Should I worry? Plant growth is making me stupid-excited. I should worry.  Oh well…

I am SO EXCITED! (Husband thinks I’m loco) I’ve been trying so hard to plant some kind of fruits and vegetables, and basically none of those have grown. I had few pumpkin plants. Not those big pumpkins that are pictured everywhere for Halloween, but those smaller orange ball squashes.  They weren’t growing – really, at all. And then….greenness everywhere! Just over the night!  And there are flowers…so many orange flowers! (You can’t see them well, but they are there)


I keep telling myself that the squashes come from the flowers, so that means we should have lots of little veg babies soon, no? Does anyone here actually know about these type of plants? I would really welcome some information 🙂  I am ‘learning by doing’….which feels quite much like ‘learning by failing’, but I have so much hope that one of my plants is doing something super that it keeps me smiling through the day.

Happy Happy!



  1. Where there are flowers there should be pumpkins eventually ! And learning by failing is human mixture but it sounds like it’s NOT failing!!!
    I grew a pumpkin once and was excited as a child!!
    Growing things especially food is exciting!!


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