Farewell To The Blog?

Hello to everyone 🙂

Today’s blog post is a difficult one to write.

I am only writing this post now because I have spoken to so many people and we have all had the same questionable moments of following an active blog and then suddenly, they stop being updated or just disappear completely. You, my readers, have given me so much time by reading and commenting on my articles, that it really seems only fair that I should take the time to share the current situation honestly with you.

I have spent so much time here on the blogosphere and made so many friends, that I have always wanted to continue my blogging here as long as was possible. However, it seems that timing and circumstances have come to a moment where I may have to say farewell to the blog. I knew myself that when I made the decision to end my affiliate marketing with large companies and to stop my promotions from affiliate platforms and instead to focus on encouraging others to shop locally and frequent the small businesses near to them, that any income from the affiliate marketing would stop and I most likely would not be able to pay for the website when the time came to do so. While many would cite this, and my refusal to ask for reader donations (it’s just wrong…) as bad business decisions, I do not. I wanted to encourage others to help small businesses, and I did. I was so horrified by highly successful influencers begging followers for money when the pandemic hit that I wanted to maintain some dignity myself. I was able to do both those and because of that, I do not feel a failure or anything of the kind.

So I just wanted to inform what is happening and that there is a high chance that I will be saying farewell to Lifexperiment Blog. It has been an amazing 5 years here and I thank you all so much for making these years so much fun! I wish you all happiness in your lives and success in your journeys. Thank you so very much for all of the support, friendship, ideas, encouragement and laughter!

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25 thoughts on “Farewell To The Blog?”

  1. OH NO!!!!! I love the lifexperment blog!!!! You share so many useful ideas snd humor!!! I for one would be willing to help keep you on!!!

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  2. Ah man, I ‘liked’ this post but not for the reasons of the subject matter!

    Whatever you decide to do for the future I wish you the very best, though it will be a shame to lose you.

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  3. This is sad. I´m so sorry to see you go.
    Hope things get better and you come back stronger than ever and funny as always.
    I´m here for you if you need me, you know that, right?
    Big hugs!

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    1. Thank you David. I don’t want leave the platform. But during this year I have lost a job and without the affiliate/sponsorship income I just don’t have the funds to continue the site. A sad day indeed.
      Hugs back!


      1. I know you switched big companies to local business but, just in case, I also know a couple of affiliate platforms. Blogs posts are not mandatory, you could share these links on Fb, Twitter, while keeping your blog and supporting local business. Anyways, it´s just a thought 😉

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  4. I read your post with full heart and understanding. I have enjoyed following you for all these years. I absolutely applaud you for your choices in focusing on supporting local businesses. I wish you well, my friend.

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    1. Jennie, thank you so much…I really needed to hear this comment today. I fully appreciate your support and love that you said you applaud my choice. That statement alone makes everything worthwhile. I wish you well also, my friend, and I will miss this.

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  5. I am a little late to the party but sorry to see you go as I have enjoyed reading and following along with your blog over the past couple of years. I hope that at some point you make a comeback.


  6. I’m just reading about your decision to stop blogging. So sad. I’ve enjoyed your posts over the years, especially the Recycled Books challenge. I wish you the best, and maybe someday you will be able to resume blogging.


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