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I have been reading much about the sudden improvements in the environment, due to the coronavirus restrictions. The air is cleaner than anyone could have imagined would be possible in the time of a 4 months, marine life is returning to places long-thought to be absent from, and many good happenings are taking place. The world will most certainly not return to all of the daily habits we had pre-covid19. Keeping physical distance will certainly become more important than before.

There is one aspect (from many) to our lives though, which is currently facing the opportunity to change entirely, and that is the tourism sector. Tourism has stopped. Completely and simultaneously. This creates a never before seen opportunity for the global travel & tourism businesses to adapt better policies and create a system wide improvement.  This is what I want to discuss with you today. Do you think that the industry has an opportunity for change, or no? What changes would you like to see implemented if it were possible?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss this!


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11 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss!”

  1. ECOTOURISM!!! What a fantastic concept! I personally hope since the earth and environment are healing that we can keep that going. Wouldn’t it be an awesome synergetic concept if tourism and the environment could go hand in hand making things better for both! Like leaving a place better than you found it; and having an adventure at the same time!!


    1. Ecotourism is a good practice 🙂 I would like to think that maybe tourism will take this opportunity to make some of their practices in a more sustainable way. What would you like to see with ecotourism? More of it, or…?


  2. It’s really a great idea of the ECOTOURISM but i think it would be quite difficult for the world to return back to its touristic state.


    1. I must agree with you, Vic. From this point, returning to the high tourism that the world was enjoying pre-Covid19 seems like it will not be possible. I have heard more and more speak of ‘tourism bubbles’. I understand the theory with this, but it somehow does not feel to me to be such a nice idea. If you had the power to do so, how would you restart tourism efforts in our current situation? I myself, am not so certain what I would do. I think perhaps I would not yet open the doors for tourism.


  3. Yes, ecotourism is definitely going to be the in thing. After this COVID-19, I think it’s better for the tourism industries to find and focus on small natural, archaeological treasures hidden around us, which were ignored hitherto. People may go on small getaways in such isolated places nearby than for crowded tourism places.


    1. Yes, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. I agree also that small, nature based sites are much preferred to the larger, tourist laden areas. What are your thoughts about the ‘tourism bubbles’ that countries are starting to discuss?
      Also, I enjoyed your solar minimum post today. It does help to explain the odd weather.


      1. Thanks for your read of my post on solar minimum.
        Now, countries are discussing possible “travel bubbles” – a plan that would allow people to travel freely between two or more countries. Australia and New Zealand are planning a travel bubble that will allow the quarantine-free flow of people between the two neighbours. This could provide huge advantages to both nations, who have shown strong records for containing the virus. The idea may spread to other group of nations. This may, however, develop into ‘travelling parochialism’ and it’s too early to comment upon the post-Covid19 scenario. It may be the new normal for years, who knows?


      2. Agreed. This concept could provide huge advantages for those countries involved in the tourism efforts. In part though, it does feel like another wall for the economy in some nations, such as Italy with 19% of the economy in tourism, which have already suffered so much. For me, opening tourism, it seems too soon yet.
        Apologies, but I must ask that what means ‘travelling parochialism’?


      3. By travelling parochialism, I mean there may be a tendency of the holidaymakers and other travellers on their tours within the tourist bubble to prefer or adopt some kind of furtherance of a home-like culture, which may create a territorial and functional differentiation in the long run.


      4. Ah, okei! Thank you about explaining. I agree with you, that this is a possibility if tourism bubbles become an accepted limitation. There does not seem to be any good solution to the problem.


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