This is truly embarrassing and I do apologise. I needed to downgrade my website because…economy. Support told me that I may lose some content and I was prepared for that possibility. It seems that the resetting of my website resulted in the system going peanuts and apparently sending out more than 30 notifications for both random published posts as well as some drafts that had been just sitting unfinished in a folder for a very long time.

So please, if you see many emails from me in your inbox, this is what it is. Just delete it and continue on with your day.

Technology is not my friend today



      1. You did? Speaking the truth, your comment just sent me walking in circles for some minutes thinking how to reply and being a bit nervous. I struggle with confidence about posting things as I am never feeling certain how people will react to those. So you can understand that when all of those drafts published and was feeling “iiiiikkkk!” and wished to hide. So, thank you for your kind words. It helps me to feel better about it! 😀


      2. It’s all good… first I saw the “flood” of posts and wondered what caused them. Then your apology post came on… I clicked on one that caught my eye, and it led me to your site. I liked the layout of the site, and the writing, I can imagine how you would feel embarrassed, but I doubt that anyone at all minded…the internet always seems to be doing weird things on its own…it happens to all of us. 🙂


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