Getting To Know You 05.11.2019

What is relaxing for you?

My answer:  Watching the views. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than having a coffee and looking the natural views wherever I just am.

And you?


Getting To Know You 20.08.2019: Motivation

How do you motivate yourself on those days when you very much want to do just nothing?

My answer: Difficult question to answer for some things, but I can say that when I just watch any kind of hoarder show on youtube, my home gets very tidy.

And you?

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Getting To Know You 17.07.2019: That One Friend…

‘We all have that one friend…’

Today, I realised that I AM THAT FRIEND in my friend circles. You know that friend; The one that really tries to be normal, but just can’t. The chick that falls in heels, laughs at inappropriate moments, displays her emotions all over her face, worries constantly… That heavily neurotic friend who gets stupid-level excited about the smallest things. She wants to help. REALLY wants to help and sometimes goes so weird with it that you aren’t quite sure whether to be insulted or to start worrying that she’s a bit ‘slow’. That friend who genuinely means well, but most likely comes across as a complete nutter most of the  time. That’s me. I kind of wish I could be the cool, successful, beautiful friend. But then it would take away all my weird and my weird is what makes me, me. No?

So my question for you today is: Which friend are you?


Getting To Know You 25.06.2019

Todays question is about humane messaging times. I find myself very annoyed at early morning texts (before 8:00) and I have rarely been one to send texts very late at night. Now with emails and messengers going straight to smart phone notifications, it’s almost worrisome to just respond to an email or message when you see it, as it may wake the the person you are replying to. (Especially when replying internationally) This week, I made a bit of a business blunder and responded to an instant message at almost 21:00 (9pm) on a weekday night. I knew that this person had the app on their phone and it did not occur to me until after I sent what a rude person I could be perceived as.  I have heard it said that 9-21 (9) is ok, but to never call or message anyone outside those hours. But then, there could be a different business etiquette (which I am quite sure I violated).

What are you communication hours? Any rules you try to keep by?


Getting To Know You 09.04.2019

If you could have any meal you wanted this evening, what would it be?

My answer: Lobster fondu with champagne. Although, I have a food envy problem, so this may change depending on what kind of answers are left here.


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Getting To Know You 07.03.2019

Quite often, people say that you make a decision about a person based on the first 60 seconds of meeting them. So, my question for today is: What is it about a person that you notice when firstly meeting them that makes you either interested or disinterested in being around that person?

My answer: If the other person is interested in the meeting. That would be a determining factor. If that person is noticeably only interested in themselves, or bored/annoyed by my presence, then I want away very quickly.

What’s your answer?


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Getting To Know You 05.02.2019

I’m on a diet. A quite strict diet. Which makes me fantasize about all the rubbish food I cannot eat. So my question for today is: What is your favourite rubbish food?

Mine? Well, I do love nacho nite! But in this case, I have to say cake batter! I cannot bake a cake, but I will eat an entire bowl of batter! Gross, huh?

What is your favourite rubbish food?



Getting to Know You 29.01.2019

I read an interesting blog post about 1 week ago (which, of course, I am unable to find so I can link to it now…) which was talking about the insecurity that particular blogger had. ‘Will you like this?’ ‘ Do I suck?’ ‘ Will anyone read this?’ and I had to comment. I comment that, well, we all suck! Hah. That I think that our real-ness is what makes blogs so popular. When we are reading a blog vs. any kind of marketing material, we all feel a bit at ease because we know (in most cases) that there is a real person behind it. A real person with real emotions, experiences, needs… Not a team of marketing professionals that are blending together the ideal persona for their particular branding needs.

This blog post, really made me think. There are basic needs that every one of us has. We all need to be loved. We all need to survive. We all need to feel like our lives are worthwhile. And I think that we, as publishers, all need to feel appreciated for putting ourselves out there!

So my question for today is: Do you have these same needs and insecurities?

I know I do!


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Getting to Know You 22.01.2019

If you could get in a plane/train/bus and go anywhere in the world, today. Where would you go?

I think I would run to someplace peaceful & warm. It’s so cold today! I’ve been seeing a lot about Bahamas recently. Maybe I would go there!


Readers, You Decide!

Hello there 🙂

Today, I want to ask you about posting some of my series’ a bit more often. I have noticed that my ‘Quirky Quotes‘, ‘Random Factoids‘ and ‘Getting to Know You‘ series’ have actually had a much better response than I ever imagined they would. I have tons of fun with these also, so I have been going back-and-forth on the idea of doing them weekly, as opposed to monthly as I do now.

I originally opted to post these monthly because 1) I never imagined anyone other than myself would have so much fun with it and…2) I was only posting 2-3 times weekly. I am now posting more often so it would not be difficult at all to include these on a more frequent basis as well.

You are the ones reading my blog, so I leave this question in your very capable hands. Would you like to see more of these, or prefer I keep it the way it is now?

What do you think?


Interesting Topic For Discussion. What Do You Think?

Last evening, I found myself engaged in a debate. And the debate was this: Do dogs feel love or do they rather feel a sense of security and loyalty which we mistake as love?

Personally, I would like to think that dogs do have a sense of love and attachment. However, there were really good arguments made for both sides of this. I would really like to know what you think!

What do you think: Love or loyalty?


Getting to know you 15.09.2018: Decisions or Time?

Would you rather have the ability to reverse one decision you made every day, or stop time for 10 seconds every day?

Oooohhh…this is going to be a good one 🙂

My answer: Stop time


Just Checking In … How’s It Going Today?

Greetings all 🙂

I was thinking about my blog-family on this grey cloudy day and I thought I would just pop in and ask you how is everyone doing today?

Monday, Monday, Monday…


*Photo sourced via Pixabay

Getting to know you 15.05.2018: Unused keys

Which keys on your keyboard do you never or rarely use?

My answer: ø  – I had to get an international keyboard but I can safely say that I have used the ‘ø’ key more in the post than the last several years.

What about you?


Significant Sunday – A New Theme?

Hello everyone 🙂

Happy Sunday! Well, maybe not for everyone…you know what ‘they’ say: Going to sleep on Sunday, results in Monday. Anywhoo…

I read a great post by Ali at the Mindful Gardener. In the post, the possibility of starting a new theme on WP is discussed. That theme being ‘Soulful Sunday’. Now, don’t cringe. This has nothing to do with religion. (Trust me, I get it. I was scratching my head too before I read the post.) No. This is about posting a photo and telling about something that kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy inside that relates to it. (Please, correct me if I am mistaken here.) However, due to the ease of misunderstanding – I’m switching up to ‘Significant Sunday’.

I, personally, think it’s a grande idea! I mean…why not. As bloggers, we discuss products, health, travel, love, gardening and all manner of technical things. But we never quite manage to make ourselves the tiniest bit vulnerable, do we?

So here we are; Let’s get personal.


This is my nostalgia for the week. I know, it seems like I’m about to do a promo. I assure you, it is nothing of the sort. The reason this makes me nostalgic is purely because of thoughtfulness and a seemingly new tradition of sorts. You see, every December for the past 3 years, no matter where in the world I am at the moment, my mother sends me a Body Shop Advent Calendar. It has come to my home, my office, and at one point when I was unable to be pinpointed exactly, a local pickup.

Ever year she waits for them to be released. And ever year I get a different one. And every year, I do not have to go out and buy myself nice smelling items for a good long while!

The fact that she thinks of me so diligently (and also that she manages to find a way to get these to me) just warms my heart.


Family is so IMPORTANT! We must take the time to appreciate every bit of thoughtfulness. Our schedules are never too busy for that!

What’s your Significant Sunday?