My Dirty Secret: Cleaning Motivation

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day of work, travel, play, sleep and mundane tasks. It’s that occasional moment when I look around and see all the things I’ve yet to do that makes me roll my eyes and want to climb back under the blankets and hide.

When I can find a space to sit alone for about an hour, I’ll sometimes search youtube for an episode of hoarders. I think the entire world recognizes this show by now (which in and of itself is kind of weird …the things that garner attention!) and it is absolutely horrifying.

Watching this show makes me want to vomit in my gym shoes. Seriously. I don’t understand HOW people can allow themselves and their homes to get in such horrendous shape! This really is people choosing things, trash – over those they love. However, I am absolutely addicted to watching it. It’s like a train wreck: You know you shouldn’t look, and instead should assist, but…it’s just that odd that you can’t help but stare in earth shattering fear and amazement.

Even better (or worse for my youtube hoarders addiction), every time an episode completes (sometimes halfway through), I start cleaning.  CLEANING my home. The super kind of cleaning and ready to toss out just everything. This is quite a big happening usually, and now with a heavy fear of any kind of bacteria, the neurosis goes soooo much worse.

So this is my dirty secret. Hoarders is my biggest motivation for a seasonal cleaning. If you’re anything like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Check it out if you have the stomach for it and watch your floors sparkle.

Whats your dirty secret?


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20 thoughts on “My Dirty Secret: Cleaning Motivation”

  1. I have people close to me that are actually like this and it makes me do the same thing every time I go to their homes. I come back and clean the hell out of my house.

    My dirty secret though… I have an anal retentive twitch about books on a book shelf being in descending size order. When I put them on the book shelf they have to look like a reception bar or it frustrates me. It’s only really books that I get this with though. I have zero other OCD symptoms, I swear. Please don’t call me in 🙂

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    1. Nice to be in good company 🙂 About that bookshelf habit…thanks a lot. I’ve been sitting here staring at my bookshelves (kept in uniform height) for the last 10 minutes wondering if I should give your way a try.

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  2. Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners gets me off the couch to start cleaning the house! A similar tactic that works wonders. I’ve watched all of the episodes on YouTube 😂


  3. Sadly, some hoarders arrived at the condition due to a trauma or tragedy. It is compelling to watch though, I agree.
    My confession is that I watch train wreck love shows – The Batchelor, 90 day fiancé, Mariied at First Sight. I’m in my sixties – go figure.


    1. It is sad, some of those stories of trauma or tragedy. You are correct in that.
      Train wreck love shows! 😀 Thank you for sharing! Which one of those is your favourite? I admit a twisted fascination with the married at first shows, which interesting to see in the different countries. I have not looked the others. What is 90 day fiancé?


      1. I like the Married at First Sight the best. There are actually good relationship tips in that show. 90 Day Fiancé is Americans wanting to marry people from out of the country. The visa they get to bring their fiances here demands they get married within 90 days. I think it is one of the top Reality shows.


      2. Thought I replied to this, but don’t see it now. Married at First Sight is my fav. 90 day Fiancé is a number one show – about Americans wanting to marry people from out of the country – the have 90 days to marry before the visa runs out.


      3. No worries and thank you for this information 🙂 Married at fist sight is a good one. Puts perspective on marriage. I can’t imagine a marriage with someone that don’t know. Marriage is enough difficult with someone you love!
        Oooohhh… the 90 days of the passport travel allowance time, ok – now I understand it! I am so curious about this now. Maybe I can find it on youtube somewhere? Sounds really interesting.


    1. Agreed. Being so motivated by it, almost feels a bit… guilty. As someone who can have difficulty being motivated with cleaning, it works for me anyway.


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