How are you?

Hello world πŸ™‚

I wanted only to ask how you are doing? With less than 2 months still of 2020 – the oddest year I have ever experienced – I feel that many of us find ourselves in similar circumstances of wait and worry.

I have found that in my own life, spending too much time online leads me to obsessively looking the news and other media outlets, which helps me – not at all. I instead try to set my focus on other things…happier and less stressful things.

Also, being unable to just go to places and parties…visiting friends or family frequently and without restriction has resulted in weight gain. I am still able to go places and visit with people, but I had not realised the frequency that I was on the move before the restrictions until I found myself feeling quite lazy with the altered pace of social life during restrictions. I have gained more than 10 kgs (about 20 lbs?) this year, and although it disturbs me that even my too large comfortable clothes are now a very tight fit, I am surprising myself with the smallest bit of acceptance. I do truthfully hope that I will fit comfortably into my clothes again soon.

I am very fortunate in that I am able to spend time in the outdoors and to see others when it is suitable circumstance. I have thought about you, my readers and friends in the blogosphere, quite often. I do hope that you and those close to you are doing well.

How are you?


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14 thoughts on “How are you?”

  1. I need to get back blogging. I used to come to wp to get away from social media crazy. Now people are going on about it here too ugh. Yes stay away from tv and stuff and I half live outside!!

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    1. You should get back to blogging πŸ™‚ I understand your meaning with this. It can be unfortunate that people carry the conversation over from the other media outlets especially if it regards a much-debated topic. Spending much time outdoors is so nice…no? Sometimes there is no better way to start a day than with a nice trek in the crisp fresh air!


  2. I too am trying to avoid the news and also social media as it just makes me feel down with everything going on. I’m just trying to focus on myself and family.

    Also I gained a little bit of weight during lockdown (4kg), so I’ve just been taking care not to let that get out of control!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, James πŸ™‚ I understand totally about avoiding the news and focusing on those close to you. Doing something similar here as well. The news is just…well, not giving any kind of happy news this year it seems.

      4 kg – sounds like you’ve done good with it, actually – better than I have anyway. Not moving so much makes it very easy for the weight to increase. In my mind, there will be 2 types of people with this thing: Those who get very toned and focused on fitness as a way to deal with the stress and… the rest of us, who will surely gain a bit by just being.


  3. I avoided the news in lockdown 1 in England, in second one I was able to watch but filter in my own head more. I live in a great location so get fresh air daily and I am lucky to be semi retired and my cup hoses work is being an artist so when allowed i can be in my shop meeting and talking to people, when locked down I can still draw to switch off from the world.

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    1. Thank you for sharing about this! The media, I have recently discovered, to my dismay, doesn’t seem to have anything nice to say at all about the world. It is depressing and it is good to know that you have been able to avoid or at least filter it a bit. I am having my own conundrum in that I want to know whats happening in the world but at same time, it feels like a daily damage check in a sci-fi movie and sometimes…. I. just. can’t.
      You bring up an interesting topic though and that is that you are able to artist whether at home or not. This is interesting because many people, even if in a business related field like marketing, consider themselves in a creative profession but still are not able to manage the work from home solitude as their work requires a team effort. As a true artist, you are able to find your motivation in many things regardless if people are present or no. How do you continue your motivation?


      1. In lockdown 1.0 at first it was all such an unknown and creative focus was impossible. Gradually living out in the countryside at the time, the calm of nature helped me. I share the work I produce online and it gave me feedback from others. Also once my shop could open ai could again share work and things sold. This year has continued my pattern of building the business from year to year. I have received a number of requests for commissions which have all gone well. I have tried new ideas including hand drawn hats – a niche and unexpected success and joy as they allow fun to be a key element in my art. My art is a solo creative process. In lockdown periods I miss the chance to talk face to face with others but online offers the chance to share and the second lockdown also kicked off an urge to blog again which Iam also enjoying once more.

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      2. This reads that you have managed to find a way to successfully work with the current situation, which is enviable – for certain! I must admit a certain curiosity with drawing hats. In my own mind’s image, it seems quite cool! πŸ˜€


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