Did everyone have a happy Halloween / Saint’s (souls) Day / Diá de los Muertos ?

Hello. How are you? Did you have a nice holiday?

I am usually quite excited about Halloween. As many of you already know, I have been trying to make Halloween into a big thing here with dreams of hosting large Halloween parties filled with costumed people and fun decorations. Not this year, it seems. To be truthful, it feels a bit disappointing – not being able to have excitement about a holiday which I am usually excited about – because… Covid-19 restrictions. I do sometimes wonder if I will still have friends when the world is able to safely see each others again. Do you ask yourself the same?

We did have a nice holiday. We decorated a bit (just for ourselves) and ate candies and pizza. Then in the evenings, people visit the cemeteries and light candles or leave thoughtful fresh wreaths for their loved ones sleeping there. It is really quite beautiful and peaceful. In the nighttime, we watched many Halloween movies and ate more candies until we could not eat candies any more.

I would enjoy hearing from you, how you spent your holiday. It is a comfort to be able to communicate with my friends here on the blogosphere and chat about all of these things!

Also, I let it slip by this year without making a big noise, but… Lifexperiment blog just celebrated it’s 5th blogaversary! I cannot believe it.

Wishing you a happy month of November


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4 thoughts on “Did everyone have a happy Halloween / Saint’s (souls) Day / Diá de los Muertos ?”

  1. For 25 years we have had a huge party! The kids collect food for those in need…instead of treats..But we have all kinds of games and goodies for them afterwards.
    Of course that couldn’t happen. Which was sad. We usually collect 1000 lbs of food.

    At the last minute someone in our neighborhood
    Came up with The idea of having interested neighbors
    Set up tables with their goodies in our cul-de-sac; ; the tables were magically decorated and the kids dressed up … Everyone wore masks.
    The treats were zip locked. The kids touched only the closest bags..
    Took a lot of the magic out of the event… but we were able to do something that the kids loved.

    But everyone was safe !
    Nice to know someone else enjoys Halloween!

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    1. Wow. That is really kind of you to collect that every year!
      I think that the children really enjoyed the happening. It would have made me smile as well!


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