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Leenna, from Leenna’s creative box, heard my complaining about not being able to find the proper dog food in the food shops and she published a solution to the problem! If you are looking for ideas on making your own food for dogs, this is the post for reading!

I immediately thought of my favourite doggies’ favourite food cooked by their human mums. So, I contacted their mums and got their tried and tested recipes to share with you over this confusing time for doggies (and their human parents).

via Yummy Home-made Food For Doggies — LeennasCreativeBox

Interesting Topic For Discussion. What Do You Think?

Last evening, I found myself engaged in a debate. And the debate was this: Do dogs feel love or do they rather feel a sense of security and loyalty which we mistake as love?

Personally, I would like to think that dogs do have a sense of love and attachment. However, there were really good arguments made for both sides of this. I would really like to know what you think!

What do you think: Love or loyalty?


Winter Slim Down Week 20

This week. Holding at 65 kgs and sadly, nothing new to report. Same frustration. I have been making my friends nuts asking questions and demanding answers. So far the options range from ‘there’s 1000 times the sugar you expect in that one-time splurge’ to muscle weighs more than fat and that I’m not drinking enough water. So, I’m going to do a little experiment and see if its one or more of these.

I can tell you that I am now walking at a fast pace with both dogs at the same time now, attached to a running belt. (For those with dogs: the running belt helps, but it does nothing to stop the freight train of tangled leashes which always results in the 3 of us miraculously tied in knots together. However, I swear by this thing because between it and new harnesses, I can manage the constant pulling which had me on my hands in knees in less than a minute, several weeks ago.) With 3x daily walks of 30+ minutes, I’m averaging 10,5 hours of cardio a week by dog walking alone. Not too shabby! Theoretically, this should result in a good weight loss. Not yet though.

Every morning, I have 1 cup of coffee with stevia and soy milk, a half serving of protein shake and some roasted flax with dried blueberries. This keeps me going until at least early afternoon.

Lunches vary, but I can tell you that in many cases, lunch is my biggest meal of the day. Although, some days I do skip lunch entirely and then have an early dinner. I do get busy, but thats not why I skip lunch somedays. I try to only eat when I’m hungry. So if hunger doesn’t strike until early evening, then I just heat some veg and call it a day.

Dinner around here is usually something light like soup or a sandwich. When I was doing intermittent fasting, I learned that to eat after 6 in the evening your body does not have the time to reset itself. (So to speak. I’m sure I’ve said this incorrectly).

This week, I will try to drink more water and eat smaller, more regular meals. I will also try, try, try to reduce my mint intake and *shiver – my rare indulgences :/

What are your experiences?

Thanks for reading!


Winter slim-down week 19

Here we are again, my weekly diet and exercise update. I must admit that when I find myself typing ‘week 19’ into the header, my confidence sinks a bit. With 10 kgs to lose from the start, I was certain that by week 19, I would uploading photos of my newly discovered abs and much diminished hips.  It is discouraging that this is not the case this week.

I have been doing well though. 🙂 I’ve been moving…a lot. (As you can see by my exercise step count) This dramatic increase in steps is due to the exuberant additions from last week. These two have been keeping me running, jogging, dragging, or at least at a fast crawl in the mornings.

This combined with my existing regime, did show some great initial results. But then…after a few days of weight loss, I again gained back another 2 kg. How is this possible? My dear friend at Chape recommended that I take my measurements. (Which I have done and will again in about 4 days) Because apparently the measurements can go down but not the weight. So I’m really hoping that this is the case. By the way, Chape now has their own youtube channel and I’ll be following it. You should give it a look too!

This upcoming week, I will continue doing more of the same. More fresh fruit and veg, less sauce and mints, same exercises and I am (although slightly) increasing the length speed of my walks with my buddies as well as increasing reps on the daily exercises.

Fingers crossed that next week I have centimeters less on the waistline to report!

Any words of wisdom?

Thanks for reading!


Meet the Beasts! <3 The newest members of the family :D

I would love to introduce our newest members of the family! This adorable Husky duo finally came home after a grueling 3 months of adoption papers, interviews, fact checking, more interviews, medical and training requests, etc.

We were so hoping to have them here for Christmas, but instead we managed to get them here just in time for Valentine’s…and oh what a Valentines it was! It is a female and male, both trained as sled dogs, whose names are borderline unpronounceable, so I’ve nicknamed them meanings: ‘The Queen’ and ‘Snuggly’.


Meet The Queen

She is the leader of the pack. She pulls, runs, pulls, and chews the insides out of a tennis ball in seconds. Not the most trustworthy of beings when she came to us, it took me days to even coax her into letting me pat her head. Now she’s just fine and totally relaxed! She is streamlined for sledding and knows exactly what she wants to do. (Regardless of if its what YOU want her to do).


Meet Snuggly

This guy is my new teddy bear. Since I’m a woman, his tendency towards protection kicked in almost immediately. He loves to snuggle, helps himself to a nice spot on the sofa for some window watching, eats everything – I mean everything! Loves runs, snow and all things remotely edible.

So these 2 will be making sure that I’ve got buns, abs and arms of steal by the time summer rolls around. One week and I can already feel the burn…BIG TIME! Expect to see these two on the regular 🙂

Thanks for reading!