15 Personality Types That Emerge in Crises

I have noticed that emergency situations magnify peoples personalities. Usually this observation has been for a smaller groups, as this is the first time a crisis of this size has affected the entire world all at the same time, in many years.

This list is how I see personalities emerging in the current crisis. I wanted to have fun with this because really, laughter is what we have and it is important.

I am not any kind of trained professional in mind or behaviour matters. This list is only from my experience and watching how people are handling the current crises differently. It has been very interesting to watch these!

These are the 15 personality types that emerge in crises:

1. The Informer

The Informer, seeks to inform. The informer will email everyone to inform about the newest happenings, news headlines and government restrictions. While the informer may wish only to share information to others who may not be aware, their excited information sharing can be perceived as a bit panicky or judge-y.

2. The Gossip

The Gossip has always been a gossip of some kind. Although those who spend time with the gossip may not be aware that this is the thing. The gossip is usually quite successful at positioning themselves as the necessary contact between people, usually by creating the image that they are the very close friend, coworker or family member & the person to go to with questions.  This is challenging in daily life. In an emergency, the gossip can be quite dangerous as gossiping (and its friend: vindictiveness) is utilised as an activity to push away the stress. The gossip may not realise themselves the damage that they cause by keeping people from the friends/family/community that is needed for support in crisis. This is a waste because often, people do recognise someone who only wants information, and usually the gossip is the one person who truly does not know the information which they desire.

3. The Worrier

The worrier is a lovely person that truly only wishes for all to be well. One can usually identify the worrier by the lack of hard surfaces or sharp edges in their homes. The worrier always has supplies for emergency in their bag and occasionally a look of forever concern on their faces. If you have a worrier of your own, I have found that both red wine and dark chocolate are good to offer to your worrier. Both have health benefits and will help your worrier to focus on something else.

4. The Normaliser  

The Normaliser, can also be called the denier (is that spelled right?). The Normaliser is a sneaky type because you only see these personality happenings in an emergency or crisis situation. The Normaliser wishes only for things to be as they usually are. Frequently, the normaliser is quite harmless and actually quite relaxing to spend time with because the normalisers make much effort to keep things as easy and comfortable as is just possible. The normaliser is the person who will create a tasty meal with what food can be found and display to others happily as if that were the plan from the beginning! It is when the normaliser finds themselves in heavy denial that situations go complicated and they turn to the denier.

5. The Bouncing Ball

The Bouncing Ball is uncomfortable to sit in silence and watch their shoes. Bouncing balls are usually highly social, happy people that have not before been in a situation where they need to just stop and ‘be’. The Bouncing Ball is recognisable by their desperate tries to make contact, to find a reason to get away from their homes – any reason will work. In their necessity to escape, the bouncing ball seems to forget the importance of keeping away from others.

6. The One Who Panics

Every social group has one person who panics. The One Who Panics always has the focus, probably because others are trying to calm their nerves. The One Who Panics is usually identifiable by their constant use of CAPITALS and !!! in texts or emails. The one who panics likes to share news stories as well, like the informer. The main difference being that the informer is sharing information. The one who panics is using the information to support their theory.

7. The Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist is, in my mind, one of the more interesting personality types on this list.  The Conspiracy Theorist is very sneaky. You may not have known the conspiracy theorist was such, before the crisis occurred. Once the crisis happens, such as the one we are experiencing now with Corona, the conspiracy theorist will entertain you for many hours. There are levels to Conspiracy Theorists. Most conspiracy theorists are every day people who just have certain ideas and maybe some extra food. Then there are the extreme conspiracy theorists who we’ve watched from television.

8. The Leader

The Leader understands the current emergency/crisis situation perfectly. In any emergency, a leader personality type will make themselves known. The Leader is calm, decisive, diplomatic and well prepared. The Leader does not push themselves forward but rather quietly watches others while waiting for them to stop being foolish and see the leader for the value they are. Leader personality types (in crises) are not so common, though necessary.

9. The Introvert  

The Introvert is not bothered by the current social quarantine. Although horrified by the situation of pandemic, the introvert does feel a small feeling of relief that they are doing the correct thing and that for a time at least, others won’t think them odd. The introverts lifestyle is the social normal for everyone now and the introvert does not understand why people, such as The Bouncing Ball, cannot just be in the place.

10. The Rebel

The Rebel always asks ‘why’. The Rebel will not accept government regulations without pushing back against those. In the current crisis, the rebel is the personality type who refuses to keep isolated and makes a big noise that others should be the same.

11. The Practical One

The Practical One is the person who keeps calm, logical and that is always updating ‘the plan’. The Practical One will disagree with the One Who Panics on every level. The Practical One does not seem to talk so much, but instead spends more time with their own thoughts. The Practical One is also quite comfortable keeping away from others.

12. The Angry Bird

The Angry Bird, not to be mixed with The Rebel, also makes big noise. The Angry Bird is just angry though. Angry, not because of some line that had been crossed, but because they just are. A much planned dinner was cancelled, they got a bad hairstyle or because its Wednesday – The Angry Bird is angry for reasons we don’t understand and will share that with loud voice to everyone that can hear.

13. The Bucket-Lister

The Bucket-Lister is the most fun personality type on this list. If you are wishing for a memorable quarantine time, this is how that happens. Although the bucket-lister may not be able to do much of the travel or social tasks on their bucket list, there are certain to be some odd and highly socially unacceptable items on that last. The bucket-lister will at least once, have the thought that people are hiding behind the curtains of their homes & this will be the perfect time for making that list happen!

14. The Opportunist

The Opportunist is the one personality type that will see an opportunity for self-advancement in the crisis. This phenomenon traditionally displays itself in large format, such as business but is also with the individual. The Opportunist is a ‘big picture’ personality type that has the unique talent to remove themselves (in their mind) from the crisis and to recognise behaviour patterns which display the coming needs or weaknesses which the opportunist will be able to meet with the proper thought and planning. Some of the most profitable businesses in the world have begun with a person of this personality type.

15. The Zen Master

The Zen Master is a rare personality type to find in crises. The Zen Master personality type is only identifiable in crisis situations, as this is when the zen happens. The Zen Master keeps calm, listens to others, thinks to themselves, is practical and almost always comes away from a crisis having improved themselves. The Zen Master is the person who will take the opportunity to learn new languages from the people panicking around them. The Zen Master will learn from the situation, while mentally keeping themselves away from the noise.

Which personality type are you?


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10 thoughts on “15 Personality Types That Emerge in Crises”

  1. This is so good, I enjoyed this. It definitely gave insight and rang so truthful. Everyone deals with life so differently and the thought of it is humbling.. Its always interesting to see how. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I think this is a brilliant deduction of traits !!! And Very amusing at the same time!!!
    We all tried to characterize each here at home. It was fun! Thanks for a bright spot in a crazy time!


  3. Love this!
    I’m definitely the Introvert with a bit of the Practical, Bucket Lister and I hope mixed with some Zen 😀
    I’ guessing you’re a Practical+Bucket Lister 😀


    1. Thanks! I like your combination, it sounds fun and reliable. 🙂
      This is interesting. I had never thought of myself as a bucketlister, so I’m having fun time seeing myself from your shoes.
      Stay safe, Leenna !


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