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My Year Long Shopping Ban Is Over! :)

I made it through the entire year, I cannot believe I was actually able to do it!

Last summer, I placed myself on a 1 year shopping ban. A shopping ban on un-necessary items like clothing, accessories, pretty things. I broke the ban in once occasion, about 6 months into the challenge. I purchased a dress for myself to wear to a friends birthday happening. (And I have worn it a lot afterwards) Otherwise, I have been very good!

When I began this challenge, I did not think I would be able to make it an entire year. I also imagined that I would find myself with a bit of extra pocket money that I could instead use towards my debts. I was surprised to find that I was incorrect about both.

I discovered that not purchasing did not leave me with the extra money I hoped would be there. This leads to me to question how I was able to shop before the ban. As many of you know, I do not have a wardrobe of many items. About 30 items. Β So its not a situation where I am out shopping all the time. So that I can see, that there would not be so much money spent, to be saved during the ban. I was still not expecting to not have any money to show that I had not been spending.

Even I don’t shop so much, I wanted to so badly. Odd. I think maybe because I was telling myself that I couldn’t shop, that I felt like I was missing something and wanted to shop that much more.

I also realised something else, something I think is important. I got quite bored with my clothing. Sometimes because I was wearing the same items very frequently and most of them show the wear via holes, faded colours and just starting to look blaaahhhh. This made me want to shop. But then something strange happened. I found myself looking at new clothing that looked comfortable and heavily worn. Why? Wasn’t this what I was trying to get away from? I have been thinking about this for months. The only theory that seems logical is that I don’t actually hate my clothing, I hate the way I feel in them. I am still a bit overweight and for some reason, the self negativity comes out strongest when I see myself in the mirror. Even if I am wearing a beautiful dress, all I manage to see are the things I don’t like about my own image. I think many women have this same problem. So this is my lesson from this: I need to work on myself. I need to accept myself, be happy with myself. And maybe then, I can stop hoping that new clothes will make me feel better about myself and instead feel better about myself and that will make my worn and comfortable clothing look better!

How do you control your spending?


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  1. Great job on completing an entire year without spending. That is impressive. I am also trying to work on accepting myself the way that I am. Sounds like you are on a great track!

    <3 Alana

    • A good question. No, actually, I was not spending it elsewhere. I thought maybe that was the situation as well. I was spending money I did not have to spend. I do not use credit, so it seems I was purchasing with money before I used it for bills. This is a horrible thing to do and I cannot believe I was doing it, but it is the only explanation :/

      • Wow! So it seems like this experiment turned out quite well in the end, and you got to know yourself much better.

        I also think people, especially us girls go through phases in life. At one stage I was buying lots of nice clothes and luxury handbags, now I’m in jeans and t-shirt and trainers all the time, and I’ve had my crappy hand bag for at least five years!

      • I really like your perspective on this! Thank you πŸ™‚ It did turn out well, as I did learn more about my habits, spending and mental being with the whole thing. Nowhere near perfect now, but I can make better purchasing decisions. Aka – not buying unless I really need something.
        I’m with you in the handbag situation! I purchased 2 brahmin bags, maybe 7 years ago and they are still working beautifully! Don’t look down at the jeans and tee combo. I am so envious of the how amazing Jennifer Anniston looks in that ensemble.

  2. For me, the trick is to avoid window shopping and scrolling through online websites without a specific objective, e.g., I need a new pair of black pants. Also to get rid of at least one thing when I buy something new.

    • Oh, the scrolling….. You are quite right about this. And it is one of my big weaknesses.
      I like your rotating system. That sounds like a good way to keep the clutter from creeping in!

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