Win a $1,000 Credit?


Mmmm… Yyyyeeeeeppp!

So here’s the thing; I don’t, quite much never, post promotions / contests. (Okei, you got me – I did do the January sales) but beyond that – Never ever! It’s just not my thing. But, I digress. Gabriel & Co. Fine Jewelry is having several promotions at the moment. This is the one I actually thought ‘hey, can’t get easier than that! Maybe a reader or 2 may be interested in this.’ and decided to post about it. Because hey, I like simple 🙂

The promotion is to visit the Gabriel website, sign up to their email newsletter, and automatically be entered to win a $1000 store credit! Pretty cool, pretty simple & pretty shiny!

If you are interested, just click the following banner. If not, it’s all cool 😉

What Do Women Want, Fine Jewelry

PS- I am unsure if this is restricted to only U.S. citizens, or if this applicable internationally. (Fingers crossed for Int’l, I would LLLLOOOOVVVEEE $1,000 store credit! Does that count for my shopping ban?) There are also additional contests going on at the moment on the Gabriel NY site, so if this IS your thing, make sure to check out the social media campaign/competition as well.

Here’s to hoping this adds 1 more win to my ‘people winning stuff off my site’ streak! 😀


*Feature photo kindly uh-hum ‘borrowed’ from the Gabriel New York website.


7 Months In On My Shopping Ban and I’m Not OK.


This summer, I lost my mind. I decided I would challenge myself to live as sustainably as possible. To only grow my own food or purchase locally produced food items. To learn how to bake. And to embark on a 1 year shopping ban. No trial runs, just go do it! The food thing didn’t last long. The shopping ban, however, has lasted 7 months. (Probably because, well… I got goodies for Birthdays & Holidays)

Why am I not Ok, you ask? I’ll tell you. I’m not OK because I want to shop. Very badly! There are a few things happening at the moment:

  • My pants are starting to wear out. Those little holes you see & think to yourself, nah, it still works. Well they eventually turn into huge rips. Usually at the most inconvenient of times! (See the day I accidentally ripped the ‘back’ of my favourite pants and found myself being taped back together at a strangers desk!)
  • It’s really cold and I just don’t feel pretty when its cold. Too many layers, not enough warmth. And when your eyes/nose are watering and your eyelashes freeze, bothering to put on makeup, only to have it dissipate after a few minutes in the elements just doesn’t happen.
  • I’m (too) selective. Because of my %100 natural fibre neurosis, I have to spend a crazy amount of time researching items before I buy them. So many stores don’t even have products that fall into this category! So sometimes I make myself feel better by walking into a store that I know has nothing I’ll buy, then I can leave having purchased nothing and feel good about myself. This usually works. Until, that is, the store surprises me and has something that fits both my fibre needs & my size. That turns into a challenge quickly.
  • As an affiliate, I get the opportunity to browse a lot of dream products. And that I do (see fibre neurosis) as I refuse to promote anything I don’t want myself! And that’s the magic phrase right there. I want it myself. I want so much of it myself! Hand-crafted stilettos? Oh yes, those will be mine! Cruelty-free alpaca? You know it!  But I have to wait. Stalk. Save… In the meanwhile, I’m like a trapped monkey here.
  • And, speaking the truth, I just love the occasional new goodie. Does that make me a terrible person?

I never guessed that 7 months without buying myself a new outfit or shoes would result in shaking and sweating. How is this even possible? I don’t actually shop that much when I allow myself to because, well, I have to save for those purchases that I really desire. So it is quite the surprise to me that I am getting bored with my clothing. There was a year when I couldn’t afford to purchase myself anything. I saved and saved and was finally able to buy a cute dress with little red apple print on it. I loved that dress and wore it far beyond the 50€ I paid for it. I was so happy about it! So this is where I am questioning what is happening. Of course, I would love to go out and buy every piece of sustainable luxury that I like. Wouldn’t we all? But what has me stumped, is that those very few pieces I have fallen in love with, well, I find myself obsessing over them. Like somehow my life will be better if I own them. And that isn’t true, is it? What good is a pair of stilettos to me when I’m knee deep in snow? (Granted, the alpaca would actually keep me warm.) But yet I really feel like somehow if I have these items, my life will change for the better. And that just doesn’t seem healthy. Or true.

Now, I have actually been doing good things too. I have a daily system that reminds me that I absolutely should NOT be purchasing any clothing or accessories right now. But that is its own blog post, so more on that later.

I have also discovered that I don’t actually own that much. Thank you, for all the comments! It really helped me to put things in perspective. I really had no idea the number of contents of my wardrobe are comparatively small.

Any advice on how to calm the shopping anxiety?

Sharing My Favourite January Sales!


Hello all 🙂

Okei, I’m first going to apologize for posting a blog post full of affiliate banners. I would roll my eyes if I saw this, so I’m certain you probably are as well. I hope this apology manages to take away some of the creepy. Speaking the truth, I wasn’t sure how else to do this. As an affiliate, I get advance notice of really good sales. Apparently, everyone is having a really good sale at the moment. As much as I love luxury everything, I never pay full price for it. I always wait for a sale, and I know that many of you are the same way. So I wanted to share these if any of the companies are companies that you like and have been waiting for a good deal to come your way. So that’s what this is about. I can promise you that this will not be a frequent occurrence on this blog.

Please also note that I am very selective about who I affiliate with. I only affiliate myself with those products or companies that I truly believe in myself. If I wouldn’t buy it myself,  I most definitely am not going to promote it  to you 😉

Because we are a world audience, I have opted to categorise my sales info according to geographical availability. And yes, I am placing banners instead of individual products because there are just so many that it will devour my entire years’ worth of storage. Sorry, you have to sort out what you like yourselves! ;D

Here we go, awesome January sales!


Mix & Match

John Robshaw is famous for his hand made, handcut, and hand painted or block printed textiles. They are gorgeous and I am waiting for the moment that I can fill my home with his pieces. He is currently having a 50% off winter sale and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Sales happen rarely and I suggest you take advantage when the opportunity arises!

Subscribe Now

Free Shipping on 1st Box of GlobeIn Artisan Box subscriptions

All sustainable & free trade items at Globein 😀 I genuinely love this place.

Ok, Kitchen Aid is actually having a 50% off sale with just about everything right now! Attachments, countertop appliances, ovens, fridges, stand mixers (both reg & mini in fun colours) which is insane because I really really want a stand mixer in the ice colour! (yeah, I’m doing the 50’s themed kitchen) Anyway, hubby has wanted one of these for sooo long and it’s actually affordable now! Kitchen Aid does have an international site and I suggest you check that also for January sales!

Winter Clearance- Up to 40% off Select Gear that Outworks Winter  

For a lady who spends a lot of time outdoors & in quite heavy weather, Carhartt workgear is my go-to. This stuff lasts forever!

Trendy Ethical Styles


AHAVA | Buy More, Save More $25 OFF $100 With Code: BUY25OFF | Shop Now!


Life and Home Storage and Bin items

This start-up is a 1 stop shopping for

all home repair & reno items. You’re welcome 🙂




Available to EU only: 


*Cosme-DE has every skincare product imaginable, including La Mer and SK II

Thank you so much for checking out this post. I hope you manage to snag a great deal on something you’ve been stalking for awhile!


*Feature photo sourced via Pixabay

Window Shopping Day


What do you do when you’re feeling blah? Well, window shop, of course!

I am not feeling so pretty or sexy today. It’s cold out and I’m wearing so many layers that I look like a marshmallow. I am dreaming of clothes that make me feel….feminine. With heels of course! So I hit the net in search of all the things I would purchase for myself to uplift my mood. Because let’s face it, days are just much better when you feel…pretty 🙂

Since I am currently unable to indulge in the January sales, the only way I am able to ‘purchase’ pretty things and show them off …. is here. This gives a whole new meaning to living vicariously through the internet.

So here is my virtual outfit for the day (please excuse the formatting, I am always learning…):
Tribal-Inspired Beaded Necklace

Thompson Tote - Darby Scott


Thanks for reading!


*Post contains affiliate links. That only means that if you decide to browse or purchase items, I may make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

*Feature photo sourced via Pixabay

I Almost Had it Together This Year….Only Not Quite.


That moment when you realize that you’ve been invited to holiday parties but realize that you don’t have even one hostess gift. You have 1 day to shop, again, for those – and today is that day!

So this is what I’m doing today, people. Going out to get the obligatory ‘Thank you for inviting, imbibing and feeding me – here’s ________’ gift. I hope the stores aren’t full of people. Otherwise, my hostess gift may be a bag of bird food.



*Photo sourced via Pixabay

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts


Hello and welcome to my final gift guide of 2018! These are just a few (more) of my favourite things!


A set of ornately beaded coasters 

Socks are a great practical gift and stocking stuffer. The older I get, the more I appreciate gift like this. (Visit item by clicking on photo)


A pack of these stick-on allergy labels could save a life! Made to be used on food containers, paperwork, etc.

If you’re traveling, or are sending your kid to school – this under the shirt invisible pocket belt is a wise decision. (Yes, they have all black too) Personally, I hate ‘fanny packs’ but I always have a good use for something that fits well under my clothes where I can stash emergency money or card. 😉 (can visit item by clicking on photo)

olive boat

An intricate olive boat for the entertainer

coldest water tumbler

Tumbler from The Coldest Water. Keeps hots hot and colds cold for the day!

Men’s leather belt (can visit item by clicking on photo)


A tin of organic baking cocoa

White cashmere triangle scarf (can go to item by clicking on photo)


Ethically made Lavender citrus mint dry shampoo

Fire hose and hide keyring by Elvis & Kresse (can go to item by clicking on photo)


Stylish cheese knife

Pure Cashmere Unisex GlovesA pair of cashmere gloves (item viewed by clicking on photo)

LJ home-candy-cane-soap-1_600x

Fair trade Candy Cane soap. Oooohhh yeeeahhhh 😉

Sams�e & Sams�e The Beanie - BlackBlack beanie (can be viewed by clicking photo)

Hope you saw something suitable! I know a few someone’s myself who might be getting those allergy stickers – for sure!

Happy Holidays!


*Post does contain affiliate links, which may share a small commission with me at no extra charge to you.

Sustainable Clothing Spotlight: Love Justly


I am really excited to publish a feature sustainable company spotlight on Love Justly! As you well know, if you’ve been following the blog for awhile, I am a firm believer in voting with our wallets. By that I mean, that by each of us making conscientious purchasing decisions, we do hold the power to create change. We are, after all, the driving force in consumerism/consumption. If our purchasing decisions were not at all important, companies would not spend such insane amounts of money trying to make us believe we need their items. The mantra ‘purchase better, purchase less’ is something I truly believe in. If we begin a paradigm shift with this mantra in mind, the fashion industry will follow. This is why I have chosen Love Justly to write a feature on. Their items are beautiful, fashion-forward, ethically sourced and made to last! In my mind, that checks every box I need in order to make a positive, guilt-free purchasing decision. I know that many of my awesome friends and readers feel the same way, and so I am happy to share a great place to bookmark and revisit again and again. 🙂

I did have a few questions:

Q- The fashion industry is severely competitive and there seems to be a lingering mistrust of good-hearted ethical companies due to the ‘green-washing’ phenom. What made you want to go into the sustainable fashion business?

A- I started Love Justly because I always wanted a place where I could go and get a good deal, but know that people on the other end of that product didn’t suffer. Often items are less expensive because people are paid poorly and treated harshly.

I partner with companies and buy excess stock or past season items at a discount and then sell those items at a discount. The companies I partner with are doing amazing work around the world, so when you buy from Love Justly you know your purchases truly make a difference!


Q- How long has Love Justly been in business?

A- A little more than 2 years.


Q- How does Love Justly define ethical fashion, as it relates to you?

A- For Love Justly, ethical fashion means the people who made the item are paid a living wage and treated fairly. All too often in fashion, this doesn’t happen.


Q- Sustainable/ethical fashion can mean a great many things to a great many people. What is Love Justly’s main focus? (Fair employment, creating little waste – if any, sustainable materials, long-lasting items, using sustainable shipping methods, et al)

A- Love Justly partners with a variety of companies and each of those has a different mission, but the heart behind all of them is a desire to provide hope and economic opportunity to people by giving them reliable income.


Q- How do you select the items you sell on your site?

A- The companies I partner with often will let me know what they have to sell and then I select from that. I also take feedback from customers and buy based on what they want to see on the site!


Q- Fast-fashion driven consumption has forced the fashion industry to go from 2 seasons per year to 12-52 seasons per year. This seems to me to be absurd. No entity can crank out reliable, sustainable fashion that is long wearing and fair at that pace. How many seasons (or seasonal updates) does Love Justly add per annum?

A- Love Justly doesn’t follow a set seasonal update. We just added many new products before the holidays and add more based on customer demand and areas we’re starting to run low.


Q- More often than not, ethical fashion can understandably be quite expensive when compared to fast-fashion prices. I think this why so many people hesitate to purchase ethically made items. How do you manage to offer such fair prices on your site?

A- I typically buy items at a discount from companies, which then allows me to sell them at a discount. Due to this structure, I have a more limited selection to choose from, but it helps introduce more people to ethical fashion, where price may have been a barrier before.


Q- How do you ensure the manufacturing standards of those companies whose items are sold on Love Justly?

A- I do research on each of the companies based on what is available on their site and through conversations with them and then go from there in determining whether they would make a good partner for Love Justly.


Q- We have all heard horror stories of companies who destroy their remaining merchandise and send it to the rubbish heap. What do you do with any un-sold merchandise? Or do you order low quantities and keep them for sale until they are sold?

A- We order low quantities at Love Justly, so things are more likely to sell out quicker than they would with other companies.


Q- If a beloved item is sold out, do you offer any way that a person could be placed on a waiting list for that item? Or is it gone forever once it is sold out?

A- Some items we can reorder and if an item is sold out there is a spot where people can enter their email. If that item can be re-ordered we typically will, but sometimes we’ve taken the last items and the company we bought it from may be sold out as well.


Q- I have noticed that you offer international shipping (Yay!). Does Love Justly offer the possibility of basic shipping in order to keep the postal price low?

A- International shipping isn’t realistic for most people, so this is very limited. Since Love Justly is a discount site the high shipping costs of international shipping often don’t make sense. We’re happy to ship internationally, but the shipping costs often make it prohibitive.

Some of my fave products:

holiday giving plate love justly

This incredible Holiday Plate that’s perfect for sharing leftovers and holiday goodies with those you love!


Gold Cashmere Scarf by Komodo.

LJ home-candy-cane-soap-1_600x

For the person that loves all things peppermint-y (uh-hum, me.) this handcrafted candy cane soap is the perfect stocking stuffer!


Kimono Sleeve V-Neck Dress by Liz Alig.  This cool and comfy looking dress is made from 100% recycled T-shirts!


Mini clutch from woven buriti palm fibre.


Peacock Party Dress by Symbology. Beautiful and 100% cotton!

See? I told you they have pretty items! And yes, to answer your question – I would never promote a company that I wouldn’t use myself. I purchased the following gorgeous Liz Alig cotton maxi dress from Love Justly that I love:


If you are interested, each item tells in the description which company it is from and what good things that company is doing with your purchase. Love that!

Get 15% off any order now!

Trendy Ethical Styles

*Photos sourced with full permissions via Love Justly




Holiday Gift Ideas Part ll.


Hi there 🙂

I wanted to write a follow-up gift ideas post, this time separated into categories by receiver. Many people have completed their holiday shopping already in June (ugh) but I know that I am not the only person who takes their time and then freaks out when I look at the calendar and realize I barely have time for shipping. *All items I am listing will make it wherever its going by Christmas 😉

For the man in your life:

“Burgundy Melange Merino Jumper”

Made from up cycled leather and firehose, this Elvis & Kresse Wallet with Coin Pocket is definitely a hit!

Green gifts for the eco-friendly:

holiday giving plate love justly

This newly marked down Holiday Giving Plate from Love Justly

olive boat

Ceramic Olive Boat from Globein. Love this!


This hand forged in USA Arc Cuff from Bead & Reel

For the Luxury – lover:



Scarf - Abstract Plaid Silk - Darby Scott

Scarf – Abstract Plaid Silk – Darby Scott

15% off everything using code TREAT15 – live now!

Sophisticated Suede Shopper
Sophisticated Suede Shopper

For the new home owner:

One World Trading Company

Marimekko Home – Kitchen and Dining


This gorgeous hand made Makki Indigo Duvet


This too fun eyeglass holder from Globein

So that’s it for today. I really hope you found something that will fit your gifting needs! If you didn’t, but you are still looking, take the time to quickly check out these sites. Many of them offer a ton of options and I just picked one fave of mine to post here. Because, well…I love it, so hopefully you will too!

Happy Hunting!



Product Review: Ozeri Serafino Hand Blown Glasses


Hello there 🙂

I purchased these glasses last month and I love them so much that I really wanted to write a review for them. Why? Well because I hate clutter and I know that you do too!  I always try to make good purchasing decisions and deciding to buy these was a very good decision. Whenever I buy a product, I try to find the best options that will serve as a multi-functional item. Multi-functional items drastically reduce the need for multiple items, and therefore, drastically reduce the clutter. Kind of like buying a dress that can be worn for work, drinks with friends and to a birthday party…instead of buying that party dress that sits in your wardrobe for all other occasions.

So this is what happened. Many of you know me well enough to know that I have minimalistic tendencies. Well, once I got married and we combined all of our belongings, it became overwhelming. It was hard enough dealing with my ‘stuff’. Now our stuff was too much for my taste. Dishes were broken in the move (& chipped during daily use) and we didn’t have a complete set of anything. Just random plates, salad bowls, glasses and coffee cups.  So, I went online and started searching for cohesive sets for our kitchen items so that we could begin the process of turning ‘mine’ and ‘his’ into ‘ours’.

It took quite awhile to find what I was looking for. I am selective to the point that I annoy my friends. My husband is also, but he left me to find what I liked. So here were my must-have’s:

  • Must be multi-functional
  • Must be unique
  • Must be a good material (glass, stone, clay or copper)
  • Must be high-quality (hand crafted and/or from a highly reputable company)
  • Must be an item that I’m proud to display (We have an open cabinet plan in the kitchen)
  • Must be cohesive
  • Must be able to withstand temperature variance
  • Hopefully dishwasher safe.

As you might well imagine, the search did take awhile. And these beautiful glasses came along at just the right moment. The words hand blown and all glass are what really got my attention. After much deliberation, I purchased a pack of 2 – 12 oz glasses. They came straight to our door and we started testing them out immediately.

Speaking the truth, my husband was not as excited about them as I was. He liked the design, but he wasn’t sure about the actual multi-functionality of them. Until, that is, he had his first cup of hot coffee.


It was at this moment that he decided these might be his new best friend. The glass doesn’t even get warm to the touch! But the coffee inside was boiling. He was sold. If it keeps colds, cold and hots, hot – without affecting the outer glass, it was good! We immediately ordered 4 additional 12 oz glasses. We also began cleaning out our mismatched glasses and mugs from the move. Which felt soooo good! We had our first set.  And now our ‘cup shelf’ looks like it should. No clutter, no random items, just a tidy display of glasses which we can use for everything. 🙂

We are collecting these now. We would like to get a set of the smaller size in the future, so that we have some for entertaining. And that will maintain the cohesive look in the shelf.  Not to mention, these are a great conversation piece – especially when we mention that it’s all handblown glass.

So that’s how that happened.

This is a relatively small company, which sells on amazon. I know that small hand craft companies do have a struggle in today’s Walmart society, so I really wanted to share about this with you. There is a direct follow link at the bottom of the post if you would like to check them out.


ozeri glasses

They have 12 oz and 8 oz glasses, as well as different designs, which can be found by clicking here to visit the store.

What do you look for when you buy new drinking glasses?


Great Holiday Gift Ideas!


It’s the last day of November and I can’t believe all the Christmas everywhere that’s been happening for the last month already! Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year, so I thought it might be acceptable to post a Holiday gift guide post on the last day of November. Just for those of us that live places on the globe that have to wait weeks for shipping sometimes.

So here we are; Some truly lust-worthy holiday gifts from reliable suppliers to fit every need on your list!:

Ajjava Stocking

from: John Robshaw


Who doesn’t need an elf outfit?!


Gorgeous 100% silk kimono

amazon gift card

Simple packaging Amazon Gift Card. Perfect for the December Birthday!


I actually had a request to find these, so I am listing these Koolaburra by Ugg boots here now.



Essex Tote - Darby Scott
Essex Tote – Darby Scott

ozeri glasses

These great glasses from Ozeri are the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life. (I am actually collecting these!) They are double-insulated glass, so perfect for both hot and cold drinks, thus eliminating the need for lots of glass and mug clutter. I love multi-functional items!


This Shell Chevron Steel Cheese Knife – a welcome addition to any holiday party!

Yellow Tie Print Cotton Percale Single Pillowcase
Yellow Tie Print Cotton Percale Single Pillowcase

Sams�e & Sams�e Liam Nx - Clear Cream

Sams�e & Sams�e Liam Nx – Clear Cream

Large Wonder Woman Cuff

from: Bead Reel

Gold Cashmere Scarf

from: Love Justly

Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater for Men
Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater for Men

Find anything you like? I know I’m salivating over this list right now.

Thanks for reading and Happy start to the Holiday season!


*Post contains affiliate links

A-List Halloween Costumes!


Hi there 🙂

Halloween is nearing….fast! I’m a Halloween junkie (recently created in the past 2 years) and do you know what? I realized today that I have about 1 & ½ weeks to find a great costume in my size and get it here in time! And of course, while I was looking, I found a ton of hilarious, I want them all, OMG that’s too much – too cool – too fun costumes!

So, for all my late people out there in the same boat: I’m here to help you out.

Here are some of the best (in my mind anyway) Halloween costumes I’ve found, which also have super fast shipping guaranteed to even reach my part of the world before the big day!


Shop now for Care Bears costumes!

Of course I had to start off with CARE BEARS!! They have the whole collection!


Find The Goonies Costumes when you shop at!

Now, I think I’m showing my age here when I say ‘GOONIES!!’ I have watched this movie 1000 times since I was kid. Who wouldn’t think this was a party starter?! Seriously though, love it. If I could get away with it, this would be my costume.

amazon alien halloween costume

 Alien Pick Me Up Inflatable Blow Up Costume – One size fits most

This is just fun…heheh

amazon robin dog

DC Comics Robin Big Dog Boutique, XX-Large

Sooo…yeah. Can’t forget the furry ones! Hubby thinks I’ve lost it because I so badly want to dress up the dog too! This one is XXL. Mainly because its impossible to find big dog outfits. And I feed my animals well!


Shop unique costumes for adults for dressing up or Halloween!

This is actually what my husband ordered. It’s everything but the shovel and boots. Sooo…one stop shopping! Can’t wait to see him in it!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!


Must Have Witches!


I realized today, that halloween is next month! As most of you know, I am a new-found Halloween fan. As we don’t have so much on offer for Halloween in this country, I realized that if I order soon, they will be here well before Halloween time and just in time to really freak out the neighbors 😉

So I’m loving witches at the moment. Why, you ask? Well, because here we can use them several times a year and not just for the one holiday. And I love multi-use items. So a witch-fest it is!

crash witch.jpg

Sunstar Industries – Crashing Witch Betty Bash Decoration

I don’t know why, but I kind of need this witch! I have the perfect place for it and I think our friendly neighbors would cry laughing when they realize what it actually is 😀

halloween wall witch.jpgNational Tree Halloween Boot Wall Décor, 18 Inch, Black

This is just cute as an alternative to a seasonal wreath on the door…

halloween witch legs.jpg

Worth Imports Pair of Witch Legs Stake, 18″

Now, I must admit; I was thinking that some zombie hands would be the perfect scare. However, given that we all watched The Wizard of Oz as children, how perfect would it be to stake these at an angle by the house as if it fell on her?!?

halloween witch crossing

Witch On Broomstick Caution Crossing Sign Outdoor Yellow Diamond Metal Signs Novelty Funny Aluminum Sign Yard Sign 12×12 inches

This is just fun…especially if you have a public place with ‘witch’ to place it by your home..hehehehe

halloween inflatable witch

BZB Goods 9 Foot Tall LED Lighted Halloween Inflatable Castle Haunted House Archway with Ghost Witch Spider Lights Blowup Party Decoration for Outdoor Indoor Home Garden Yard Prop

At over $100, this is quite indulgent, but I thought it was really neat so I had to add it!


And this is my list (for this week) of Halloween must-have’s that I’ve been drooling over. Do you celebrate Halloween? How do you do it?


*Post contains affiliate links

Introducing: Oma’s Cottage!


Hi there and thanks for stopping by today!

We met so many nice people when we were visiting the States this summer. One lady who stands out, is called ‘Oma’. This wonderful woman runs her own online store selling doll clothes made for the American Girl Doll series as well as some of their counterparts. I really felt the need to do a spotlight on this business because it is quite different than anything I’ve done and because I know that the American Girl Dolls and all of their accessories are quite expensive. The doll clothes at Oma’s Cottage will not hit you in the wallet the way that many will. So I also thought it might be of benefit to you, my readers, to be aware of the many things that Oma’s Cottage has to offer.

Oma’s cottage started 2 years ago when Oma found herself currently without employment and in need of an outlet for stress. She has been a seamstress since her teenage years and also enjoyed knitting and crocheting. As handicrafts are known to be a therapeutic hobby, she was really looking forward to getting back to it.

While she was researching ways to do the handicrafts she loved, as well as searching for new business ideas; This family woman noticed the Target doll one day. As an 18 inch doll, she really liked the size of them. When she was a child, she played with the ‘Ginger Doll’. The ‘Ginger Doll ‘is a pre-Barbie Doll. Because of this, Oma prefers childlike dolls instead of the womanly figured Barbies and when she discovered the ‘American Girl Dolls’ (while playing dolls with her granddaughter) she got to thinking about it and a business was born!

Oma enjoys the imaginative play that playing with dolls brings to children. And I have to agree with her! Children’s imaginations should be fostered as much as possible. Something we seem to be losing in our modern day.

As this business began with family, Oma began searching the web for patterns that she could make for her granddaughter. After awhile, she realized that she could do this and loved making these items. She began to get creative with colours, textiles, and patterns. Even trying her hand at shoe making for the dolls! (I believe that this must’ve been quite a challenge!)

omas pink

She has up-cycled silky formal dresses and other items into these doll clothes, which I believe should give her a big ++ in sustainable business practices. Oma wants all children to be able to enjoy having beautiful clothes on their dolls, so the clothes for the 18 inch doll are not exclusive to the ‘American Girl Dolls’ but will also drape beautifully the ‘Our Generation Doll ‘from Target and the ‘My Life As Dolls’ from Walmart.

omas grey.jpg

Once Oma got into the rhythm of making clothes for the 18 inch dolls, along came the 14.5 inch ‘American Girl Doll’ and the 14 inch dolls that are similar. Oma explains to me that the ‘Wellie Wisher’ is for younger girls. That there is no cloth body and the eyes don’t close. I don’t so much about dolls, so it was quite interesting to learn!

omas b:w

Oma’s Cottage is currently working from her facebook page and the occasional craft fair. If you are looking for doll clothes for some of these sizes, I strongly recommend checking out her facebook page. I know that these doll clothes are made with love. I also know that my readers dislike overspending on things and that the retail of these items are infamous for being quite pricey. At Oma’s Cottage they will not be a budget buster. The items are beautiful and reasonably priced. Yay! She usually sells within the USA, but Oma is excited about branching out into the world and has made sure that she can offer reasonable international shipping for any of our readers abroad who would like to make a purchase. Double yay!!

Her contact info is as follows:


*If you are having trouble accessing the FB page, please feel free to contact Oma via email. She will send you any information that you request.


(Phone: in US 219-713-9525)

omas groupAren’t they super cute?!

Thank you so much for reading!


Weird Amazon Items


Affiliate links get boring. And I know that nobody really wants to read posts where somebody is just trying to sell things. So I’ve decided to flip the script and make this something fun.

Introducing my new, randomly-timed, Weird Amazon Items series! I went past all the great sales and unbelievable items to find the most un-ordinary, bizarre, weird and just plain silly items that are currently listed on both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together!

gnome pervo

Garden Gnome Pervert – Scarface Statue Yard office Outdoor Sculpture-Figurine

I know that this is totally inappropriate. However, I laughed so loudly about this that I kind of HAD to make it the first one. *Enter the trolls to inform me of what a wildly inappropriate  person I am*

public toilet.jpg

Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit

I think we all have that one friend……

pick your nose


It’s not what it sounds like… These seem like they would actually be a hit at a party. See what each nose looks like on you while you sip your beverage! Haha 😉

bald brush

Hair Brush For Bald Heads ~ Joke Gift ~ Funny Secret Santa Present ~ Weird Gag

OK, this is just kind of funny. Have to say that I would probably give this to a bald friend with a great sense of humor.

leai cat

Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Leia Cat Buns

Uummm..yeah. About that….


Christmas Gifts Quirky Handmade Nose Shaped Wooden Decorative Spectacle / Reading Glass Holder / Stand

I have to admit that this is an item that’s ‘my kind of weird’. I’m constantly searching for my glasses and this on my desk would be a fun way to not have to go through that.

mute pacifier

Baby Pacifier – MUTE BUTTON – Funny! ~ Silicone BPA-free ~ Big Mouth Toys

Anybody out there besides me, tempted to start passing these out?

hand ducks

Pair of Duck Feet

Duck feet for your fingers. Okei…..

That’s it for this edition of Weird Amazon Items. I hope I was able to make you giggle just a little bit 😉

Thanks for reading!


A Few Words About the ‘Haul’ Trend


Aaaahhh, the haul trend. This has been going on for too long now.

Sephora Haul, Topshop Haul, H&M Haul…. We’ve all heard it, seen it, thought about it. But I have to ask. I mean…WHY? Some of these hauls are the size of my entire working wardrobe. Now, I understand only if you have found yourself in a larger size and have nothing but pajama’s to wear to the market – then by all means, go get what you need to get through the week! Or perhaps, if you go shopping once a year. But if you already have a fully functioning wardrobe; why go buy more cheap fast fashion to toss in and then complain about 8 months from now that its taking up too much room, you don’t wear it & now are embarking on a minimalism challenge. I just don’t get it.

A little while ago, on our way back from Dublin, my seat mate handed me her fashion magazine if I wanted to read it. I think this was a British edition – which made my shocked face all the more obvious when I happened upon an article citing ‘Maximalist fashion’. REALLY?! WTF is that about? In a world where people are trying to make conscious purchasing decisions. When I have to walk the market from the far back up (I studied marketing, I know that the layout is quite purposeful to fill your cart with all things un-necessary) so I run the gauntlet backwards in order to avoid impulse buys as much as possible. Where we are bombarded with marketing 24/7. Is it really so that the next big movement is to have as much as possible hanging in our closets, crowding our vanities, piled in our homes – as opposed to the nice, tidy, thoughtful – possibly even being considerate of the other people/animals/ecosystems involved in creating our easily accessible belongings – that we are currently doing so well trying to adapt and making mainstream?

I think that my biggest issue with the ‘haul’ trend is that soooo many influencers seem to be doing it. Bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers are called ‘influencers’ for a reason. With that comes social responsibility. And I, personally, think that we should use our stations to try and encourage thoughtful consumption, not mindless consumption. But then again, that’s just me.

What do you think?


*Photo sourced via Pixabay

Introducing Baginning!


This is the time of the year when us ladies have a tendency to find ourselves searching for the perfect gala look, and the perfect accessories to compliment that look for a special night out.

For these accessories, is website specialising in ladies handbags and purses. They have a huge selection of handbags, shoppers, straw vacation bags and evening bags.

Here are a few of my choices for Summer 2018:


This gorgeous all leather handbag with bracelet strap.


This gorgeous raffia bag, which I really want for this summer. Best part about it is, I’ve seen these going for an average of 200€. On Baginning they run about $50. Great savings!

And now, for our evening bags selection! (specially chosen by me, of course):

blue clutch

This streamlined blue clutch purse is something I think would go great with some of the formal dance dresses I have seen around recently. A perfect size for a bit of money, lipstick and a cell phone.


For our vintage lovers out there, I think this green floral bracelet bag is perfect. The neutral colours basically go well with everything if you’re dressing it up for an evening out.

If you are anything like me, and prefer gold evening bags that goes with everything, they have a really great selection of those!


This simple, yet elegant gold beaded clutch purse will basically go with any dress you wear. It is formal, yet understated. So, you don’t have to worry that your bag is upstaging your outfit.

These 5 items were some of my faves. (That Raffia bag though….that will be mine!) However, there are many hundred’s of great options on the website. One of the best things though about Baginning is that they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Yay!

I wish all the best for your gala season!


*All photos sourced from the Baginning website with their express permission given.

*Sponsored Post

My Spring Garden Wishlist


Spring has sprung and you know that with all the work we have to do here, browsing for garden options to make our yard beautiful is one of the first things I’m doing! If you are anything like me, I know that you are looking at all the beautiful ideas coming out this year and thinking about those few things which would take your yard from pretty to outstanding!

Here are a few garden finds that are definitely on my wishlist!

garden stones.jpg

Pack of 8 Garden Flower Bed Edging Strip Pebble Stone Borders

This just looks cool. I have a ‘flower bed’ area out front. Or at least I think its supposed to be. It looks rather sloppy and I think that something like this would help to solve the appearance of the outer edges.


raised planter

Best Choice Products Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Elevated Planter Kit Grow Gardening Vegetables

Planter boxes are cool! The USA seems to have a huge trend going now with planting boxes of multi-levels and that works well for the rest of us because we can find affordable options on Amazon with International Shipping 😉



Dipamkar® Set of 10 Metal Pots Hanging Plant Pots Flower Pots With Drainage Hole Flower Bucket Balcony Planter Garden Home Ornaments

These are just cute. I’ve been trying to plan out how to get my herbs growing outdoors this year without an invasion of weeds. This simple yet effective idea just may be the way for me to go!


garden tools

Unity 5-Piece Premium Heavy Duty Garden Tool Set – Ergonomic Wooden Handles – Anti-Rust – Strong And Durable – Garden Tested

Everybody needs a set of gardening tools. I like these wood handled ones, it just adds a bit of elegance.

crazy legs.jpg

Keep your garden pest free


garden dome

the garden igloo 360 dome with pvc weatherproof cover

OMG….THIS! It’s a bit out of my price range at almost 900 GBP, but how glorious would this be tucked away in a side garden?! I think this is the perfect solution for a get-together on a rainy day or a romantic interlude on a balmy summer’s eve. Love it!



AOSHR Potato Grow Bags, Durable 2 Pack 7 Gallon Potato Planter with Access Flap, Raised Garden Bed for Planting Vegetables, Taro, Radish, Carrots, Onions

I don’t know about your spacial restrictions, but we have had a challenging time trying to sort out planting all the things we’d like to put into the ground. To my eyes, this looks like a fab solution for those of us who have big plans and small spaces! I think that I will be purchasing these this year 😉

3 in 1 firepit

[Upgraded] FEMOR Large 3 in 1 Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Shelf,Outdoor Metal Brazier Square Table Firepit Garden Patio Heater/BBQ/Ice Pit with Waterproof Cover (Fire Pit & Grill)

Last but not least, this 3 in 1 fire pit. If you know me well, you know that I always look for multi-functional items. I can’t stand clutter or restricted storage, and therefore items that serve more than 1 purpose are the ideal foundation for my home & garden purchasing decisions. This is not only a sexy fire pit, but also serves as a grill and ice chest! Not bad considering the price is only about 71 GBP!


Avoiding Impulse Buys: Why You Should Practice Shopping


Sound weird, right? It is. But, it WORKS! Please, just hear me out.

The reason I am suggesting that you expose yourself to the environment you are trying to control is simply that of experience and numbness. Please, allow me to explain.

You see, I’ve been doing a somewhat twisted version of the minimalist challenge. Currently, this challenge extends only to my wardrobe. Many months ago, I cleared out a large majority of my wardrobe. I donated almost everything that doesn’t currently fit (Classic pieces and a few faves remain, because although fashions do change, some pieces never go out of style and are too expensive to replace). I also gifted to friends or donated every piece of clothing that wasn’t made out of my preferred fabrics. Believe it to not, there were too many items in that category. I only wear 100% natural fabrics. I hate man-made fabrics. Not only do they look cheap, but they make me sweat. And that is never a good look. This massive overhaul left me with many empty hangars. Too many for my taste.

I don’t bore of my favourite pieces quickly – most of my wardrobe has been with me for at least 5 years. But, I do bore! Finding myself with 3 pair of pants that fit and none that I really love made me crazy. And what do we do when frumpy stares back at us from the mirror? We SHOP. And that’s exactly what I did.

First, I started stopping in to some of my favorites stores. But then I realized, that I can’t really find items in the fabrics I prefer. True, finding the odd blouse or sweater isn’t that difficult to achieve. But, pants? A dress? Borderline impossible!

Then I hit a few of my favourite online stores. I found what I was looking for with only a major investment of my time. However, I am on a budget. A very tight budget. So although my wishlist is bulging at the seams with a few items that might work, my cart remained empty. I had to wait. I had to eliminate. I couldn’t purchase an item until I was certain that it would work. And then I found….the flash sale site. This was one of the biggest mistakes ….EVER! 48 hours to purchase and then its gone. But if someone else got to it first… gone forever. The clincher is that you have 20 mins to purchase or they empty your cart. Now, from a marketing standpoint, this is pure genius. From a consumer standpoint, it SUCKS! At first, the urge to ‘buy now!’ was too much to bear. Even for this person who is in possession of her facilities and more than fully aware of the marketing scheme behind the sites. I spent hours saving my items in the cart while trying to decide if the purchase was well and truly worth spending my hard earned and even harder saved money.

I made a couple purchases. A silk blouse from SET and pair of snow pants that fit. Both of these purchases will be with me for as long as they last.

I did learn something from these experiences though and its that the items that you love, truly love and will wear until its falling apart; those items will stand out from the start. All the other stuff, the fluff, the ‘well, that might work’ items, the ‘it’s on sale and I need …’ items, the ‘I’m not sure, but the ones I like are too expensive’ items need to be left where you found them. These are the items that are a waste of money. These are the things that will be worn 2-3 times and then relegated to the abyss in your closet. THESE are the items you wonder about when you finally start donating your unworn clothes. And that fluff, is the stuff you should try to avoid purchasing. However, if you find something that fits you, your lifestyle and your tastes (NOW) that you absolutely love – Buy it!

But do you know what the coolest thing that happened after spending so much time ‘browsing’? I realized the other day that I’m just not into shopping so much. It’s a bit discouraging, but not really. See, I still love to shop but my tastes have gotten sharper. Meaning, that I’ve spent so much time comparing, looking over all the little details throughout my decision making process, that my brain is somehow magically able to recognize cheaply made, fast produced crap just by looking at it. (Not to mention the fact that I do 100’s of hours worth of research before I write about things here on the blog) To test out this theory, I visited some of my previously favourite sites. A shop that sells mainstream designer footwear at reduced prices, a few fave online lingerie stores, and even a couple sites dedicated to higher end mainstream fashion. I was disappointed by almost all of them. It kind of took the fun out of it for me, that it all looks like cheap junk. Toss away items. Shoes that you can see will fall apart after 1 season. It was a disappointment.

I went to look at a few truly high-end sites (just to see if I had developed a distaste for shopping in general) and I found that I could tell immediately the difference in quality, fabric choices, etc. I could purchase underwear in the fabrics I love, 100% leather shoes (soles included) and when I took the time to research the manufacturing reputations of some of these labels, I was not disappointed. I had found my new clothing havens. Only thing is, you have to pay for quality. I don’t mind saving 3 months for a dress I can wear for years to come. Quite the contrary, actually – as I have always said ‘ I would rather have 3 outfits that make me look & feel Ah-mazing, as opposed to 10 that make me feel meh!’ However, I do mind saving for a dress that I won’t wear.

So, in order to display my delusion of expertise on the matter,  I have put together a little step-by-step on how to practice shopping in order to help control your impulse purchases. And some ideas on how to calculate if your desired purchase is really worth the cash you’re throwing down.

Here we go!:

  • Practice shopping online. Preferably on a site that doesn’t have your current payment information saved.
  • Go through & fill up your wishlist (cart if there is none – hence not having your payment info on file…accidents do happen!) with all the things you love or would normally gravitate towards.
  • Don’t go just a little bit through. Go through it like you would normally.
    • For huge sites, this sometimes takes days. Works well if your PC has sleep mode, you can just revisit later.
  • Now, go through your wishlist/cart based on certain criteria. Eliminate items based on 1 criteria at a time.

These are my personal criteria (and in this order):

  • Will it fit me now? (You might be shocked at how many items are eliminated based solely on this!)
  • Fabric content. If you like only 100% natural fabrics like I do, this will cut out like 80% of your wishlist.
  • Does it fit my lifestyle? Do I have a place to wear it? – Imaginary romantic cruises be damned! If you don’t have the tickets, don’t make the purchase.
  • Do I LOVE IT? Now, I’m not Mari Kondo’ing you. She takes it to a whole other level. I’m saying, if you can’t see yourself wearing it to death then you don’t love it.
  • How much do you already have? If you already have enough clothing to wear something different every day of the month, you don’t really need any more. Same goes if you have 5 items you could wear the same way to the same functions. OR this especially applies if you already have similar items.
  • Can I afford it? This doesn’t mean that you have to buy with what you currently have in your wallet. This means that if you can’t afford it, is it worth saving for? Do you really love it that much?
  • What is the Cost/per wear? (C/PW I started talking about this 2 years ago and I swear by this equation. It has saved me from more than a few bad wardrobe investments.) C/PW is exactly what it sounds like. Personally, I prefer my C/PW to be = or > 1€. So, if I purchase a dress worth €144, then I need to wear it at least 144 times.
  • Will it hold up long enough for me to get my desired C/PW out of it?
    • Example: DVF silk dress on sale for €300. As you know, I like my C/PW to be > or = 1€. That means, I have to wear that dress 300 times – or, approximately 1x weekly for the next 6 years. It’s not suitable for our harsh winter environment, but it will work for the other 3 seasons. So, say 8 months. 8×4=32. Soooo… around 9 years. Will I wear this item 1x per week for the next 9 years during the suitable months? (Probably not) Would it stand that kind of wear and care? It may, and you may. But I do have more than 6 combined outfits in my wardrobe, so I may not wear it that often. You can work this out for yourself, but this is just my process. I have to admit though that handbags are a different story. I have consistently invested in high quality leather handbags and I have not purchased a new one in 3 years! I still have one I purchased 8 years ago and it looks like I bought it last month.
  • Will you repair it? If you have gotten your wishlist down to just an item or a few, and you love the selected item to sew it, or take it to a cobbler then I say – Buy it!

This is the thought process I drag myself through each and every time I want to make a purchase. And you know what? It really works! After awhile it becomes quite automatic. And you really wouldn’t believe that once your brain becomes adapted to this thought process, you will begin to recognize that you have managed to just scroll over quite a few purchases that your former self would’ve taken home in a shopping bag.

Now that I have revealed how my inner shopper copes with a world full of perceived must-haves, feel free to recommend a therapist. Hehe 😉

Thank you for reading! What are your techniques for battling the impulse?


*Photo source via Pixabay

The 2 Types of Shoes Women Should Never Buy


Hi there 🙂

Today, I’m on a mission to save your money and your ankles.

I’m sure that this will most likely result in a loss of any possible affiliate connections with fashionable shoe companies for the foreseeable future. But, to be quite honest with you, having a bit of dignity and a good reputation for honesty here, far outweighs any monetary advances. After all, this is what I seek to do…right?

As I am always browsing blogs, fashion archives and the like – the other day, I was astonished to find an article by a fashionable young woman, telling me that I should wear (exactly one of the items that I’m about to rant against) and nothing else. I could not believe what I was reading. But it continued. And so did my desire to correct it. So, here I am!

As someone who has spent a good portion of my life investing in quality purchases (and quite a few trends), I’m here to do you a service…one which I wish someone had done for me, years ago. That service is to tell you, you are wasting your time with these two types of shoe purchase… and WHY.

  • Mules. I love a slim-lined shoe more than anyone! There is really only 1 reason to stay away from mules and that is….
    • Your ankles. Shoes need ankle support of some kind. True, flip-flops and sandals…I get it. But mules always have a bit of a heel. Meaning that A) you can only shuffle forward and B) One tiny misstep and you’re in the ER with a fractured or twisted ankle.


  • Translucent plastic of any kind on a shoe. Don’t do it! Kardashians be damned. Remember that marketing is exactly that…marketing. Don’t believe for a moment that these women are actually walking around in these shoes. Here’s a few reasons why:
    • Plastic acts like a green house for your feet. Trust me, 1 hour in and your shoes will be fogged up and dripping down. (Eeeewwww!)
    • The get gunky so fast! Feet, people. No matter how clean we keep them, if we’re sweating in plastic, its going to get nasty.
    • It’s virtually impossible to clean the plastic bits. For one, plastic absorbs ick and you can never get it out 100%.
    • If the bacteria doesn’t bother you, the toe marks might. There’s nothing more horrid than taking off your fashionable shoes only to have marks of the tops of your toes remaining – and some dirt thrown in. Translucent shoes have to be kept immaculate in order to look ad-ready. That kind of immaculate means daily upkeep. Are you ready to invest that kind of time into a pair of kicks? Yeah, me neither.


Anyone else have a ‘No-Go’ shoe type? Please let us know!

Thanks for reading


*Photo sourced via Pexels

Introducing Hiperion Brand!


Hello everyone 🙂

I love design. I’m also a business nerd and I have a soft spot in my heart for start-ups. This created a deadly combination for me when I stumbled upon Hiperion. This new label appeals to both hemispheres of my brain and so I kind of HAD to learn more and do a write-up. This was an opportunity I could not allow to pass me by.

Hiperion is a new , MADE IN ITALY high-fashion label (registered in 27/09/2017 with the Milan Chamber of Commerce). Three young gentleman in their 20’s founded, co-own and design for Hiperion.


Simone, Alessandro and Giacomo met during their studies at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan. These 3 men work, live and party together in a (divided?) 3 level English-style home. They say it’s a den of artists. Judging by the mental picture that was given to me, I am inclined to agree! In all honesty, it sounds like they have it all working out well!


I was curious as to how these talented young men found themselves together and taking the giant leap into a very deep pool of business and design. Simone explained to me that ‘Giacomo’s mother has an ironing and finishing company. Her passion for art & fashion being so great that it took her away from her hometown of Modena. Alessandro has always been a fashion enthusiast, and decided to pursue his dreams.’ And Simone himself stopped playing professional football (Soccer, for the Americans) after several disappointments and decided to ‘hearten & drown in art, to follow what has always been a passion for him, fashion.’


I’m going to highlight a few of my favourite designs for you, so that you can see the level of craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

hiperion hf

Each piece has its own unique style. I really love the way that the Hiperion brand has the ability to take inspiration from the every day and transform it into something luxurious.

hiperion velvet.jpeg

I am so drawn to this velvet and silk suit. This piece would be fitting for both man and woman (with different tailoring, of course). But the real reason I wanted to highlight this suit is the detail. I mean, just look at the buttons! Every detail has been made to compliment the outfit as a whole. This is the kind of thing that we really don’t see anymore and I am so happy that attention to detail is coming back!

hiperion fireballs

These designs are not your typical suit. Therefore, one must be creative in the way one wears it. I love that this man wore a regular Tee-shirt with his firecracker designed suit. Hiperion has collaborated with an impressive amount of Italian celebrities in the past year. Some of these collaborations include: Paolo Ruffini for Colorado (Hiperion created 2 dresses for this campaign), Music First (a record company in Milan), and for the tour of Eman. Earlier in February, they held their Hiperion launch show in Milan.

hiperion jester 2

hiperion jester

I really like this suit. Hiperion does not use man-made fabrics. They use silks, velvets, satin and now linen (for the festivals). I wanted to post 2 pictures of this because you can see how the duality blends nicely together in different light and from varying angles.

hiperion daffodil

My favourite part of this suit is the green buttons on the lapel. This tiny detail screams mad-hatter at me and I can’t get enough of it!

Hiperion butterfly

This final shot is to display usage in real life. Plus, I think the butterfly design is cool …especially on the luxury denim-like jacket. This is one of the things I admire about the brands’ mission. Hiperion wants that people feel comfortable wearing luxury every day, not just for special occasions. I could not agree more with this! I have been saying it myself for years, especially when wondering out loud what happened to the days when people took time and made an effort with their appearance! How did we go from every day luxury, well designed clothes that were made to last, to yoga/sweat pants and Tee-shirts? I am so SO happy to have discovered a design house that agrees with me. And THAT is the biggest reason I want to share it with you.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity for a bit of Question/answer with Simone. Please read it below:


Q – What made the 3 of you decide to take the big jump into starting your own design label?

A – The decision to launch our clothing brand at 22 is mainly due to the strong personality that characterizes us. We are resourceful, courageous, sincere, and we believe in ourselves. We young people are capable of great things, we just have to wake up.


Q – How have you found it, being a start-up in such a competitive industry?

A – Being so young and alone as a start-up in such a difficult sector is not easy. Being taken into consideration is not easy, there is a lot of skepticism due to the young age. However, we do not pay attention to these things, we work, we share our love and step by step we will get some satisfaction. However, we also realize that there is a lot of admiration from experts in the sector, given that despite everything we try!


Q – I adore your designs. So chic, so different! From where do you take your inspiration this season?

A – Thanks for the compliment! Our inspiration derives from our daily life. We live together, study together, eat and sleep together. Ideas are born in our heads and meet spontaneously without even having to talk about it. It’s amazing it’s fantastic at the same time.


Q – You do mainly Menswear, but also Women’s wear. Correct?

A – The collection was born mainly for men, but we had numerous requests from the female public. We tried some clothes on girls and it was really fantastic. The man style worn by a woman is something totally out of the box that is already beautiful for this reason. We must break the pre-set balances. We are currently working on a collection solely dedicated to women.


Q – Do you also make any kind of accessories?

A – As accessories we made some rings on request for special customers, like some Italian singers but I can not mention them yet. In the projects there are accessories, like rings, bracelets and cologne but above all the hats, in Borsalino style.


Q – If I wanted to purchase an item, what is the process? (Are they made custom to order or is there a selection from which to choose, and then tailored according to size?) What if you have a customer that lives outside of Italy?

A – We currently expect it to take a couple of months to sell. We are structuring the website from where it will be possible to purchase our products. The only project we are facing now is to be able to see the stuff directly on site in Dubai, but for this we must proceed calmly. We are very followed by abroad, I do not deny that it would not surprise me if we initially became more popular abroad than in Italy. Let’s say that for now we are trying to give value to the brand, through collaborations with Italian TV, actors and singers.


Q – About what is the price range?

A – The price will have an average range between € 800 and € 1500 initially. The dress made for Paolo Ruffini is totally in velvet, lined internally in silk, embroidered in lamé and with more than 200 Swarovski positioned by hand. Those who buy Hiperion certainly buy a lot of quality, beyond our passion.


Q – Where should we look for you? Any future showings that you know of, where you will be?

A – We hope in two years to be at the top, and to share our passion with the whole world. We are very active on instagram and we interact a lot with our followers. We are open to any kind of collaboration, especially with foreign countries. We had an interesting proposal for the Coachella Festival, but maybe it’s not the right time yet. Surely we will affirm a lot in the world of entertainment in Italy, so look at a lot of tv ahaha ! We recently made the first fashion show in Milan and we would like to do two a year! We will send you the invitation and you can share it with all your friends and followers, we are waiting for you!


Q – Thank you so much for your time. Are there any words which you would like to leave with us?

A – Hiperion has a very specific mission. Break the patterns. Make people wear something exclusive in everyday life, without people feeling out of place. Hiperion goes beyond mere fashion, what is created has the same care as a work of art. Hiperion is not a clothing and stop brand, it’s something more. Something that wants to live with people, that needs continuous passion and love, to give and receive, without emotions, things die.

Hiperion label

And with those beautiful words, I will wrap up this post. The Hiperion brand website is currently in the launching phase.

The best way to make contact is via:

INSTAGRAM: @hiperion_brand

VERO: @SimonePellegrini



Thank you for reading!



The Diderot Effect


Hello there 🙂

I’ve recently been having a bit of trouble controlling my impulses. As most of you well know, I’ve been going the minimalist route. A loose version of the colorful capsule wardrobe; AKA: I don’t have a lot of money, so I have very few quality pieces that currently fit.

I received a few new items for my birthday several months ago. 🙂 However, I’ve been noticing recently that I find myself wanting more. I catch myself perusing online shopping venues, walking through luxury store chains, searching for that perfect piece, made of 100% natural fibres, that I cannot afford yet desperately want to bring home with me. I’ve been questioning why I remain unsatisfied with the items I have.

Finally, I realized what was happening. This urge to buy all new, not just replace worn out items. Thus comes the Diderot effect. It’s a driving factor in consumerism and marketing firms depend upon it.

The Diderot Effect is a theory coming from Frenchman ___ Diderot in the 18th century. He wrote about this consumerist cause and affect theory when he received a nice new dressing gown as a gift from a friend. Diderot noticed, that when compared to his new dressing gown, his belongings looked shabby. He needed to replace his items, so as to match his new dressing gown. He went so far as to even replace the art in his home!

This compulsion to purchase. When 1 purchase leads to further purchases to ‘go with’ the original purchase, this is the Diderot effect. It can be a short term ‘over shop’ or a long term consistent need for new items, even when the original item is not worn out or damaged.

The question remains however, how do we break this cycle? When is enough, enough? Please share any ideas you have on this. If this is a standard problem, a logic issue, there HAS to be a well known way to counter our thinking. I just don’t know what it is.

Thanks for reading!


*Photo Source: Pixabay, copyright free images

Amazon Deals & Steals


Hello 🙂

Apparently I suffer form post holiday sale madness. When everyone has put away their decorations and moved onto the next holiday, I’m out looking for the cool stuff I wanted that I couldn’t afford, to use next year or for a fun party. I know that ‘next year’ is never a guarantee for anyone, but if I get there, my holiday sale investments are going to be so much fun! And that’s why I’m shopping for discounted Halloween decorations instead of Christmas stuff. Join the madhouse and take a read.

There are some incredible people out there who are already ready for Christmas. Me? Not even close. I’m shopping for after holiday deals. Halloween came and went too fast and I had a list of things I wanted to buy. I still want to buy, but I don’t want to pay as much. So, I’ve been perusing the after holiday sales. I know I’m not the only person on this planet who does this (I hope!) so I thought I would share some of my good finds with you.

Please note that these are from and for the international crowd. Probably contains affiliate links.

Here are some of the great deals I found today on Amazon:


Gemmy Halloween Light Projector, Whirling Skulls LED Spotlight Projection Kaleidoscope Light Show

 Marked down from $30.13 to $12.99


Dressvip Black Halloween Cloak Black Long Cape Medieval Cape Cosplay (4XL, Black-Red)

For those of you Cosplayers out there, this is a fun one for GBP 19.90


71″ Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch Halloween Haunted House Prop Decor

This cool lady who was on my personal Halloween wishlist is now marked down from $99.99 to $34.96. It will be miiiiinnnnneeee 😀


Forum Novelties Zombie Hands & Arms – (2) Zombie Lawn Stakes

Uuumm…I know where these are going. Right in front of the outdoor building. Like the witch in the Wizard of Oz’s feet…only, not. Originally $11.99 now $6.85.


Christmas Projector Lights Outdoor Landscape Light Projector with 16 Interchangeable Patterns Waterproof IP44 Wall Decoration Lamp Christmas Lights for Party, Christmas, Halloween, BirthdayThis was actually a pretty good find. You can do Halloween, Christmas and New years all from the same small projector. Your attic will thank you. I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile. Maybe I’m ready to make the investment?? GBP 37.50

witch tree

Betty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween DecorationHehehe! I don’t know why I love this so much, but I think it’s hilarious! Another one which must be ours. Originally $19.98 now $15.89.

Any of my fellow savers who are after season shoppers? Please let me know I’m not alone in this!


*Photo sourced from

A different type of hoard

Hi there 🙂

As many of you know, when in need of some serious cleaning motivation, I watch hoarders (or a derivative thereof). Usually it only takes about 10 minutes for me to jump up and start frantically cleaning.

Today was no exception. However, this episode was so different than usual, I actually watched the whole thing through. I guess what set it apart was that it really WAS a collection. Granted, a collection which lookup 3 houses and they couldn’t afford the mortgage, but a collection nonetheless.  It was really interesting to me to see how this was hoarding. I mean, its clearly hoarding, but…. Organized hoarding. Or, as it was referred to – hoarding for the wealthy.

It’s very rare that I post links – especially to youtube. I think this is the 3rd time in 2 years. I know that some of you are in the same ‘hoarders and panic clean’ boat as I am, so I felt the need to share the link. Maybe you’ll be as fascinated as I was.

S09 E01 Linda & Lonnie

Anyone else seen a memorable hoarding episode?


Halloween: The best excuse to buy fun shoes!


Hello my fellow shoe junkies! 🙂

OK, so I’m admittedly having a difficult time not wanting to hoard incredibly sexy shoes while doing my minimalist thing. But it doesn’t mean I can’t look…right? Besides, our Halloween party is coming up and I have the witches outfit but nothing to wear on my toesies. Until now, that is. And before you remind me that I am being wary of what I buy – I’ll let you know that I’ve been incredibly good so far and as a sexy heel fanatic, I actually do not have an overflowing variety of shoes. So let’s just consider my chosen pair to be an … investment. 😉

FSJ shoes is offering some very cool Halloween – worthy, super sexy heels right now. The price is right too AND it’s an international shop so you can find everything in your currency & shipping isn’t problem. I love that 😉

These Harley Quinn (featured) boots really got my attention & the price is actually not what you would think. Win-Sexy-Win! I also found these dark magenta stiletto ankle boots that are exactly what I would wear with my favourite skinny jeans! I have these categorized under the colour of red so you can see them together, found by clicking here.


Now – this was the most difficult page of the online catalogue to get through. ‘Why’ you ask? Well, because they’re black. A basic colour for a non-basic shoe. I had to toss out my beloved black heels this past summer and I’ve yet to buy a replacement pair. So, I found myself with 20 pair of black heels in my cart. Hmmm… These 2 pairs are in the running for my witchy shoes. Which pair do you think will go best under a satin black wicked looking dress, but can also be used on a daily basis?


They have a variety of heels – basically, anything you’re looking for. Like these stiletto boots, I love this grey pair for daily use! How cute would these be with a tailored pair of black trousers and a white button down shirt?


What’s your Halloween shoe situation?

Have you tried FSJ shoes? If so, please share your experience with us!


*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Those shoes are rad, tho. 😉



Fun Halloween Must-Haves!


I love Halloween! While we’re not in a country that really goes all out on Halloween stuff, we love to browse the online stores and daydream about all the cool stuff we would love to put up around here to have some fun or really freak out the neighbors. I keep fantasizing that I will have a Halloween party. That everyone will dress up and not think me odd because I love it so much. Maybe this year?

Here are some fun things I’d love to have to throw the super party I’ve been dreaming about:


71″ Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch Halloween Haunted House Prop Decor


Amscan Family Friendly Halloween Trick Or Treat Mega Value Party Scene Setters Wall Decorating Kit (32 Piece), 65″ X 32 1/2″, Black


AerWo Halloween Decoration Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle Scarf Cover Festive Party Supplies 45 X 243cm 18 x 96 inch


Halloween Party Cups , Live “Blood” of Theme Parties – 10 Pack Amazlab Blood Bag Drink Container Set of 10 IV Bags 11.5 Fl Oz, Halloween Party Cups


Beistle Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler, 3-Feet 6-Inch Width by 30-Inch Height

Ok, but seriously – How Cool is that cooler! I saw one of these once & I’ve been lusting after it ever since. Too fun!


100 Premium Quality Balloons: 12 inches Black and orange latex balloons birthday party Halloween decoration and events


42PCS Bloody Footprints Floor Clings – Halloween Vampire Zombie Party Decorations Decals Stickers Supplies

Ok, let’s be honest here…we all know I’d just wind up using these to prank my husband.

Now I’ve done it. I’ve given myself Halloween fever. I mean really, will people think I’m that crazy if I’m the only one dressed up and begging for candy? Maybe. Will they have a fantastic time at a party where everyone is dressed-up and sugar-crazed? Hell yes, they will.

What’s your Halloween Mode?


Waiting for My Mall Box Package!


Hello there 🙂

As the gift giving season is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to review a new service I stumbled upon. I can’t review it yet, because I have not had my package sent. But I did want to let you know about My Mall Box and walk you through the process, as far as I have gotten. (I am sometimes slooooowww about these things.)


As many of you know, I am neurotic about shipping. Many of the companies I love are located in the U.S.A. and international shipping is a beast! (Who’s with me? Hands up!) For those of you in my situation, I’m thrilled to introduce you to My Mall Box! This awesome shipping service provides you with a U.S.A. shipping address under your account. Then, it’s really easy. Just make your online order, and provide the My Mall Box address given to you under your account as your address on the order. (Many American companies provide free shipping within the U.S. ….YYYYYYEEEAAAHHH!) Your order will go directly to your suite at My Mall Box and they will notify you by email when your package has arrived.

Now, once your package has arrived you can 1) wait for additional package(s) to arrive and then ask My Mall Box to consolidate your packages into 1 package which will save you on shipping and them have them ship that to you. Or 2) ask them to repackage your package into a smaller package with less packing material which will also save you on shipping and then have them ship that directly to you. I am currently having my Lipink order (Lipink does ship internationally, but I had to have pink lip colour and brown liquid liner.) repackaged at the moment and then its on its way to my doorstep! Can’t wait!

I’m really excited about this service. I hope it’s as great as everyone seems to be saying it is, because if so, this solves my (and many of yours) dilemma on international shipping. Especially those lovely sellers on Amazon or Ebay who refuse to ship internationally or charge a boatload for it.

Sign-up is free, check it out today by clicking HERE!

I love solutions!


*Disclaimer: I was provided with a starter amount for shipping in order to use this service and provide an honest and unbiased service review.

Amazon, WTF?! #weird


Good day 🙂

I hope you are all well!

Most of us have a habit of scrolling through the internet when we get a bit bored. My weakness is online shopping. Not just because I love to torture myself with all the beautiful things I cannot have, but because I have a true interest in the retail sector. It all began with my ultimate frustration in not being able to easily find the gorgeous design worthy items I love in 100% natural fabrics. I still have this problem, though I have managed to find a few great stores. Anywho, I digress. Because of this fixation, I actually have to spend a LOT of time scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…  I almost always share my happy finds with you guys.

I scroll through Amazon quite often. It takes awhile, but there are some really good finds there. While digging through, I come across some ‘interesting’ items. So I thought it would be fun to post some of the biggest WTF items I saw on Amazon today. Hope you get a giggle, or perhaps can explain to me what some of this stuff is?!

a boots wtf

Intrepid International Shipping Boots, Hunter Green

Can anyone explain these to me? Please??

a finger wtf

Set Of Ten Finger Hands Finger Puppets

This is just bizarre, but kind of fun in an Adams Family type way. Cool for Halloween maybe?

a cat wtf

Unspeakable Fortune Stephen Mackey Fantasy Odd Weird Animal Cat Print Poster 16×20


a bs wtf

The Official BS Button

I need this.

a face wtf

Functional Silicone Rubber Face Facial Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece Anti Wrinkle by Abcstore99

Ok, I seriously have to giggle like a 14 year old boy now. Whhhhyyyy …. This contraption looks like it belongs on a, um, pleasure doll more than an anti-wrinkle whatever you want to call it. I just don’t understand.

a passy wtf

1pc Silicone Baby Nipple Dummy Funny Pacifier Soother Joke Prank Toddler Pacy Orthodontic Nipples Teether Baby Pacifier Care Design 10

Funny, but bizzar-o.

That’s it for my WTF post for today. What are some of the most head-scratching worthy WTF items you’ve come across in your online shopping?


If You’ve Been on the Search for a Dependable Natural Deodorant, Stop What You’re Doing and Read This Article!


Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by! We both know why I called your attention to this post. Natural deodorants can be…’Iffy’. If you’ve tried them, you know what I mean. Not enough protection, odor or otherwise. Weird smelling. Or just somehow…not right. If you go Goldilocks on your deo search like I do, READ THIS ARTICLE.

I’ll start by explaining why regular deodorants aren’t great. The top reason being that they contain aluminum. Aluminum clogs up everything, including sweat glands. Which is why its anti-perspirant – meaning, you don’t sweat. Ever wonder what happens to your body when you can’t detoxify? It builds up in your body – toxins, ick and all…and kind of festers there.  Aluminum can also be absorbed into the body. Guess where it goes when that happens! You got it, straight to the kidneys, liver and even your lungs!

Parabens, a preservative found in waaayyyyy too many daily-use items, has been found to be an endocrine disrupter. Not a big surprise then that ‘they’ say using deodorants with paraben messes with your estrogen and can be a cause of breast cancer. I don’t know about you, but when the C-word is connected to something I use on a daily basis, it makes me re-think my choices!

On my hunt for the products necessary to lead a healthier lifestyle, I found this article by reviewing this years natural deodorants. It’s a good article, testing tons of different natural deodorants. Like many of you, I assumed that it was a sponsored post and moved on. However, my interest was piqued. I was able to communicate with the very friendly folks at and found out, much to my delight, that none of the deodorants were sponsored in this test and their findings are their own! I think this is a great article because of this and wanted to share it with you. Any review that is a genuine review should make its rounds around the internet. There is so much marketing to navigate! So when its genuine, it should be read!

It turns out that the team at spent weeks testing the 155 brands chosen. They spoke to a chemist, a dermatologist and the creators of 2 natural deodorants in order to be well informed on what they were looking for, and more importantly – what to be wary of. According to their experts, there are 3 ingredients which can fight bacteria and mask odor: Coconut oil, baking soda & zinc.

Through my correspondence with I learned a great deal. Here are some of the things I never knew:

  • Deodorant & antiperspirant aren’t the same thing
  • Natural isn’t necessarily organic. So if you’re going big or going home: Make sure to check for a certified organic label
  • Just because its in the store, doesn’t mean it works according to the label. Do your homework!

And a few things about the 3 ingredients:

  • Coconut oil contains something known as Lauric acid. This is a bacteria killer…especially the smelly kind. Yay!
  • Baking soda is an odor neutralizer. Hence the reason its in the fridge 😉
  • Zinc, which has been claimed to actually be more effective than aluminum, is a natural odor eliminator as well 🙂

Their top 3 are:

Sam’s Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

For Pit’s Sake!

I have to say that I will be referring to on the regular when I do my product internet search prior to purchasing. It gives me a solid sense of security to refer to this site now that I am aware that their reviews are fully non-biased. Score! Thanks a ton to reviews for allowing me to feature their review post!

What are your thoughts?


Desperately Seeking Sustainable Style


I had to share this post on sustainable style by There are so many of us, searching for sustainable fashion & beautiful pieces. We should support each other! Enjoy this post 🙂

Back to Wedding Planning!



Although I’m still in recovery for another couple of weeks, my brain has awoken and I realized… ‘OMG! The wedding should be in several months and we had to take this huge break from getting anything done! OMG, OMG, OMG…..’  So yeah, about that.

Today, there are 2 items on my agenda that MUST be handled. Invitation ideas and bridal shoes. Think I can manage it? Probably not. But I’ll give it all I’ve got.

I’m having a tough time with bridal shoes. I’m a sky-high-heels kind of girl. Unfortunately for my shoe selection, we’ve opted for an indoor/outdoor gig. Which means there isn’t a heel protector on the planet that will keep me upright and not sunk into the dirt for a minimum of 6 hours.

I would love something like this, but I just can’t…..*sniff *sniff

Bagdley Mischka

Badgley Mischka Women’s Candance Dress Pump, Light Pink, 9.5 M US

These Badly Mischka’s are SPOT ON!  Seriously, even the colour matches my accents puuurrrfectly. I wonder, do you think I could use these as my ummm…indoor shoes? Yeah right, I know, might as well just burn money for our guests entertainment. But they are dreamy.

So, I figure maybe wedges are the way to go?


 Getmorebeauty Women’s Wedge Flowers Pearls Mary Janes Wedding Bridal Shoes 7 B(M) US

Uuummm… Nope. What is it about wedges that makes me walk like a trucker? I did see a gorgeous dainty pair on pinterest, that was IMPOSSIBLE to track down to purchase anywhere. They had lace all the way around the wedge so it didn’t look so clunky. Of course, find the ideal pair…can’t buy them.

This might actually be much more practical.

low wedge

LUXVEER Ivory Low Heel Wedding Wedges Shoes,2inch Heels-EU36

The lower wedge will minimize the possibility of my face planting in the dirt and should be more comfortable for a night on the dance floor. And they’re pretty 🙂

OK, what about flats? I really can’t justify to myself, wearing ballerina flats on my wedding day. I mean…my feet dress up more for work, am I right? But I did come across this very pretty, but quite expensive pair.


Badgley Mischka Women’s Gigi Pointed Toe Flat, Ivory, 6 M US

I cannot decide….the hunt continues.

Now, for the details. Invitations. I have been stuck on this for too long already. I think that most brides want something elaborate to commemorate that special day.

elaborate invite

Wishmade Vintage Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Cards Blue 50 Pieces Kit for Marriage Engagement Birthday Bridal Shower Open Door Design with Envelopes Seals Party Favors

This invitation is Gorgeous with a capital ‘G’! However, we are going simple. If we were to do an invite like this, the wedding would have to be much bigger and definitely more formal. The invites we can afford, but everything else to compliment the invites, we cannot.

What about simple?


Wilton 100-Pack Single Border Invitation, Ivory

Ok, these I actually really like!

I would like to add some color though, but not in the form of flowers or other templates. But that’s easy to do….right? Or should I go like just one little baby step more in the elaborate direction?

What do you think? Any faves, or any ‘NO’s!’?

The wedding planning train has left the station.


Product Review: Ted Baker sunglasses

What is it ‘they’ say? That nice sunglasses are lost in a second and you can never get rid of that emergency cheapo pair you purchased on the beach 8 years ago. In many cases, this saying proves absolutely true. But…knock on wood…This fantastic pair of Ted Baker shades have lasted me two whole summers so far! (Of course, now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably drop them and step on them on the way out today)

These sunglasses have managed to survive daily commutes, moving, travel, being smashed in my clutch and having been dropped quite a few times. And yet, these beauties still sit on the table waiting for me everyday, in one piece.

I am not usually a super bold colour person, so the intricate floral detail on the arms, suit me perfectly. Just enough colour to match everything, and yet I can still maintain my dark shades look.

Feel free to check out your own styles. Everything mentioned is linked.

Thank you for reading!

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Super Sustainable Wardrobe Clean-out!


OK, I did it. And you would not BELIEVE the size of the discard pile!

Many of you know that I have made a promise to myself, and to you, that I would not purchase any items this year that are not made of 95%(difficult to find elastin-free items)-100% natural fibre. That means: Cotton (the top at this moment because I can wash it), Alpaca, Wool, Cashmere, Silk, Bamboo, Cupro, leather, fur or linen. This has been anything but easy!

I got super frustrated searching the labels of everything I put on and made a drastic decision: Fill the wardrobe with only your natural fibre clothing. Then sort out the rest and get rid of most of it since you aren’t really wearing it at this point anyway.

I have a male friend who decided one New Year’s to get rid of everything in his closet. Read: EVERYTHING. Then he was to go out and purchase items that he really loved. When he ran out of money (as he didn’t have a fortune to begin with) he was done, and would only then add needed pieces as the need arose. Although this is an extreme measure to take, I was sooooo tempted to do the same. But alas, that would be quite wasteful and that is counter-intuitive to my task. So I did not.

When I did the closet clean-out, it was such a mammoth task that I didn’t really want to even start it. I knew that there would be no breaks from start to finish, since everything I currently own was piled on my bed.

I did the initial checking and separating, and then I went through several more times to get it to the point it is now. The initial checking had nothing to do with whether or not I actually liked the garment, it went purely by the fabric.

So here’s what I did:

  • I took EVERYTHING hanging in my wardrobe, and hanging or folded in my closet – out.
  • I laid it all in a pile (hangers and everything) on the bed. I was a mountain of stuff.
  • I went through, piece by piece, and checked the fabric content tags.
  • If it was 95-100% natural fiber, it was hung back into the wardrobe.
  • Items were hung to only 1 piece per hanger. (I formerly had entire outfits on the hanger, but I wanted to be able to SEE what I have)
  • All items that were made of artificial fabrics went into a pile elsewhere.
  • Once I had completely gone through and separated out my natural fabric clothing, I got a (new, clean) big trash bag to use as a ‘going out’ pile.
  • I contacted several of my girlfriends to see who might be interested in sorting through some of my stuff, so I knew the types of items (and fit) that my girlfriends might snag. This is really a great thing if you have a closet full of 2-sizes too small designer items that you spent a fortune for and can’t bear to get rid of, but you know you will never be that size again.
  • The calls were a success, and now that discard pile didn’t look so big. I went through the discard pile and made several smaller piles for each friend, her taste and her size. Now I had my friends set, and didn’t have to feel bad about sharing basically new, very nice items of clothing.
  • There wasn’t actually too much left. A few faves, which I had worn the life out of over the course of several years. Must of these were no longer in nice shape, so donating was out of the question. But I didn’t exactly want to toss them in the rubbish pile either. So…I started looking into what my possibilities were. Turns out, H&M has a recycle programme for polyester.
  • I went back through the discard pile and looked at the fabric tags again. Anything that was polyester, I put in a bag to donate to H&M’s recycle programme.
  • And then, there were like 3 grubby items that I really just had to discard. So I did, and it wasn’t easy. I felt like a hoarder. I no longer wear it, but because I loved it for so long, I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing it out. Holes and all. But I did.
  • Then, I sat back and looked at my nice, clean, extremely well organized wardrobe and smiled. The feature pic shows my view.
  • Turns out my love of all things cashmere and linen has really helped me out as I had enough tops to wear for 2 weeks before repeating. Jeans, linen pants, 1 pair wool pants, leather pants,  1 pair cotton suit pants & 2 leather skirts help me to be able to dress for any occasion. 3 summer silk shirts and one gold special occasion blouse mix and match perfectly with my selection of pants and skirts. And 2 leather jackets, 1 matching cotton blazer & a denim jacket to complete the looks. I was all set and much better off in the versatility department than I have ever expected!

I have to tell you that I feel like a huge weight has been taken off me. Not only do I no longer have to dig my through my clothes to find the few things that fit my self-challenge for this year of only wearing/buying sustainable clothing and made from natural fabric clothing, but choosing my daily outfits is SO MUCH EASIER!

To anyone who is standing in front of a packed wardrobe saying you have nothing to wear, or that wants to go cold-turkey onto a sustainable or capsule wardrobe, I strongly suggest sorting out your closet using these methods. And doing it step by step, as just tossing items out can be overwhelming and might easily result in a mosh-mash of items that don’t really go together.

How did your last closet clean-out go?


My Lust list


I’m not sure why, but I felt the need to share some of my faves for this season. I try to stick to a simple capsule wardrobe, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t spend boo-koodles of time on the net drooling over fashions I would love to see hanging in my closet.

Here are a few of the items I would buy in a heartbeat if I was able:


Verdusa Women’s Casual V Neck Side Split Beach Long Maxi Dress Grey L

I’ve really been into super comfy dresses, especially since I have surgery coming up and like to look nice, even though I’ll be hanging in around the house. This, I’m in love with! So simple, comfy, yet will look super sleek with a thick belt.


Retro Wide Metal Interlock Buckle Womens Elastic Waist Belt Cinch (Black 1)


Parker Women’s Annie Blouse, Argentella, L

A great silk blouse with leather pants or a leather skirt for an edgy look.


Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Leather Pants Black,12


Lark & Ro Women’s 100 Percent Cashmere 2 Ply Slouchy Turtleneck Sweater, Light Grey, X-Large

Starting to see a pattern here? I love items that can mix and match easily with each other. It makes it possible to create a variety of looks with minimal effort (and expense).

Now for accessories and home, which I am really digging right now because I want to feel comfy and luxurious, and I want to look like I spent hours on my look, when I only threw on some bangles and earrings 😉


Kate Spade New York Womens Idiom Bangles Solid Gold Gold One Size

I am loving this bangle right now. It can be worn with basically every kind of outfit to kick it up a notch.


14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings (2″ Diameter)


TexereSilk Women’s Luxury Long Silk Bathrobe (Beautibliss, Mulberry, Large/X-Large) Unique Bath Robes for Her WS0102-MUL-LXL

This Mulberry silk robe is one of my must-haves. Super soft, cozy and WASHABLE 🙂

Thanks for checking out my online window shopping wish-list!


Best Milan Secondhand/Designer Shopping: Bivio!


Ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourself in Italy, you should visit this store. I HAD to reblog this post from as I’ve been searching for a high-end consignment store. I was so excited when I saw her post! Thank you, Style jinx, for allowing the reblog 🙂

A Comprehensive List of Companies that Manufacture in America #madeinusa


Hello all :=)

Although I am not in the United States, it is impossible to check the news on any day without bearing witness to the political shit-storm going on over there. Today, is another one of those days. I pull up the international news forum and the first article I see is about America’s beloved Walmart (incidentally cited as the holder of the largest clothing sales there) warning their customers of impending price increases. Why? Well, because new tax laws being promoted state that a higher tax will be placed on imported items than on exported items. Walmart therefore states that since 97% – 99% of their items are imported from overseas, they have the option of either decreasing their profit margin or passing on the additional costs to their customers. You can guess quite easily which will happen.

Since this is an an international blog, I figure that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to research the issue and share a list. My hope is that if Americans truly desire to make a bold statement with their purchases, this list will exhibit the companies that manufacture either in part or wholly in the United States.

I have to say, that I was only able to put maybe 10% of the companies I found, on this list. There are so many options that it seems almost insane that such an insanely high percentage of goods are imported. There are options, many MANY options of places to make purchases of items that are made in the USA. If you are looking for companies that are not on this list, please visit some of the consistently updated lists, linked to at the bottom of this post under sources.

The Federal Trade Commission states that in order for an item to be claimed as made in the USA, ‘all or virtually all of the significant components and processing must be of US origin.’ Just FYI, so you know what you’re looking at.

Please note: Some of these companies have manufacturing around the globe. But, if they are manufacturing (at least some parts or items in the USA) then to my eyes, this fits the bill that those looking to use their purchasing power wisely are looking for and are on this list.

  • Home:
    • J. Robert Scott (furniture)
    • Lodge Cast Iron
    • All-Clad
    • Cutco Cutlery
    • Lodge
    • Baby Eco Trends
    • Nordic Ware Cookware
    • Gothic Cabinet Craft
    • Ceardai
    • Bunn Coffeemakers
    • American Kitchen Cookware
    • Hadley Stonewear Mugs
    • Dacor
    • AA Laun Furniture co
    • Dacor
    • Englebrecht Grills & Cookers
    • Bennington Potters
    • Laffy Daffy
    • Jacob Bromwell
    • DCS
    • American Eco Furniture
    • Harden Furniture
    • Kitchen Craft Cookware
    • Mak Grills
    • Manchester Wood
    • The Holland Grill
    • Roger + Chris
    • Barina Craft (indoor bars)
    • Hug a Plug inc
    • Hus Furniture
    • Kirby Vacuum Cleaners
    • Saba Knife
    • Element
    • Carmichael Throne Co
    • Oreck Vacuum Cleaners
    • Crooked Tree Creations
    • Homer Laughlin China co
    • New Retro Dining
    • Penny Mustard
    • Lasko Fans
    • Lady and the Carpenter
    • Bag savr
    • Adirondack Chair Shop
    • Dutch Crafters
    • EZ Open Door Latch
    • Pyrex
    • Sub-Zero Refrigerators
    • Colonial Furniture
    • Wren and Cooper
    • Florida Patio Furniture inc
    • Viking Ranges
    • Wolf Ranges
    • Seura TV’s
    • Bosch (dishwashers)
    • El Greco
    • Signature Door
    • The Bagel Biter
    • Independence Bunting and Flag Corp
  • Electronics – other:
    • Shop-Vac
    • GE
    • Moeller Engineering
    • Winpower
  • Clothing:
    • Match Grade Apparel (Veteran owned)
    • Ice Time Apparel
    • Land’s End
    • Pony Babe
    • Dirtball’s
    • J. Wingfield
    • Between the Sheets Lingerie
    • Karen Kane
    • The Vermont Flannel Company
    • Dirty Girls Racewear
    • BL Couture
    • King Louie America
    • Ragged Mountain
    • Carolina Hosiery
    • Diamon Gusset Jeans
    • Soul Flower (green clothing)
    • Kokomo Cotton Company
    • Genuineblox Children’s Clothing
    • Wigwam Mills
    • Allen Edmonds shoes
    • Todd Shelton
    • Don’t Tread On Me
    • Salaam
    • Zkano (organic cotton socks)
    • Buddy’s Jeans
    • Castle Ware Baby
    • LA Garments
    • Sympatico Clothing
    • Simple Pleasures Inc
    • Dress By Design
    • American Apparel
    • LadyBug Baby Organics LLC
    • Bullet Blues
    • Dri Fire (Safety Clothing)
    • Langlitz Leathers
    • Calligramme
    • Filson Apparel
    • Duck Scrubs
    • Legendary US Leather
    • Cisco, inc
    • Aerodesign & manufacture (assembles clothing in USA)
    • Draggin Jeans
    • Hyper Clash (eco clothing)
    • Lizz Basinger Designs
    • Alex Maine
    • Montana Threads
    • EDI Clothing inc
    • Michigan Made Children’s Clothing
    • Loggerhead Apparel
    • EMKY Scarves
    • Brooks Brothers
    • Margaret Winters of NY
    • Fox Creek Leather
    • Go Athletic Apparel
    • Made in America Clothing Co.
    • Chippewa Boots
    • Ezz Corp
    • Filson
    • Banana Scrubs
    • Chrissy’s Knee-High Socks
    • Fairy Finery
    • Barbara Lesser
    • City Threads (Boys boxers)
    • Match Grade Apparel
    • Brilliant You LLC
    • Modern Trousseau
    • Bargain Socks
    • Fashion Label
    • Alisa Benay Bridal Couture
    • Belevation
    • Kepner Scott children shoes
    • Breath Warmers
    • Clarkfield Outdoors
    • Brigite Wear Intl
    • All American Clothing
    • Break North
    • Pendleton Woolens
    • Branded Leather
    • Ball and Buck
    • Bamboosa’s
    • All Seasons Uniforms
    • Blouse House
    • L.L. Bean
    • All Union House Apparel
    • Stetson Hats
    • All USA Clothing
    • Blue Canoe
    • Darn Tough
    • Clay Creek Athletics
    • True Religion
    • Blue Sky Swimwear
    • Daytona Thunderwear
    • Cloth and Needle
    • American Adorn Children’s Clothing
    • Body Aware
    • Clothes Made From Scrap (100% USA made. Made from recycled plastic and cotton)
    • New Balance Shoes
    • Cruiser Works
    • My Liberty Threads
    • American Fitness Wear
    • Texas jeans
    • Organic Threads
    • American Joe Apparel
    • Wigwam socks
    • American Made Shirts
    • OhSay USADavid Morgan
    • Woolrich
    • Andrew David Design, inc
    • Diamond Apparel
    • Apocalypse Design
    • PJ Harlow (loungewear)
    • Babypop Design LLC
    • No Nonsense
  • Large equipment:
    • Briggs & Stratton Mower and Tractor Engines
    • Ammbusher inc
    • Stihl
    • Vermette Machine Company inc
    • Power Trac
    • Airstream Trailers
  • Automobiles/Motorcycle:
    • Harley Davidson
    • Tesla
    • Big Dog Motorcycles LLC
    • Clipper Creek (manufactures electronic car chargers)
    • Indian Motorcycle
    • BMW (certain models)
    • Saxon
    • Trailer Pal (Veteran owned, trailer jacks)
    • Motus
    • Victory
    • Zero Motorcycles
    • ProMaxx (Exhaust manifold tools)
    • Brammo inc
    • EBR Motorcycles
  • Other:
    • Channellock and Moody Hand Tools
    • Maglite Flashlights
    • Purdy Paintbrushes & Rollers
    • Annin Flags
    • Crayola Crayons
    • Merle Norman Cosmetics
    • Gibson Guitars
    • Big Bear Firepower (Veteran owned)
    • Martin Guitars
    • Hillerich & Bradsby (mainly their ‘Louisville Slugger’ wooden baseball bat series)
    • Hardcore Hammers
    • Little Tykes Toys
    • Red Oxx (Veteran owned)
    • American Built Arms co (Veteran owned )
    • Silver Sport
    • Hi Temp inc
    • K’Nex Toys
    • Sharpie
    • Steinway Pianos
    • Wilson Sporting Goods (mainly the NFL footballs)
    • Devra Part
    • Iron Grip Barbell co

I hope this post has helped to bring a few companies forward amongst the confusion. Do you have any manufacturing sources to add to this list? Please share this list!


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