To Like or Not To Like, The Like Button is The Question!

I have been thinking much about the possibility of removing the like button on my WordPress blog posts. There are good things and bad things that could go with removing it. Since I share everything with you, my readers, I wanted to ask your opinion on this. I know it is quite a trivial question and I do feel a bit silly. However, this site is for you. I know sometimes when I visit webpages, there are certain things that I find quite annoying, which make me not want to revisit the site. And of course, I do not wish to get that response here.

The Good:

I sometimes get the feeling that often people will just hit the like button on their readers, without ever actually reading the content. It seems that there exists a mentality similar to the Instagram game here, where people will like a post and expect a return like on their content.  As I do make an effort to visit blogs, I only ‘like’ posts which I actually enjoyed reading. I do not just go clicking away on others’ sites.  This tit-for-tat game is frustrating and time consuming for me. So, not having the like button takes this game playing away.  As I will still have the comments section open, I will be able to of course engage in good discussion with you, as I do enjoy that!

I don’t focus so much on numbers. But I do notice them sometimes. And because only people on WordPress are able to leave a like, but none of my readers from other sites or email, the likes do not really give an accurate accounting. So there’s that…

The Bad:

I know that I will wonder if anyone is reading my posts. And if you liked it, or hated it. Silence on the internet is anxiety inducing.

The Scary:

If the like button is removed, I will discover if my content is actually quite horrible. I do fear that if I remove the like button, that somehow I will find myself here writing….for myself. And that is….worrisome.

What do you think?


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16 thoughts on “To Like or Not To Like, The Like Button is The Question!”

  1. I suppose it depends upon why you write the blog in the first place. If it’s a means to an end such as supporting a business or to generate revenue, then I think you have to play the game— although it’s true that the number of likes is not a very accurate measurement.

    If the blog is essentially an online diary and you write it as a personal outlet, then the act of writing is largely sufficient and it doesn’t matter how large the audience is.

    Personally speaking, even if a post generates feedback from only one person, I’m delighted that my words reached someone.

    Alisa xx


    1. Thank you for your feedback on this, Alisa 🙂 I agree with you fully. I’m also delighted that my words reach someone.
      You do have logical statements for both sides of the issue. Somethings for m to think about….
      Thank you, hugs!


  2. I like people knowing I read their posts, and that’s how I use the “like” button. I’m sure that sometimes people don’t actually read posts, so I get the game playing concern, but I would miss being able to use the button to say a quick “Hello, I was here”. 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. This is exactly the thing that I don’t want to miss, because it is valuable to me, and to making the few friendship connections that I have made here. It’s like popping in to say ‘Hi, was thinking about you’ and that is always nice.


  3. If only a small part of your audience can reply; it makes sense to take the like button away. But on the other hand ; I quite like being able to respond.
    So I’m no help.
    But in the case the button goes; I LOVE EVERYONE OF YOUR BLOGS…. so much so that I don’t respond everyday. I just assume it’s great or good and everyone reading your blog feels the same way.


    1. WOW! This is a great comment, and I will smiling whole day now. THANK YOU! Love this. The comments will stay available, of course. But this the best argument for keeping the like button I’ve heard. Maybe it stays 😉


  4. Ok ! I already left thoughts on the like button.

    BUT if people are looking at numbers and only part of readers can respond …. it is a quandary .


    1. My first reply ; I didn’t send. I think you should leave the like button for your own knowledge of readers reactions. I have to make myself respond only occasionally . I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! You make people think and are interesting to read!
      Ok that’s all!


  5. Your post is not silly at all, and all serious bloggers should consider your words carefully at some point, if they are to succeed. I have been wondering, just like you, whether people even read my content before liking it. Hitting the like button requires much more effort from the reader than commenting, which you cannot do with precision if you haven’t read the author’s work before. I am glad to have read your post. Your blog looks professional and it’s only natural for you to be wondering whether people’s response is genuine or merely interested. Thank you for sharing, and have a great day! 😉


    1. Wow, thank you so much this very kind comment! I must admit relief in hearing that you have had similar thoughts. It can be quite maddening to wonder these things once having put so much work into them.
      I wish you much success as well and I thank you again for your kind words!


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