The Elusive Hot Sauce Fairy Visited!

Some of you may not yet know this about me, but I am a hot sauce fan. A big one! One of my favourite hobbies is trying new hot sauces and thinking what kinds of foods they would pair best with. (Just add cold dark beer and call it a day!)  I have a habit of staying with the companies I frequent, brand loyalty I think it’s called. Poppamies is one of the companies I adore. They are constantly showcasing new and interesting tastes. Also, they let me annoy them….which I do. Often.

If you haven’t yet heard of this company, you will soon. They recently won the title of Grand Champion 2018 of the International Flavor Awards in the USA for most outstanding product and they took the gold in the Barbecue category at the event with their Cherry & Cola BBQ sauce. I understand why. I’ve bought so much of that sauce and it is delicious!

So you can imagine the surprise when……


This weekend, the hot sauce fairy made an appearance! And we are so happy about it! 🙂

Poppamies heard their fan-girl and shared some amazing new flavours! YAAAY!!!

Unwrapping this treasure, it felt like it was my birthday 🙂 We’ve been smiling about it for days.  Would you like to know what I think is cool about it? There is no expectation that I will be posting about it on my blog. So, of course I’m going to post about it on my blog! Sharing my life with you people is what I do. 🙂

I have been thinking so much about how best to use these flavours.  If my photographic skills were better, you may actually be able to see what the products are. But I will list them below for you anyway 😉

The flavours included are (no affiliate links here):

Sriracha  – Super new product, I’m so excited to get this in my hands! We are already arguing over who will eat too much of this. Husband says it’s me. It’s me. No disagreement there.

Aged Jalapeno– I have plans for made at home salsa. Oh yes 🙂

Smoky Reaper. *Hot! Hot! 10+/10*  Put it on everything & sweat, then eat some more!

Chipotle Dip– I think this will be really good on aubergine burgers, or with potato.

Awesome Sauce– This is supposed to be a Caribbean tasting sauce. So maybe good to try with beans & rice?

Liquid Garlic– On. Everything. Smelling like garlic & onions is my early warning system.

Blackberry– Fruit and cheese. It has to be. We’ll know soon!

Horseradish sauce-an écrevisse salad, on a baguette. Oooohh nom!

Sriracha Mayonnaise– The idea of making cabbage salad with this has been quite stuck in my mind.

and… A meat spice rub for grilling! (Bean burgers, anyone?)

So this is my plan. In my mind, anyway.  I’m quite excited about finding the different ways to use these, so there will be more posts upcoming very soon. Keep checking those!

If you are thinking about it; Poppamies products can currently be purchased in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Austria and the UK.

Are you a hot sauce fan?


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9 thoughts on “The Elusive Hot Sauce Fairy Visited!”

  1. Nice!

    I love hot sauce and always like the stores where you can sample a wide variety. I was recently in a store and tried some of the hottest sauce I have ever had (they had warning signs all around the display for kids not to try it and people with heart issues, etc). I tried just a small dab (less than the size of a pencil eraser) and my mouth was on FIRE for 15 minutes! Can’t remember the name of it though. I guess I’ll have to go back when I get back into that area. LOL


    1. Super! That’s really great that you found something you would like to try. The blackberry is delicious! Please come back and let us know what you thought of the product.


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