Getting To Know You 17.07.2019: That One Friend…

‘We all have that one friend…’

Today, I realised that I AM THAT FRIEND in my friend circles. You know that friend; The one that really tries to be normal, but just can’t. The chick that falls in heels, laughs at inappropriate moments, displays her emotions all over her face, worries constantly… That heavily neurotic friend who gets stupid-level excited about the smallest things. She wants to help. REALLY wants to help and sometimes goes so weird with it that you aren’t quite sure whether to be insulted or to start worrying that she’s a bit ‘slow’. That friend who genuinely means well, but most likely comes across as a complete nutter most of the  time. That’s me. I kind of wish I could be the cool, successful, beautiful friend. But then it would take away all my weird and my weird is what makes me, me. No?

So my question for you today is: Which friend are you?


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8 thoughts on “Getting To Know You 17.07.2019: That One Friend…”

  1. I’m the friend that always has an ear to lend, a comforting hug, a gentle suggestion or two, a smile on rainy days, and a cheerleading spirit. I’m also the friend that may at times talk and laugh too loudly, dance to my own beat or turn up the music and dance to that wherever we are. My sister-in-law tells me I’m a bit brash, and so I am. You never have to wonder what I mean, ’cause there’s no beating around the bush.

    I’m interested in what’s going on at the moment, and flexible when it comes to what my friend’s want to discover in their lives since I’ve been so blessed to discover much in mine. I’m happy to go with their flow, and thankful to be part of our meetups just because we’re together. It’s great being an all around friend, especially since I can be who I am as a human being, while at the same time celebrating who my friends are, each unique in their own space and time!


    1. Hello friend! Welcome to the party 😀
      I really love the way you have shared which friend you are and I can honestly say that every friend group needs a friend like you! No beating around the bush required 😉


  2. I am with you! A total nutter! Goofing up and laughing at myself. Well BLESSED WHO CAN LAUGH AT THEMSELVES FOR THEY ARE ENTERTAINED!!🤣


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