I have been absent and I do apologise. There has been an illness in my family, and most of my focus has been on that.  I am still blogging. And although its been a bit over 1 week, I do want to share with you about why I have not been so active on the blog.

It’s surprising, when anxiety invades even the simplest of thoughts and makes completing tasks quite the challenge.  I have been with my own thinkings and 2 weeks has gone by without much notice to the time.

Have a lovely weeks’ end


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9 thoughts on “Illness”

  1. Sorry to hear. Life happens, so just dont let the anxiety take hold. Best wishes to the ill one. They have you, so all cannot be too bad as sometimes when we are ill it is even more important to know there are people who care about us. That is a balm on the deepest level.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. That is actually really good to hear. 🙂 The ill one is starting to look like they are welcoming themselves back to the land of the living again. Thankfully!


    1. Things seem to be getting better now. I hope at least anyway. I suspect that I’m not hearing all the information, but from I can see that the patient looks better. Thank you for asking 🙂


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