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Just Talking Here….

Today’s post is about nothing, and everything – particularly. Really, I’m just bla bla bla bla here.

Things are odd… I never could have imagined that I would ever find myself in a situation, such as our current one with the virus and government restrictions, high unemployment, fear, worry and empty shelves at the food shops. Yet, I am unable to so much decide if this is more zombie-movie, or more Netflix and chill. Speaking the truth, we are being asked only to sit on our sofa’s and stay away from others. In most other circumstances, one would be happy to answer that request. I do understand the anxiety of the situation, of course. This is scary. Terrifying, when one contemplates the possibilities of those family and friends that are also at risk and beyond our individual control entirely. It seems so surreal at times and I think that is why many people are not taking this seriously.  So here we have the zombie movie.

I wanted to break the all virus all the time news cycle and have a virtual quarantine party here. I was informed later that the post visibility was having some tech issues (thank you). I have it posted again and you can join the page here.

I find myself discussing Covid19 more than I would like, but I think it is because of the heavy effect it is having on our lives. I apologise for that, I do understand that it can be quite annoying.

Before I get you bored with my rambles, I want to thank you. I have seen, and read and heard about so many people helping others. Helping others and keeping distance, I should say 😉  I have found myself quite disturbed by the selfishness in this time which we are living. So many people do not seem to understand that anyone other than themselves exists or has any feelings about anything. This THANK YOU goes to all of the people who have let your neighbours know you care, who have done the food shopping for someone else, who have contacted those at risk and offered help, and for those who understand that we need to be respectful and helpful to others. Thank you!

Yesterday my husband visited the food shop(s) for buying dog food. I can’t believe it…. No dog food! We have a very large dog, like a small cow, and he eats MUCH! We aren’t looking for buying some small cans of food, we need the biggest bags of food we can find. So I think you can guess my reaction when the man did not return with the dog food. And then I have to wonder that who buys all those size packages? Certainly doggie will be eating quite nicely for whole next year. But what about my dog? Well, I guess we are sharing food for awhile. Which isn’t so nice because he really doesn’t like to share, and he gets so angry when I eat out of his food bowl. Hahaha! (Stoopid joke)  But yes, there was no big packages of dog food anywhere in several food shops. I had a ‘eureka’ moment though when I realised that I can, actually order some foodstuffs from amazon. It’s just that can find international shipping.

I have been thinking much about just everything. Today I remembered about all the challenges I have put for myself to learn to cook, and to be more sustainable in many ways. Do you remember the ‘extreme lifestyle experiment’ I did? Where I really tried to eat only what I could source locally or from countryside farms or area small businesses which make food or home product on-site and not utilising manufacturing or the items having to travel some distance to find themselves on the food shop cabinets? I did not last so long on that experiment. It was difficult and expensive! Today I realised that when the warmer months arrive, if these government  actions continue with the goal of keeping people separated for the health, that we are in that kind of situation that seems I will be repeating that experiment this year as well. I hope I am able to be better with it than I was last time!

I was also looking for easy recipes with few ingredients. I found 2 for some kind of cakes, but not needing eggs, butter or milk. How is this possible? I would like to try those, although I am not so certain that will it even taste good – as one recipe had a lovely photo, but is made with vinegar????  – no words –   Has anyone here tried those types of recipes? Is it eatable?

These are the things in my mind while staring at my shoes. What are you thinking about while staring at yours?


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  1. Mostly thinking it would be great to buy some new shoes, but where would I wear them?!? Meanwhile, cooking or baking every day to keep my sanity and make sure we are eating what’s in the fridge and saving what’s in the freezer for a true emergency, e.g. being unable to even go food shopping. Hoping that if everyone takes this quarantining seriously we can flatten the curve in another month.

    And reading… lots of reading…. xx, Alisa

    • Aaahhh… the new shoes conundrum! I am familiar. Good idea for saving some emergency food. Nobody knows how this is going to go.
      I found myself wondering today, what your quarantini’s recipe may be. Would you like to do a collaboration about quarantini’s ?

  2. Ugh I totally get these feelings. I never thought I would struggle so much with sitting around doing nothing but it’s killing me. So much uncertainty right now! Hang in there girl.

  3. My gran and aunt used to make some cakes with white vinegar instead of eggs back in the day. We found them a little acidic but quite nice. You may want to use a little more icing and I don’t recommend them with lemon or other citrus flavourings.
    I tried to make an eggless carrot-cake that used a lot of oil and that didn’t even make a batter, so I wouldn’t sub vinegar in oil-rich recipes 😀
    Poor doggie! I hope he gets a good meal soon. My sister used to make a pap (maize porridge) with carrots and other vegetables with bones and fat for her large doggies. They loved it more than their regular food.

    • Thank you, Leenna! I so much appreciate your helpful comments 😀 This is good to know about the vinegar cakes. I was thinking that maybe vanilla sugar would be suitable, or what do you think?
      Doggie is eating still. Thank you for the food idea. Mais porridge with carrot and fatty bits sounds a good solution, thank you!

      • It’s a pleasure! I don’t have much experience with vanilla sugar…but it sounds good! I don’t think you could go wrong with vanilla. Maybe some apple toppings, as an alternative?
        Great to know Doggie is still eating 😀 No prob 😀

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