I was a bit wary about pickling zucchini’s. It actually turned out really good! When the zucchini is fully pickled and has sat for a few weeks, it almost tastes like home cucumbers. This pickling spice has a very distinct flavour. It’s delicious, but I can’t quite determine if it is the crushed bay leaves of the dried allspice berry. It’s almost like its something green, almost oregano like, only not. But it is really good! I have never tasted a pickling spice exactly like this, so I will be buying this in bulk in the future. The birds eye chilis are small but they are quite light. The light chili heat does soak into the pickled veg which creates a bit of a party in your mouth.

Don’t be afraid to try this recipe! It is really very good and this pickling spice could not have been a more perfect fit for it!


What you need:

● Clean jars and tops for jarring

● Sugar (1 Tbsp per jar)

● Pickling spice (2 tsp per jar)

● Zucchini

● White vinegar

● Water

● Cut the zucchini in either slices, or if you would like a bit fancier food dressing option, peel into strips with a vegetable peeler.

● Pack jars with zucchini up to the bottle neck.

● Add 1 tbsp sugar and 2 tsp pickling spice directly to each jar

● Measure out how much water and vinegar you will need. I make mine with a simple 50/50 calculation. Exactly half of each and enough to fill the jars.

● In a medium size pot boil the water/vinegar mixture for pickling.

● Once mixture has boiled, pour into the jars, over the zucchini until it reaches the top. Keep the zucchini under the mixture level.

● Put the lid on tightly.

● If you do not plan to eat these immediately when they are ready, then place the jar into your choice of water/steam for further disinfecting process.

● Set aside and let sit for 2 weeks.

Eat and enjoy!


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    1. Hey, thank you! If you like food preserving, you really should try this pickling spice. Even a small bit to see if it suits your tastes. I like it, but, well, I’m me 😀


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