Winter slim-down diet update #1

Just checking in to let you know how le diet, week 1 is going. I have not fallen off the wagon…yet. Nor have I knocked over a market in the middle of the night, desperately searching for waffles, cookies and hot cocoa.  Yaaayyy me!

I’ve spent the last few days free of sugary drinks, no meat, zero alcohol consumption, and no midnight snacking. I was certain this would result in my going absolutely peanuts. Enter gunpowder green tea. Thank you Twinnings! That stuff has enough caffeine in it to keep me rolling through the day and lots of antioxidants so I don’t have to feel guilty drinking a ton of it. Best part: I haven’t been acting like a coffee, sugar deprived monster. And THAT makes everyone around me happy…including myself, of course!

Weight total lost due to this change so far? 1,2kg or approx. 2 lbs. Not too shabby for 3 days.

I guess it’s worth it to say that ALL of the sweet, sugary, wonderful snack-y things are no longer in my house. So when those cravings hit, I have gum or protein shake. And soup…I’ve been eating lots of soup.

Trying to keep up the good work 🙂

Please share any advice or thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for reading


Product Review: Chanel nail polish and lipgloss

I’ll just start by saying that I’m a total Chanel addict. I adore their beauty products and I purchase them every chance I get! That being said, and bias presented, I would like to just give a quick review of these two specific products.

These are my go-to colours for autumn. The nail lacquer is #663 lovely beige, and the lip gloss is #46. A perfect match 🙂 Like most of you, I usually shop for my nail/lip colours seasonally. It really only takes one set of colour co-ordinating products to last the entire season (buh-bye cluttered vanity) if…BIG IF you manage to find something that doesn’t require constant care and reapplication.

I chose these colors for a few reasons. One, being that it’s trendy. Two, pumpkin-cinnamon-beige…seriously, of course I HAD to choose it for autumn! Three, my autumn capsule wardrobe consists of Ivory, beige metallics, browns, and navy blues. Ta-da! Goes with everything 🙂

I have a problem with ordinary nail polish. My problem is this: It just chips off. You know, those attractive portions of natural nail showing through the tips of your newly polished lovelies that make you look as though you spent your day doing manual labour. Sooooo frustrating! Some things help (like wiping over your clean nails with toner in order to remove the oils before polishing and using a good base coat) but if your colour is sub-par, it’ll last for about an hour in perfect condition.

I’m addicted to Chanel nail lacquer mainly because it lasts. I mean lasts through serious dish-pan hands, laundry, administrative work, cutting the grass, food prep, exercise and hanging out with kids. I am in no way easy on my hands…Too much to do, too little time to do it in. Being able to look down at the end of a hectic day and see a beautifully polished feminine hand just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. In order to make it last as long as possible, I usually do wipe my clean nails with a swipe of facial toner, let dry, then use a good base coat of polish holder, let dry completely, 2 coats of colour and Chanel’s top coat which also shines and keeps your mani looking brand new.

I like the lipgloss because it has by itself just enough colour that you don’t actually have to use it in conjunction with other lip products. It small enough to fit in the smallest of clutches and (drum roll please…) does not require constant reapplication. During the day, I’ll usually dab on some lip balm, then apply gloss over. For a transition to evening, I’ll dab on lip balm, use a light lipliner  and then top with this lipgloss. Lasts well and makes me feel pretty.

Please share your experiences, thoughts and comments!

Thank you for reading


Dreading the scale? Me too….It’s THAT time! Winter slim-down…oh boy.

Oh yes, I did it…

Months after the move and I am still finding long-lost treasures in boxes thrown carelessly and temporarily into the attic. Today, I found this little treasure. I was wondering where it went. So what’s the first thing I do? Step on it…of course. And then I stepped off. Totally disappointed in my metabolism, I might add. It wasn’t that much…not a bubble gum swallowing experience. Enough however, to completely demolish my denial and my theory that somehow all my pants had merely shrunk in the wash. And so it begins….

I had just yesterday decided that I would commit to an experiment with cellulite cupping in late winter  in order to be bikini ready by summer. Which I will be doing at Alkeisvoima in Finland. All 3×10 of the treatments. (This girl is determined to look awesome in the sun, sand and surf!) Sooo….because of this, I for-sure have to get working on it. Like, now. BTW- I will be blogging about my progress with that.

So, today is the day. I figure (OK, the procrastinator in me figures) that I can do a step-a-week situation. Meaning that I either take something out of my normal regime, or add something to it. Each step adds up to a whole bunch of steps (I’m sure) all going simultaneously. Enter lifestyle change for the better 🙂

Step 1 for this week is to cut out all sugary drinks.  And late-night snacking…that’s out too.

Step 2 for next week is to start a regular exercise regime. No excuses. Apparently, running up and down stairs, moving boxes, doing the day-to-day and walking is not enough.

Step 3 – week 3; we’ll burn that bridge when we get there. I’ve heard that there are quite good diet teas, supplements and super-foods that will keep me from wanting to eat the couch. Maybe I’ll try something of those?

Wish me luck and let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading


Outlet shopping for luxury goods; Awesomeness or fashion faux-pas?

Outlet shopping seems to be the topic of much debate these days. There are endless google search results for the pro’s and con’s of outlet shopping. Mainly resulting in leaving us with the same question mark we had to begin with.

In my opinion, it basically boils down to which outlet store you are speaking of. Some of the outlets, like candle or bath/body outlets mainly use their outlets as a final destination dumping ground for their items which are no longer in season, or are no longer being carried. Some clothing outlets either only sell out-of-date or out-of-fashion clothing, so even if you’re getting a fantastic deal, you really won’t be getting your money’s worth in the long run because the time to flaunt yourself in these clothes is significantly shorter. However, since the days of retailers only stocking their outlets with sub-par or flawed merchandise is over, it’s still worth a day of shopping in the hopes of getting lucky. And who of us doesn’t like a day of shopping?!

As more and more clothing manufacturers increase output to keep up with the constant fluctuation in consumer tastes, this results in an increased need for warehousing and thus additional markdowns in order to maintain the merchandise turnover ratio within the main stores.  This, is why I believe there has been such a sudden surge in luxury item retail outlets. Lucky us, excess = markdowns and new inventory = a stock up of new items at the outlet 🙂

Many retail outlets mainly stock and restock items selected to be sold only at the retail outlet. However, sometimes one can get lucky if you are diligent, in finding new items from the current season.

Take for example; Coach. (I will confess an addiction to Coach). The outlet store is usually stocked full of silk scarves, handbags, perfume and men’s leather goods on deep discount (keep that 50% off coupon ladies, you’ll need it!). The handbags are updated and usually one can find a must-have accessory or leather gift item for a very reasonable price. (See mint chain necklace in photo…I fell in love at first sight).

Although there are many fashionistas that swear that your wardrobe must turn-over with the times, there are those of us who need only a few classic pieces or accessories to complete an outfit and that will last us for many years to come. Enter luxury retail outlets. A good, high quality silk scarf to take your jeans and cashmere sweater or black business attire from drab to fab in less than a minute! So why in the world wouldn’t we pay only a fraction of the price for something lovable for a foreseeable future? You tell me! I vote for Awesomeness. Luxury retail outlets rock out if you can just keep your head when you are shopping and make sure that the pieces you purchase are a significant addition to your wardrobe and not an impulse buy.

What do you think? Awesomeness or fashion faux-pas?

See you at the outlet 🙂

Thanks for reading!


The autumn capsule wardrobe experiment

Aaahhh, capsule wardrobes…the stuff easy-living dreams are made of! As airline baggage restrictions get tighter and more expensive, it’s advisable to take only what’s needed and only in your carry-on. Thus, creating a very real need for a capsule-wardrobe that can easily be transferred from place to place, or if you don’t travel much, it’s still supposed to create some much needed closet space and a clearer mind. Now packing a capsule wardrobe for 1 week – 1 month trips, I have gotten quite good at. The challenge here is actually using the same kind of capsule wardrobe on a daily basis for the entirety of autumn. No travel necessary.

So, I ran straight to one of my favorite department stores: Stockmann and after some mental back-and-forth on what would work best, purchased the following pieces.

* Navy corduroy pants from Noom

* Chestnut sweater from Vila

* Faux neck cableknit sweater dress in eggshell from Veromoda

* Super soft cashmere beanie and scarf from Balmuir

* Navy wool gloves from Etcetera

Add to these an already existing pair of skinny jeans from Tiger of Sweden, Striped top from Tory Burch and beige suede knee-high heeled boots from BCBG and we’ve got the makings of a fantastic autumn capsule wardrobe!

I also could not possibly resist the addition of a fantastic nail polish and matching lipgloss from Chanel. (Colours: Lovely beige 663 & gloss 46) I’m not a huge beige fan when it comes to lips and nails, but this reminds me of that warm cinnamon, pumpkin, clove feel that autumn brings… So I HAD to have it!

Best of luck with your autumn capsule wardrobe!

Thank you for reading




As my first official blog post, I feel it necessary to explain why I’ve decided to do this in the first place.  I must admit that I’m not exactly sure if people will even be reading this, but hey…worth a shot, right??

Let me begin by saying, my life, especially now, seems to becoming more and more of an experiment. (Hence the name) I enjoy sharing my experiences, but also, I’ve discovered that when one truly needs a straight spoken opinion or advice, it is difficult to find exactly what I am looking for. So, I’m hoping this will help…both of us.

Face care and Cosmetics

This is a biggie. Any woman over 25 knows the trials and tribulations of searching for that perfect eye cream, neck tightener that doesn’t include snake venom (seriously?! Who thought that was a good idea??!) or the perfect lipstick that doesn’t result in a bozo the clown look-alike after a hot make-out sess. Since I usually find myself trying one of everything and comparing products anyway, why not do it here as well? Especially since it’s sometimes difficult to find product reviews online if they aren’t considered some of the seasons most popular products.


Vegetarian, on the road to Vegan. Or maybe not. Maybe pescetarian. Either way, I’m feeling my way blindly to learning how to cook decent meals worthy of actually sitting down at the table and eating…one recipe at a time. Experiences and fire hazards to be shared here.


Champagne taste but a bread budget? Mmmm…yes. Absolutely. I’m constantly looking for creative ways to make my wardrobe more functional, more beautiful, and longer lasting. Albeit with a less-is-more attitude, this luxury lover will find a way!

All manner of silliness

Sometimes, you just have to be goofy. Especially on those days when I’ve managed to accidentally break all manner of dishes, had an electrical fire, ripped my designer linens or completely insulted my husband with a microwaved meal. Laughter truly is the best medicine and the world is a plethora of goofiness to get you smiling! 🙂

Thank you for reading. I very much look forward to experience sharing with you and reading your comments!