Quarantine Party! Too Much Stress, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Covid19 is causing misery for the entire planet.  People are having heavy stress, economies are going badly, a large % of the global population is in quarantine of some kind or the other.  Too much thinking the destruction is hard for the brain. Enough.

Today, I myself lost my employment for the duration of this disease. Although I have been thinking that it would be nice to have another networking party, because it has been so long.  After my personal experience of ‘temporary’ job loss and being so worried about my family that I spent long hours crying today, I decide to say ‘fuck it’. Lets have a party! I want something happy to be a result of this, so lets make that happen!


The rules are simple. There’s only 1: INTERACT & be respectful!  (ok, maybe its 2?)

I don’t expect you to share this post (although if you want to, just click the WP or press this button for sharing). I want only that you rid yourself of stress also. We are here to send the stress away and make some friends!


I am opening the comment section. Please introduce yourself. Tell us about you! You do not need to be a blogger to leave a link. The economy is shit at the moment. If you have a site for business or personal, you are welcome to share the link to it in the comments section. If not, thats ok too! Tell us about yourself. Have a conversation! Share your stress. Please take the time to meet others here as well!


So, I must ask: Who is bringing what? Snacks? Skumpa? Music?


Join the party and we see soon!

And while you’re in the mood, share some biscuits!


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7 thoughts on “Quarantine Party! Too Much Stress, Let’s Have Some Fun!”

  1. I’ll bring the quarantinis; cheers! I’m in a crappy mood as well b/c we had to cancel a London trip we were looking forward to, and of course we worry about our friends there. Trying to stay positive and share useful info or lighthearted commentary on my blog to lift our collective spirits. Meanwhile, hibernating at home in Austin TX and trying not to obsess (much). xo Alisa


    1. Quaraintinis! 😀 😀 Haha.. so funny! You bring the quarantinis Alisa, and I will take few of those myself, thank you!
      It is good you no go to London. It is a bad situation there now. We are in north EU and it feels like the beginning of some kind of scifi show watching the south, like Italy, go through this. So scary….
      Hibernating at home sounds perfect. I hope that you have all you need and are able to take some time away from the public.


  2. Hi Mliae, hope you are doing well (health-wise at least). What does it feel like now in Finland? When I was there 2 years ago the country feels relatively sparsely populated (outside of Helsinki). As you say the situation is constantly evolving and Italy seems dire, how is everyone coping mentally?
    I’m sorry to hear about your temporary “staycation”. What industry are you in? Our national airline just stood down 2/3 of its workforce. I’m working from home for an indefinite period of time which is also mentally unsettling… We need to keep our spirits up and carry on as best as we can! Thanks for organising the virtual party! 😊


    1. Jolene! Welcome 😀
      I am healthy, thank you. I do hope you are well?
      Finland is…quiet. We are quite antisocial here already, so I think that most peoples were thinking ‘good for me, I can sit on the sofa and not talk to peoples’ – at least those few days. Now it seems that peoples are panicking little by little. We do have elder population, so of course we have concern how to keep them safe. And the quiet. Usually is normal to hear public all the time outside, having parties, visiting the shops or whatever. Anxiety, I think, is the describing word for now.
      I (was) in tourism. Of course. :/ No longer, it seems. It is good that you are able to work from home.
      I want to hear about your Finland visiting! Did you enjoy it?


    1. No worries. It seems I did something odd when I posted it, and many people couldn’t view it. I will be reposting this, so hopefully you can join next time!


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