How Is Your Decluttering?

Too much stuff… Too much stuff…. Too much STUFF EVERYWHERE!  That is what I was complaining to myself this year when I finally set the challenge for myself, and all of you, to see if we could get 1 item out of our homes every day.  I was so happy when so many people joined me in this challenge!

It has been awhile since I last posted about this, so I thought I might ask you: How is it going?

For me, it has been going quite well. I now know what my biggest problems are. (Post and random papers that come into the house and cannot be discarded for some reason or other.) Those papers are still everywhere. I have sorted so much of these. Somehow though, it seems like every time I get it controlled, a new wave of shit I must keep comes rolling in the door. How does this happen? I even put post ads in the rubbish immediately. But still…this is my chaos.

As for all other types of items, I think that I may be nearing the end of the challenge for those. I share quite often, that I don’t have so many items. My clothing is tidy in the cabinet. My books have been minimised to only those which I wish to read or use for reference. I don’t have those…what are they (?)…those little statues or eggs or what they just are that sit on the shelves looking interesting.  I finally managed to get my cosmetics hoard in control.  And we use all that remains in the kitchen cabinets. So my clutter is now just a never-ending overflowing desk and every kind of table with papers.

I have been thinking about going electronic with some of my paper items. But then I remember that that’s part of why I have such chaos to start. Or am I the only person on the planet that heard 1 000’s of times that if you throw out this paper, some office will surely demand it the next year? No. Some of you are with me on this one, I know it. ;P

How is your declutter?


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6 thoughts on “How Is Your Decluttering?”

    1. I haven’t read the book, but I have a friend who keeps sending me Kondo hints via youtube videos…LOL. I do like some of her ideas. The folding, that’s a good one 🙂 I will have to check that post!


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