My instinct is to question: Is this seriously happening? This is almost too big of a potential for bad to think.

The quarantine of tens of millions of peoples is not something that happens. This is scary!

I continue to read the press, look at the social media for the few items that are posted from the quarantine areas to lessen the anxiety. But the information is so conflicting that it is quite impossible to have any kind of comfort that ‘ok, this is the information’. And so, we wait.

I am confused about this. The reaction, the quarantine of tens of millions, seems unequal to the numbers that are being published. (Currently: 2000 infected & 56 dead) This is why I have been uncertain as to what is truthfully happening. As I believe many of you are also.

I read that the time before symptoms show is 2 weeks, but in that time, the virus is still contagious. In my mind, this is the most dangerous bit because there could be many people unaware that they are ill, who would otherwise take proper precaution not to infect others.  What is a person to do if they do not themselves know?

More and more confirmed cases are being published in countries around the world. Are we looking at the next global pandemic? I can’t even think it.

I feel so sad for those who have been quarantined. This must be terrifying!

To all of my readers and friends here, especially those worried about yourselves or those you love, please know that you are not alone. The world is watching. While there is exactly nothing that can be said to make this any less a nightmare, we are here, in the only way we are able, and we are worried. Strength to you and your cherished ones.



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13 thoughts on “Coronavirus.”

    1. Strength to you, friend! I do not envy you this moment.
      If there’s any advices for how people can protect themselves, that you can share, please let us know!


  1. Well, I have a question and it is quite possible I missed this information from some source or another. So forgive me if this happens.

    First, question. Did China know about this Corona Virus and not give anyone / country a heads up for travelers and so everyone could take precautions? Second question, If they did know the did the American that came back state side know and did he know that he was quite possibly contagious? Do we know if any precautions such as a face mask could lessen his / or anyone’s potentially passing it on to others?

    It seems a little unbelievable to think you can quarantine people 2 weeks before they potentially show symptoms of being ill. Seems to me people might decide to hedge their time frames. By the time their info can be checked they will have exposed a unbeknownst amount of people?

    Looks like I’m just as confused as everyone…..


    1. I understand totally…
      It is such a confusing situation, and there are so many questions! I fear that many of our questions will remain unanswered for a time.
      It seems like an apocalypse movie. Quarantining tens of millions, having self quarantine for 2 weeks. Everyone with flu or influenza and nobody knowing if it’s that one. I was in the food shop yesterday and everyone was coughing and noses full of slime. I got that paranoid that I had to just laugh at myself later.


  2. Your words are kind and needed by many. One of my friends came back from Shanghai China right before this broke out. Their sons family lives there and so the fear is real. It hadn’t really hit me that folks are contagious for 2 weeks before they know they’re sick. It is terrifying!


    1. Thank you 🙂
      Wow, that does sound scary! Maybe it’s a smart idea to maybe wait few days before meeting? Maybe saying that makes me a bad person :/ Keep your health!


  3. I believe the worst thing to do rate now is over react. My thoughts are with the 81 individuals that have died in China. And pray for a swift recovery for those that are sick now!


    1. I like this comment 🙂 You are correct, that reacting with panic does not help anything. It is scary because there are so many ‘facts’ but nobody really knows whats the real fact and what is not.
      Thank you for sharing your kind wishes, I know that they are appreciated!


  4. Thank you very much for this informative post! I enjoyed reading it and learning from your thoughts! I have recently published an article on my blog about coronavirus and whether we should be concerned about the disease. If you have time, it would be great if you could check out my post and let me know your thoughts! Thanks.


  5. A unconfused sharing. Garlic – is a known killer of virus epidemic pathogens. A two word search ‘garlic pathogen’ will affirm this. | Confusion/misinformation and suggest there is no cure is all part of the mission of DLKV (Designer Lab Killer Viruses). Find peace in truth. Being 81 years & 7 months, we need not die in horrific pains, or organs turning to jelly – but in blissful peace of age, sharing our lives with others.


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