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Getting To Know You 25.06.2019

Todays question is about humane messaging times. I find myself very annoyed at early morning texts (before 8:00) and I have rarely been one to send texts very late at night. Now with emails and messengers going straight to smart phone notifications, it’s almost worrisome to just respond to an email or message when you see it, as it may wake the the person you are replying to. (Especially when replying internationally) This week, I made a bit of a business blunder and responded to an instant message at almost 21:00 (9pm) on a weekday night. I knew that this person had the app on their phone and it did not occur to me until after I sent what a rude person I could be perceived as.  I have heard it said that 9-21 (9) is ok, but to never call or message anyone outside those hours. But then, there could be a different business etiquette (which I am quite sure I violated).

What are you communication hours? Any rules you try to keep by?



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