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Category: fun

He Proposed!!!

Happy Mid-summer weekend all! This week has been full of excitement 🙂 On Thursday, my guy asked me to Marry Him and this lady said YES! YES! YES!  I’m so in […]

Let’s Connect!

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers! I’ve been wanting to create a networking post for awhile now. Today is the day! The longer I blog, the more I realize how […]

A promotion worth sharing

Hello all 🙂 I’m taking a step out of my norm today. I rarely ever post promotions, as I take a hands-off approach to anything that might seem sales-y. I […]

Monday Laugh

It’s Monday. Most of the planet HATES Mondays. So here are a few fun little memes to start your day with a smile. Enjoy! *Note; all memes downloaded from internet […]

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