The WordPress Whitescreen and Updates

I have been trying to write a new post for few days now.  But every time I log into the WordPress pages, Ive been greeted with a blank screen. So frustrating!

This seems to be a common problem. My biggest frustration is that although there are many articles online about the problem and what it could be, as I could not access my site, I was unable to do anything.

I have been trying to write to you, my readers, about my previous experiment. I was going to take a week learning about new happenings in IT. This was before some family things happened, and I took a small pause. I was going to look into the IT and share with you what I learned. When I began looking into things, it was a bit too much for me. With all of the AI and the social ranking systems, newer and newer systems – making the current systems seem quite ancient (and I don’t even understand those!). It was too much. I left the IT information search for something more fitting…. Gardening.

I like gardening. Or the fantasy of it, at least. I understand now that I am a amateur. I am a seed in soil and hope it grows person. Which sets me in the category of ‘dangerously stupid’ gardener.  I have read about mono crops, polyculture, food forests, planting zones  (proving my stupidity), hardiness levels and even…planting in the snow (sounds crazy)?? The thing I learned is that I have no wisdom about what I am doing.

Thank you for reading!


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9 thoughts on “The WordPress Whitescreen and Updates”

      1. Oooohhhh… sounds really lovely! We have been fantasising about some kind of mini grow house (something that would fit small terrace), but I have to make things grow first. Salads sound perfect! How nice to be able to just open a door and have all your salads growing there whenever you just want those. You must do this! 🙂


  1. This post pretty much sums up my life lately. Learning new IT stuff just overwhelms me and reminds me of how much I don’t know or understand. Then, I spent days reading about the ketogenic diet and studying recipes only to conclude yesterday that it’s too much work. I just don’t have the energy to adopt a whole new way of eating. I need to kick that idea to the curb and get back to having positive thoughts about 2020 and what I want to accomplish. I haven’t had the WordPress problems you’ve had this month. Whew! I hope you won’t get any more blank screens!


    1. I know it is frustrating, but is so good to hear that is not me only! I understand what you are feeling. I think the Keto diet is quite s´much same as those other ones which don’t eat breads or pastas or sweet foods. Or thats how it seems to me anyway.
      Return to those positive thoughts for 2020! 😀


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