When you discover the ideal leather studio and you want to buy everything….

Recently, I wrote a feature article about Estonia-based Stella Soomlais Studio. If you have not read the article, please do so.  I get so excited when I find a business that is doing good things and it is always a privilege when I am able to speak to the person behind the business, and share that information with you.

I ordered myself this very cool envelope bag in green, and got the matching wristband also! These items were made with Stella’s own hands and I love them 🙂

green leather

* A friend snapped this on our day-out adventuring together. She got a great view of my new accessory faves though!

It might seem silly to be so excited about a bag and bracelet. It’s actually the craftsmanship I’m so happy about. You can tell by holding the items, feeling the weight and thickness, looking at the construction – that these items took time.  In my mind, when someone takes care and time in their craftmanship, there is a level of – I don’t know what the word is – but, well …. QUALITY to it.  I feel as if I can love these items for many years and not have to worry that they will come apart. Before now, I have never owned an item that was crafted especial for me. And now that I know how high quality craftsmanship it is, I already have lost the stars in my eyes when I go to the retail stores and see the mass produced handbags and accessories. I understand now, why buying real quality is surely worth the investment. And I wonder…how have we allowed ourselves to go so far away from this long-awaited and forever enjoyed appreciation for quality and craftsmanship.

Thank you for your interest!



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