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Summertime Fun in the Sun!

It’s that time of the year again, when I am making picture boards of all the outdoor  items I would have around here for myself, if I could just purchase whatever I want. Last year it was garden everything. This year its a bit more ‘sporty’. I managed to break the tire on my bicycle, so I have been dreaming of a new one. And I think I’ve been living an online fantasy this summer of someone who plays at the beach, goes camping and has a yard full of friends who are playing games. 😉

So, these are my would-have items:


This bicycle, really appeals to my retro style. I little bit love it. I honestly think that I will probably be buying this beauty IRL.


Aaannnddd…an easy carry picnic basket for those champagne and fig days (of course!)


This is the first I have seen spray chalk and I think it is a brilliant idea! How fun would it be to get über-creative on the grass?! 🙂


This throw and stick set, I would be using for all my beach days. I actually think this is quite suitable, as the ball won’t just roll everywhere. Which is always a good thing when it involves lots of holiday goers.


This 10 person tent for the ultimate on ‘glamping’. I had to show this because, well, I think it’s the same size as my last flat…


I actually think this lightweight backpack is super cool. This is another one that I will probably buy for myself IRL. It folds up into a carry pack that is small enough to fit in a small handbag, and its waterproof fabric. I have a small shopping bag like this and I love it.


Aaaannnddd…to add a bit of modern retro into your camping holiday, this lamp.


For the grande finalé, this travel luggage scale. I recommend these for every traveller. I take mine with me everywhere! Packing for multiple weight regulations is a big travel headache. This scale has both kg and lb so you can be sure that you will always have the correct weight and never have to apologise to the people in line behind you again!

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What are your summertime must-haves?


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