WHO Declares Coronavirus a Global Pandemic

In a live conference, which you may yet be able to view at this time, the World Health Organisation just officially declared COVID19 a global pandemic.

So what does this actually mean?  How I understand it, labelling anything a pandemic, means that it is unconfined, spreading and it is not too crazy to expect that it will worsen before it improves.

From my limited research, I was able to learn several things which should happen now.

  • Governments and people should begin taking this virus seriously (if they are not already). To summarise the director of WHO – The alarm bell is ringing. Loud and clear
  • Finances reserved for pandemic situations should be released to aid the global fight of this virus
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems will begin to be better prepared for a large influx of patients
  • Cancellation of large gatherings and school closures in certain circumstances will probably continue
  • Many people will spend more time at home with their recent wc paper purchases (????)  Can anyone explain this to me?

This declaration does not mean that one should panic. Please do not. I am quite certain that the concern about the possibility of panic is why the word ‘pandemic’ is kept as a very serious word, indeed.

My own recommendation is to also avoid looking for material regarding coronavirus on youtube. There is good information there, of course. There are also quite many vloggers who seem happy to create fear and panic, all only to sell their items. There are a few I have found that seem to my mind to have some kind of mental illness that makes them only want to make fear for their viewers, and that twist the truth so severely that it no longer based in any form of fact.  The World Health Organisation pages can be accessed by clicking here. Much information is also available on your country-specific health organisation pages.

So, this is the thing.


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10 thoughts on “WHO Declares Coronavirus a Global Pandemic”

  1. It’s important for people to understand what the word pandemic actually means: WHO uses this to define any new strain of virus that is spreading worldwide. Thanks for pointing out that fear-mongering is less than helpful. We all need to be informed but panic is not going to fix anything.


    1. Thank you 🙂 It is kind of you to share the meaning, as I am not any kind of expert and welcome the information!
      Of course I point it out, the fear mongering. It is obscene. Whats horrifying is that some of those quite mental people, they have tens of thousands of subscribers. Whhhaaatt?! I don’t understand.


    1. Yes they really are….
      Haha. Paper. I never would have thought that to be the special thing. Medicine, food – yes. If you ever discover the logic with this, will you explain it to me?


  2. Rightly said! Fear and misinformation is more notorious than the disease itself! My country India too is under COVID19 attack now. I too have noted in my new blogpost few tips to be safe while working from our offices if we can’t avail work from home option. Have a look ! Thanks for the information.


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