flowers that draw hummingbirds and butterflies. It’s beautiful but a forest of colors and styles .
    Flowers and birds and butterflies are my inherited obsession!


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