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Category: WTF

Random Factoids 28.01.2018

‘For every human on earth, there are 1.6 million ants.’ *Source I hate those bastards. Looks like we’re outnumbered. Damn… -Mliae

The Diderot Effect

Hello there 🙂 I’ve recently been having a bit of trouble controlling my impulses. As most of you well know, I’ve been going the minimalist route. A loose version of […]

Wifi Crashes, Everyone Panics

What happens when the Wifi goes down? Life ends, of course. Or so one would think, anyway, if one witnessed the morose, nearly teary-eyed faces that are the result of […]

Random Factoids 28.12.2017

In 2010, a black widow suicide bomber planned an attack in Moscow on New Years eve. She was killed when a Happy New Year text message from her phone operator, […]

Random Factoids 28.11.2017

‘In New York, its illegal to sell a haunted house without telling the buyer.’ *Source So much for those lovely historical buildings, I guess 😉 -Mliae

I Am So Tempted….

I follow a lot of blogs. A LOT. It’s part of being an active part of the blogging community. This is not a problem, as I never have a lack […]


I was having some technical issues last night and it seems I managed to lock down the entire site in the process. My apologies, we’re up and running again now! […]

A different type of hoard

Hi there 🙂 As many of you know, when in need of some serious cleaning motivation, I watch hoarders (or a derivative thereof). Usually it only takes about 10 minutes […]

Random Factoids 28.10.2017

‘A human will eat on average 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders while sleeping.’ *Source Oh, ugh, Nasty! Happy Halloween to you gross loving fiends out there ;P -Mliae

Random Factoids 28.09.2017

‘A broken clock is right two times, every day.’ *Source I like that, it means some of these facts might be right too! 😉 LOL -Mliae

Random Factoids 28.08.2017

‘There are over 20 000 species of edible plants in the world. However, just 20 species provide 90% of human food.’ *Source Hmmm…food for thought. Literally! I wonder if these […]

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