The ‘Special K’s’ Are Making Trouble Again….

Special K. That’s what I have named the Kardashians. Am I a fan? Not in any case. However, the Kardashians have taken over my online news feeds and I just cannot escape the media storm of this family.

Why have I decided to contribute to the media storm today? Well, because I’m just over it. Today I saw a story that Kim Kardashian has decided to Trademark the name Kimono for her new undergarment line. This is just so bizarre to me, as it seems to be to many people. It doesn’t ‘fit’. Quite literally. Not to mention, there is much online talk that this can be considered as cultural appropriation. However, this is something I do not know enough about to discuss. I had to read the reader comments. People are…angry!

What I do want to talk about it is the Trademark bit.  As much as this family gives me a loss of appetite, I think I may have an idea about why she would select a name that has absolutely nothing to do with her product. That reason being that she could file it as an arbitrary trademark. An arbitrary (fanciful) trademark is one specifically for names that have nothing to do with the product offering. Think Apple computers. This particular type of trademark is also given a very high level of protection under the trademark. (I looked up information on the American Trademark laws today before writing this, as I had my own questions.)

I have also noticed some online commenters have some confusion about the possibility of trademark infringement with such a well-known word as Kimono. This is an understandable concern. As far as trademark infringement, it is considered infringement if it can be proven to cause consumer confusion as to similar name and similar product. Kimono as a fitted undergarment (K’s) is not the same as the Japanese Kimono (which is considered as more of a dressing suit). If Kim K trademarks the word ‘Kimono’ for her undergarments, then that means that someone else cannot use ‘Kimono’ for their undergarments or products in similar category. This should vary enough so that it should not cause any conflict with the traditional Japanese Kimono. It is a different product, and it is the product name. However, if the K’s decided to make life difficult for people, I am certain that they could easily do an online search and bully some small businesses. If you find yourself with an interest in this happening, I heavily recommend that you do a search for Trademark law as it pertains to each country. Trademark law does vary according to country but the main lines are quite much the same. It is quite informative. (Once you get through the sleepy bits.)

I wish that this family had any kind of consideration for the rest of us in the world.  This is such a silly idea. I think the only reason she would take the name ‘Kimono’ is so that the SEO would be good. There is really no reason for this. She has succeeded in upsetting many people and in my mind, it would be a lovely idea to change the name to something a bit less….cultural. ‘Rubbish’ might be a fitting name 🙂  (Was that bad? That was bad…)

That is enough of my blah blah blahhing.

What do you think about this?


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24 thoughts on “The ‘Special K’s’ Are Making Trouble Again….”

  1. I just don;t see what the attraction is to this family. They are morally empty. They are selfish, self-centered and very narcissistic, and think the whole world revolves around them. To me, they are all spoiled little brats that think because they are wealthy, the rules do not apply to them. I can’t stand them.


    1. Very well said! I don’t understand it either. I don’t think the show is available here, I have never seen it. So I questioned if I was missing something somehow that these people got so famous (and rich) for doing….nothing. Seems that I didn’t miss anything. The entitlement is unbelievable. How are these women allowed to be such bad examples for all of the youths who idolise them? I don’t like them either…


  2. I agree with you, including the more appropriate name for one of the Ks’ products is “Rubbish.” I still don’t understand people who become famous just for being rich and famous. I simply don’t get why anyone is fascinated with that family.


    1. Hah, yes! 1 vote for ‘Rubbish’! 😀 I don’t understand it either. You should join my imaginary support group for those of us that are baffled by this family.


    1. This, I did not know! Thank you for sharing this information that we can better understand how this phenom happened.
      The amount of media is truly crazy. There are so much more important things in the world…


  3. Never watched; and I don’t get it either. I call them media “wh*res”. Some just thrive on attention I guess; sadly with little regard for the rest of society. The media needs to stop reporting on them…that’s the reason they continue to stay “relevant”.


    1. Hah! I love your name for them 🙂
      If the media is how they stay ‘relevant’, as you say – then how do we, the public, inform the media that is enough already?


      1. Ahh, the million dollar question. The best answer I can think of is to stop buying the magazines, don’t watch their reality shows and don’t buy their products. Sadly, though, I guess the media could be defined as “scoop wh*ores”, or “I don’t care what or who the story is, just pay me big bucks people.” The media doesn’t listen other than to those who are buying/paying them. I firmly believe the media is a big cause of our nation’s woes!


      2. Changing with your wallet is a good practice! I think it is quite shameful that famous peoples get so much media coverage, when there is actual news, real life that is happening. I think maybe I’m just old 😉


  4. Spot on. It really is about SEO or rather what I see as”association” for more immediate impact. No one will think of her undies (urrrgh) when they hear kimono. It is blatant upmanship, and as far as I am concerned kimono is already a brand/product name by usage, in the public domain. It is ‘clever’ and arrogant. Don’t be surprised after all the free publicity and discussion has pushed her undies to the required limit, if she then changes the naming.


      1. Very good. Thanks for article, which I just read. Her “solution” was to wear us down into accepting she had a unique product. Now its stuck in people’s minds and good or bad they will be eager to see and try it out= more publicity, fame, money. Move on Marketing!


      2. Now to name her “solution” in a way that ladies (and gentlemen?) will forever associate with the old bodyshaper. Something more “would be” classy and snappy. From then on no-one wil lrefer to a body shape as anything but a….


      3. Hah. Yes, I think you must be quite correct in this. I was not thinking about the phenomenon of people using brand names as product names, but it happens so often that yes, could be a big possibility.


      4. Ego tells me she’ll probably, after great deliberation, just call it a Kardashian . So I’m off to the mall. I need to get a new Kardashian. (Did I spell that right?) Check you later.


      5. Haha…You are likely correct. I haven’t seen anymore news about it, but I haven’t been looking so much news last few days. Have a good continuing week 🙂


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