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Influencers Behaving Badly in Difficult Times

Influencers. Instagram, blogs, tv personalities… We see them everywhere!

What makes an ‘influencer’? How do we know those? Well, we know them by the amazing numbers of follows, array of product reviews and promotions, and generally the amazing content that is shared.

Influencers come in a variety. For example, some might consider me as an ‘influencer’ because of this blog and the fact that I do sometimes share promotions or reviews. However, I do not consider myself as such because speaking the truth, I am not making not one cent of profit from this blog. And the fact that I more feel like I am having a nice chat with friends here, as opposed to writing at you and expecting you to adore me for everything I say. *Hah! It would be so odd if that happened!

The influencers I am referring to particularly today though are those highly popular influencers who are publishing that kind of content that makes us all envious and long for a lifestyle that’s similar. You know the ones – the ones making many thousands in a month and traveling, shopping, eating and visiting the spa all for free + big pay! The person who is able to make this kind of luxury living a profitable job, is rare. And these are the influencers to which I am talking about today.

I have been disgusted to read that influencers have taken to asking their readers for gifts and donations. There is no nice way to say it. This is not something that should be happening! Especially when these influencers have been making far more money than the average person who has helped to make them famous, the thought that they would actually expect more from people than they have already given, is difficult to understand. Even more difficult to understand is how their followers aren’t making A LOT of noise about it.

Whether one is a highly popular influencer or just starting out, asking others for financial help when the world has found itself in an anxiety-inducing downward spiral of economic depression, is not acceptable! I truly think, that especially in times like these, asking for money is one of the most selfish things a person could do. We understand, we all need to pay the bills. But if you weren’t able to save enough money from your 10 000- 50 000 monthly pay to keep you continuing for many months in a situation when money is not coming in, then that really isn’t anyone’s responsibility but your own.

Maybe I can’t be objective about it because I never had a pay coming from the site, so I don’t expect anything different now. But in my mind, I would rather have no money but a genuine relationship with my readers, as opposed to begging people who are quite many of them, having very bad money situations of their own.

There is benefit in appreciating what one already has.



    • Thank you 🙂 Vile is a good word for it, yes. It confuses the mind, really. One should think people would have some kind of conscious or empathy about it. But seems that no :/

    • I have to ask – did you mean that several influencers have been vile, or that several of my topics have been vile? Haha – I’m assuming influencers 😀 😀 Hopefully.

    • Vau, thank you for your so kind words! 😀 😀 I had to say something about it. It is that weird that they are asking for money in these times that I just cannot understand it. :/

  1. Woah, I had no idea that these high paid influencers would stoop to this level.. Really boggles my mind. I think their followers need to be more aware of such scammers.. xx

    • Agreed. Mind is boggled here also. I must think that there will be a shift, with this kind of behaving. I can’t think of anyone who would want to follow persons like that.
      Hope you are well. xx

      • Yes I completely agree. I think people should be more aware and careful with the influencers they follow online 🙄 Ahh I’m keeping well thank you lovely, strictly quarantined here in Spain but I pray and hope it ends soon. Hope you’re well lovely 💕

      • Good to know you are keeping well. We are also, and keeping good space from peoples if we just are able. The outbreak, it seems to be bad in the Spain, no? We are only able to watch, wait and hope that the lower numbers will mean that this covid will stop now. Strength to you.

      • Aww thank you so much, Spain has been hit very hard with the covid. Although the numbers are slowly decreasing but I think it’s still going to take some time. Life here is under strict quarantine rules but I guess its for the best 😖 I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. Please keep safe and protected too lovely. Hopefully this will too pass 💕 xx

  2. My personal view – if your going to ask for cash have something to give back to your supporters, even if its just a signed photo, personal request etc.

    I don’t object to donation per se, it’s more when the influencer resorts to emotional blackmail – comic I used to read ages ago used to threaten stopping it if they didn’t get x number of donations.

    In these times we are seeing when things go down who we really need (doctors, nurse, shop workers) and who we don’t (influencers).

    Simply put if they are struggling financially they should get a job!

    • Great comment!
      The comic, did they really threaten all the time to stop their profession if not getting so many donations?!? Vau. That is…. there isn’t a word.

      • It was crazy started slowly then grew to monthly then every couple of weeks, I stopped reading after that, I enjoyed the comic, but the author self-entitlement was off putting.

  3. Well said about the INFLENCERS! It’s an obvious phenomenon but you as usual have such good insight which actually helps people like me who don’t always ( or ever) pick up on
    the fact that we are being had! So Thank you!
    By the way, in answer to another question, Are am I? We are staying at home and are fortunately well! I’ve been making masks 24/7. except when i teach online. THAT IS AN EXPERIENCE!!

    • Thank you! Good to you that you are making masks! The world needs masks, and I am happy to hear that you are helping with it 🙂

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