WHO Declares Coronavirus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

I was just now scrolling scrolling scrolling mindlessly on the internet and saw an alert for a live broadcast of the WHO press conference. Of course I watched it.

I know that many of you here have been asking the same questions I have, so I wanted to share with you that they did declare it a global health emergency now. The director of WHO stated very clearly his appreciation for the immediate mobilisation that the government of China put in practice, and also said that the WHO does not advise travel or trade restrictions.

I am unsure how these recommendations work though, as many countries have already introduced travel restrictions exactly.  I am also uncertain what happens now that this declaration has been made. I would think that it would make available resources globally, which would not be available otherwise. And also that it would create an environment of international cooperation, communication and support. Please understand though that I know nothing about these processes and procedures, and this is only my small understanding of the situation.

I do not want to be the blogger that profits from panic and news. That is not what this is about. I do know that the world is watching this outbreak very closely, and as the situation is changing rapidly, I wanted to share this info as the info that I find important to know myself.

I am also reaching out to you with this post, because I would like to know what will change with this declaration. As I said, I know nothing of these things but many of my friends and readers here can hopefully share some knowledge.

If you know about these processes, or what it actually means to declare a global health emergency, please let us know!


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4 thoughts on “WHO Declares Coronavirus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern”

  1. I work for a state-level department of health. When a state or local health emergency is announced, it’s mainly to receive funding that would otherwise not be available and that number of infected persons as well as the rate of contraction has either spiked or has remained high for a certain time frame. Each disease has different metrics.


    1. Ah, ok! Thank you very much for sharing this good information! So this declaration will make additional resources available. And it also may have been declared because the rate is increasing,( or if it at least does not decrease for specific time). Just that I understood it clearly. Interesting…
      Thank you, really! Now I feel like I understand bit better, this happening. Strength to you, my friend. I imagine all departments of health are having anxiety this moment.


      1. No so much regarding the coronavirus. We’re still focused on Flu and a local Hepatitis A outbreak. I’m happy to help! 🙂


      2. You have been a big help, thank you 🙂 I have heard that influenza is a big problem annually in the USA. Hepatitis A seems very serious. (I had to google it as I do not know so much about that illness). People are fortunate to have you working in your profession 🙂


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