I Have New Accessories…


These are not even little bit, the type of accessories I dream about. Apparently though, I will be wearing them with everything for awhile. I guess this is what happens when one doesn’t focus on what they are doing.

So these are the accessories that came with me today. I look like a newly born giraffe trying to find my way with these things. My husband thinks watching me trying to manage it is the funniest thing he’s seen. I must agree. I’m quite certain that if I could see myself the way he sees this, I would be laughing heavily too. Don’t tell him, but it’s good that he can see the humour in it. His laugh makes me laugh. And then we both stand there laughing at ourselves and enjoying every moment of being weirdos.

I know that I am a walking disaster. And now I also look like one (or well, hopping disaster?). So, of course I am concerned about how to balance the appearance. Unfortunately, I am so untalented at using these that I don’t think any amount of niceness on the appearance is actually going to change anything.

How badly do you think I’ll injure myself if I try this with heels on? Eeehhh….maybe it’s a better time for sneakers, ballet flats and autumn boots.  I quite much think that even if I was wearing a gala dress, I am so awkward with these walking sticks that can’t even little bit delude myself into thinking that I look like a sophisticated lady. Maybe I just enjoy some time being my comfortable, uncoordinated self.

These require a skill I do not have.



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