Hibernation and Workaholism

Hibernation and workaholism….it doesn’t sound like a nice pairing, does it.

Everyone here knows that I am a workaholic. If I’m not blogging, then I’m researching to find interesting things to share with you, scouring press releases, reading blogs, networking, travelling, emailing, contacting companies and all the other fun things nobody actually knows I’m doing.  And when I’m not doing that, I’m usually frantically typing ideas and schedules on my notes app. All for good reason, as I like my home on the blogosphere and I want you to like it too!

October, November and December is the busiest season of a bloggers year.  Oddly, it’s also the beginning of hibernation season. (Or, well, mine anyway) It’s that time when the cold air has settled so firmly that I’ve lost all hope of a warm day of sunshine and slowly my body starts to tell me ‘I’m hungry’ – ‘I just ate’ – ‘I don’t care, its cold and I want to get under a blanket on the sofa and eeeeeaaaattttt‘.  (Netflix and eating….that’s a post of its own) Then begins the ‘I can exercise tomorrow’. Oh yeah, and maybe I sleep late on the weeks end.  Riiiigggghhhht… Then I wake up and spend the entire day online doing what I should have been doing when I was being lazy and dropping food all over the sofa the evening before.

I have a friend who does this. She’s a workaholic as well. She hibernates for about 5 months. I don’t know what she does at home because that’s her hibernation cave. She’ll send me a text that she’s going into hibernation and then I know that I should only contact her if there’s something so funny that I have to share it with her and otherwise I will hear from her again in the spring. The first year she did this, I thought it was a joke. Now I’ve known her for years and I realise that it’s the way she is.  (She is going to be so angry with me when she reads this. Maybe she doesn’t see it? )

I’m not hibernating badly. I’m just really happy when I get to be in a warm place, under a warm blanket with a big bag of goodies. My husband thinks I’m weird, but my dog loves it because he gets all the goodies that fall away from the bag. 🙂

Do you do this too?

I’m working on it!


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4 thoughts on “Hibernation and Workaholism”

  1. I WISH I could hibernate (minus the cold weather 😊)! Sequestering myself in my house would really help me get a lot of things done!


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