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Home Office Fantasy

I. Am. Frustrated.  When space is limited, but you feel the need to have the necessary arrangements for the lifestyle items that you have large time investments in.  I spend so much time on the PC. Days time, evenings… I think I spend more time on the PC in some or another place, than I spend time doing anything else.

When I am at home, I find that the only suitable space I have is to sit at the food table.  Lovely to sit for a meal, but not so nice being the work space. I have been dreaming about having a home office for those ‘free-time’ marathon PC work moments.

In my fantasy, I would have 2 separate work areas. One work area with either a standing desk with an under-desk treadmill, or an exercise bike with a space for my PC.

And the second work area would be a bit more casual. Remember, this is my fantasy. And in my fantasy, I imagine myself in a space where I can sit and relax after my exercise-working. I imagine this all in the same room, but separated somehow. I would love to have a lovely chair that is so comfortable I don’t want to move, a place to put my feet up and I imagine having a nice shelf or storage table with a large screen sat on top of it that I can display my PC screen but look straight ahead instead of being curled over the desk staring at my screen and then I can just be in my comfortable chair typing. Storage is a must, so my ideal table/shelf would have lots of spaces for the piles of papers I seem to collect.

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Dreaming still…


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