Product Review: Guinot Longue Vie Cou

For those of you who don’t feel like reading the full review, I’ll make this short: Save your money.

Guinot Longue vie products have been hailed as containing a miraculous mix of proteins, vitamins and amino acids which was supposedly developed in a hospital burn unit to create an optimal potion for cell renewal. I have used quite a few of their products. Some make me feel good, some do not. This one does not.

This product is supposed to increase cell regeneration and smoothing in the décolleté and neck areas.  However, I have been using this product twice daily for quite some time now and the results have been – Zero. OK, maybe I’m being unfair. Let’s say…2%.

Now, I will admit that I am beginning to show some signs of aging. Especially from the sun. However, I have always made skincare a priority so I like to think that I am not yet at the point of no return. (i.e.; I am not living in turtlenecks yet)  I do not mind paying a premium price for a premium product which delivers good results. I do mind paying a premium price for a product that works just as well as my super market hand cream. Guinot products are mainly available only in spa’s (although I have recently noticed a few available online) which supports the marketing image of a superior product and which also makes this so much more the disappointment.

This 30 ml bottle runs at about 80 €. Trust me, you do not want to spend that kind of money on this kind of product. With that price, you could buy products that actually do work like Guerlain, Ahava or Chanel.

You don’t have to listen to me. Of course not. But creating awareness of the million products that do and do not actually work – no BS included – is why I began this blog to begin with. So…

If anyone has tried this product, please share your experience with it! I am aware that my thoughts are not necessarily the majority and it would be nice to hear from all perspectives.

Thank you and GGGRRRRR…!



Product Review: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser by The Body Shop #thebodyshop


Hello everyone 🙂

I’ve been looking for a new facial cleanser for awhile now. I love my high-end products (as you well know), but after all the money we said goodbye to this summer for the wedding, I needed to find something a bit more … affordable. Affordable and hard working. You can imagine my surprise when my new hubby came home bearing gifts of Tea Tree Oil products from The Body Shop!

We had a mixed reaction to this product in our house. I really like it, but my husband is not a huge fan. Here’s why: He loves tea tree products, but the foam feels really light (not so heavy as the other ones). I love that the foam is light. He doesn’t. For him, I think that it being so lightweight kind of makes him feel like it isn’t really working. For me? As a woman, especially one who uses daily facial products, I think it is so refreshing to not feel like I’m smearing another layer of anything across my skin. So, it’s a divided outcome. However, we both agree that it works! After my surgery, I feel like I’m going through puberty all over again. My face is breaking out, I’m hot all the time, my arms are breaking out. This cleanser helped to clean out my pores enough so that I didn’t  have to think about it so much. A daily wash with this, and then followed by Toner, Vitamin C and moisturizer – I was set!

I haven’t used this product in a week now and I miss it. Funny how you can only tell how great something works, when you stop using it…

I would happily purchase this product again!

Have you tried The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil products? What do you think?


Winter facial at Mimando

I had another opportunity to visit one of my favourite spa’s for another great facial! I am justifying these trips because winter is absolutely cruel to my skin, I’m panicking about the beginning signs of aging, and…at Mimando, the price of these very effecting facials is more than reasonable. Trust me, I have done A LOT of shopping around and most places who offer this level of proficiency charge like they are giving you pure gold face masks. Thankfully, not here. In addition, my skin care professional is goal-oriented, not task oriented. So she doesn’t stop until she has made my skin look great! I don’t know what it is…maybe the outstanding customer service, or the glowing after effects of my skin every time I leave…but I am absolutely addicted to skincare treatments at Mimando.

OK, so here’s how this went down:

I wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, so she did a very thorough cleaning to start. Then, because my skin seems to react best to this; she did an delicate ultrasound scrub & peel treatment. This was followed by a moisturizing facial mask for 20-25 minutes (and a little nap) polished off with a super moisturizer. And voila´! I look like this 🙂


This photo is my ‘after’ depicting the absolute clearness of my skin proceeding my facial. It is unedited (ok, I cropped it), un brightened and unfiltered so that you can see exactly how squeaky clean my skin is.

Mimando, I’ll be back!

Thanks for reading!


Neck rejuvenating treatment at Mimando Spa :)

Ladies, ever have that morning when you’ve managed a one-eye open cup of java, sit down at your vanity to proceed with the morning skin care ritual, and realize….oh, hell! My neck looks like…an elephant! Well dearies, I did, and then I had a meltdown. Luckily, I was in the country with my favourite skin-care spa, so I called up and made an appointment…PRONTO!

Mimando is awesome and I always feel like a million bucks when I leave. Glowy and all 🙂 So when I explained the situation and whined a bit about it. She was, a superstar! I had a neck-facial… Is there an actual name for that? We’ll call it a ‘nacial’.

As you can see from the photo, I also got a bit of care on the face too…don’t want the face to feel left out! 😉 OK, so here’s how it went down. All my skin was cleaned, followed by an ultrasound treatment. (By the way, you really don’t realize how much this area is actually neglected until you get a treatment…the skin on my neck was already jumping for joy by the time the ultrasound treatment was over. ) I then got a poultice treatment (haudehoida) in order to increase absorption, which was then followed by a collagen mask…on my neck.

In the picture, you can see that the collagen mask was covered with a light covering to prevent it drying out. I was then left to soak up the goodies in peace for about a half-hour. (Give or take; I was too preoccupied enjoying myself relaxing to even think about the time.) After the break, she came in and removed the mask, made sure that everything had soaked in and followed with a moisturizer.

I seriously cannot convey how much better I felt when I looked in the mirror. To me, it seems as though at least the last year of hard travel and long hours had been wiped away with an eraser…and with just the one treatment! Although I felt a bit awkward requesting a ‘nacial’, it actually turned out really great. And quite affordable to boot 🙂

So there you go…’nacial’ at mimando spa in Finland …totally worth it. I wanna go back! Wherever you are, if you’re having the same elephant neck problems I was having, I suggest you look into the possibilities of getting something like it.

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa, and it’s more affordable and more fun than investing in tons of creams (some with strange skin tightening ingredients like…snake venom??  – once, I heard about this when in the States…unfortunately I am unable to recall the name of the product. Nor am I 100% sure that it wasn’t just crazy talk from the sales lady. But, I digress) that may or may not actually achieve long-lasting effects. So…go for it, ladies! Every time I go for a treatment, I get more and more convinced that a spa facial or ‘nacial’ in this case…just can’t be beat!

Love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Thanks for reading!



Facial at Mimando

My very first facial at Mimando Spa, and this is part of what sold me entirely on the experience. Aside from Hanna’s friendliness, expertise and ability to make my skin absolutely glow, she incorporated a red-wine facial mask into my facial and skin care treatment. (Don’t lick it, she says…) This stuff… well a relaxing mask it definitely is, and my skin…LOVED IT!

Proceeding a thorough cleansing, checking, scrub and ultrasound treatment (which I also love, by the way), this red wine relaxing and thoroughly moisturising mask made me feel…just…delicious.IT has anti oxidant and anti age properties. Left to  a good peaceful reprieve in low lighting with soft music and lovely smells while this mask performed its magic; I actually managed to be lulled into a gentle power nap. I can only say that when I was woken and the mask removed, then followed by a vitamin C moisturizer, I felt….delicious. It really felt like everything she had done to me managed to seep through at least 15 layers of skin. And I glowed. Seriously, even my guy noticed! 😀

Mimando Spa carries and uses Etre Belle products. And I highly recommend both! Since I am now thoroughly addicted to treatments at Mimando, I will be blogging more frequently about a variety of treatments offered there. I make an appointment whenever I am even remotely close to the area!

What are your favorite types of facial treatments?

Thanks for reading!


Treating myself: Spa Day at Mimando!!

If you are in the Ruovesi area of Finland, while you are sightseeing and picnicking at the lake, make sure to make time to visit Mimando for some skincare indulgence 🙂 I happened upon this spa a while researching all things to do when in the area. And boy am I glad I did!

Nothing feels better than walking proudly through the streets without a drop of makeup on and feeling proud of your freshly glowing skin. I love to have facial treatments. Especially now that I’ve been dieting and my body is cleaning all the gunk out, which is all showing in my dry, blemished skin. Gee, thanks. So I made myself an appointment when I knew I would be there and I’m really happy I went. (Have planned to go every time I’m in the area). Mimando treatments are good (even my SO commented on a noticeable difference in my glowing happy skin) and…drumroll please….the prices are reasonable! Yaaaayyyyy!!

I decided on an ultrasound treatment.This particular facial, along with the diamond exfoliating treatment are both said to be ideal for skin like mine which is well cared for, but still a bit dry and beginning to age. But not so strong as when you run into a spa demanding the strongest thing they have and then your face falls off 4 days later.

This was begun with basic make-up removal and facial cleansing and then an examination of my skin. This was followed by using an ultrasonic device was used which exfoliated my facial skin and the dead skin was removed. Then an extraction tool was used to seriously open up all the gunked up pores on my face, followed by a very nice facial and neck massage and a facial mask.

My face in the lightweight masked is shown above. (I can’t believe I’m actually posting pics of myself with not a drop of makeup on!) Once the mask had done it’s thing (approx 15 min), my face was cleaned again and polished off with a delicious smelling Etre Belle energy c creme moisturizer. I fell so deeply in love with that stuff I bought some to take home for day creme. That product review will be coming up soon.

Here is an ‘after’ photo of my skin. It’s worth noting that in order to accurately portray the differences, all photos are in their original format. NO airbrushing, or filters have been used or corrections done. I only cropped the photos to better show my pores and not make anyone look up my nostrils.


Quite a difference, huh?! 😀 My blemishes were lessoned, my skin is positively GLOWING and I am now officially addicted.

Thank you Mimando! I will be back!!  Please, feel free to check out their site, it has been hyperlinked.

Please, share your thoughts in the comment section 🙂

Thank you for reading!