Getting To Know You 18.11.2019

Where would you rather holiday: Mountains with snow or beaches with sun?


New Experiment Starting Now!

This month, for the next 30 days, I will be using the internet for what we should have been using it for before Facebook, online shopping and internet porn took the majority of usage for most people. I will be learning.

We have the knowledge of the earth accessible to us, and we don’t access it. How many hours do we spend online … doing nothing? With all of this information available, I feel quite stupid. So maybe I should take a moment and just learn somethings.

I will be posting a weekly post, every week for the next 4 (5?) and sharing what I have learned from the internet that week. For the time at least, I will look for the information to all be in English language that I can share those links and information here with you.

Where to begin…History? Nature? Sciences?


Spontaneous Product Review: Poppamies Blackberry Hot Sauce

I really like this Poppamies Blackberry hot sauce.  It is for sure one of my favourites! It has a hotness rating of 3/10. Usually this means that there isn’t really a hotness to it, but not in this circumstance. This sweet sauce does have a burn to it. Which will play with your mind a bit because it tastes like a smoky, chipotle version of a dark berry syrup (I guess that’s what it is exactly!), and then…..a burn starts in the back of your mouth and you really didn’t expect that.


The way I use this sauce,  I think this is quite tasty with warmed brie on sliced apples. I have been eating so much of this last 2 weeks! The tastes really compliment each other! This sauce could also work nicely on a summer salad and could even be tasty on dark chocolate with a glass of red wine.

The consistency is what I would say medium-thickness. Quite much like a syrup.


I would recommend this product to hot sauce professionals and also to those who like some spice but on a milder spectrum. Plus, all of us sugar mice out there 😉 I think you will love it!

So nom!


*No affiliate links, products were gifted as explained here.


Happy Thoughts For A Difficult Day?

It’s been a stressful week (is it in reality only Wednesday???!) but today has been a very difficult day. There were tears. A potion of high-stress happenings all packaged into one little beautiful cake, I think.  I don’t wish to complain. I just wanted to ask, does anyone have some happy or funny thoughts to share? Smiling always helps!



Getting To Know You 05.11.2019

What is relaxing for you?

My answer:  Watching the views. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than having a coffee and looking the natural views wherever I just am.

And you?


Doing Good: My Medic

I usually write features on sustainable businesses that I would like to share awareness of. This is the first time I have written a feature on a business outside of the sustainable niche. This business, My Medic, is doing good things! Not only did their backstory make me want to learn more about this company, also the continuing initiatives they have to teach safety to anyone that just wants to learn , displays a sense of less corporate, more human to me. I hope you enjoy reading this feature spotlight!

My Medic provides medical kits for every aspect of your life. From pets, to boats, to kits that be packed in your carry-on; My Medic has you covered.

The core team at My Medic is considered as a family by the family that started this business. If you are not familiar with the story of how My Medic came into existence, I will give you a summary. A beloved family member lost their life in a devastating auto accident. Apparently the ambulance took more than 30 minutes to arrive to the scene, and in that time, it was impossible to administer life-saving aid. The family spent years in court and in that process, discovered that someone had stopped to help but did not have a medical kit with them that could help at all. Because of this discovery, several members of the family came together to start My Medic with the mission that people be informed and prepared as possible to prevent this from happening to others.  My Medics statement regarding the building of this company was ‘MyMedic had one simple goal: To treat injuries at the source and save lives. So the family came together to create live saving Kits. By doing so, we needed experts and testers. After all is said and done, we stand by when we say that we have the Best First Aid Kits on the planet.’

This background is the reason why I am featuring this business here today. If they can devote their lives to saving others, it is not doing much for me to share their story. When I asked My Medic about their raison d´être, their response was ‘Losing a loved one is never easy. But it’s really what you do with their legacy that makes a difference. Our love for them shines through our company.’ Wow. Well said.

My Medic began as a small family business working out of a basement bedroom. They have now expanded into a 15 000 square foot (1393 square metres) warehouse and additional employees which they consider as extended family.

My Medic is focused on spreading awareness. If you ever wonder do companies care about people, I would say that this is one company that does. They want people prepared. Not because it lines their pockets, but because they have experienced what happens when people wait until there’s a serious injury and realise they are unprepared, before they make having a medical kit a priority.

For the future, the My Medic team has plans to begin holding trainings in their warehouse to instruct people how to stop bleeding quickly. This one is upcoming and they have many other trainings being planned.  If you are interested in these type of instructions, but are not in the area to participate, you should take some time and read their blog. They have great information on it, and many things I had never considered myself like: Not using a belt to stop bleeding and why.

I was able to do a condensed question & answer with one of the team members at My Medic and I am including that below:

Q & A:

Q- What makes My Medic emergency kits different from your competitors?

A- Field testing and data driven approach makes us different. We don’t guess and we don’t cut corners. With the available data, we created these First Aid Kits and then had them tested by active Military, Police, EMS, Nurses, etc… and everyday individuals to make sure we had everything needed inside our Universal and Specialty Kits.

Q- Which medic kit do you keep with you?

A- I personally keep the MyFAK Advanced with me at all times. It stays in my car when I’m driving and comes with me inside my house, and my office. It’s one of the many Universal Kits.

Q- It is unbelievable that the solo medic pack is safe for carry-on on flights! Is it really?

A- Everybody bleeds. There isn’t a single person who doesn’t need First Aid now and again. If it’s a simple headache that they need meds for, or a life threatening injury, MyMedic has you covered. We want to be everywhere because the more Kits out in the world, the more injuries treated at the source and the more lives saved.


Q- What are some safety things you would like for us to know?

A- We don’t want you to stop doing what you love. We want you to be prepared if there was an accident that occurred while doing what you love. But the best safety tip: Listen to your mother.


Q- Who’s idea was it to include the pet kit?

A- The MedPacks have been ideas floating around for about 2 years now. We wanted to create specialty Kits. We have a Bleed Stopper, a Hiker MedPack, and a Pet MedPack to name a few. Pets are family and we need them to be prepared too. 🙂


Q- If someone wishes to place an order for a kit from outside of the USA, do you accept international payments? Do you offer international shipping?

A- We accept most forms of payment and do ship worldwide. We do our best to keep shipping rates as low as possible. But to us, First Aid is priceless. Especially if it can save someone from whatever the injury may be.

Q- What would you like us to know about your business?

A- We are here to help you. Feel free to ask us any questions that you have because we want you prepared.

Thank you to My Medic for taking the time to discuss with us. I do hope that you will visit their site, at least their company blog which is full of valuable safety information and things to remember in an emergency.

Thank you for reading!


*NOT a sponsored post, though post does contain some affiliate links.

Potato Cabbage Salad With Sriracha Mayonnaise

Hello all 🙂

I wanted to share a recipe for a quite simple potato cabbage salad with Sriracha mayo. This salad would be a nice accompanying food with i.e.; burgers or as served on your table for a Halloween party!

Simple & low preparation, the only item that will take any time is to boil the potato (about 20 minutes).

What you need:

  • 10 small new potato, boiled, cubed
  • 1 large carrot, peeled and cubed
  • 1 boiled egg, peeled and chopped
  • 1/4 red cabbage, cut into thin ribbons
  • 6 Tbsp Poppamies Sriracha Mayonnaise
  • 1/2 red onion, cut into thin slices

*Some small advices for the preparation of this salad: Cut the cabbage and potato pieces at least half the size I have. The salad tastes delicious, but it would be better if it wasn’t in such large pieces.

Put it in a bowl together and mix well. Makes 6 small servings


The Sriracha mayonnaise is really good! It has a surprising after-burn to it which we really didn’t expect. And then, of course, you want more!

I hope you enjoy this recipe! If you do try it, please share with us what you thought about it!

Simple food fan,


*Mayo was gifted as described here.


A Carrot’s Revenge….

It is the season for potato and carrot harvesting. My husband has been telling me I should go to look our small garden area, where I put potato in the ground this year. I’m quite certain nothing is growing there. Nobody has visited to give water in months and those top plant bits went yellow and died almost 2 months ago already. (They didn’t even get higher than my shoes, so….).

I did talk to some other ‘gardeners’ and purchased a 10kg (about 20 lb) bag of carrots from a man with 3 bags full of them. (That’s A LOT for such a small area). I got my carrots home and have been cleaning / drying them. And then I found this one just sitting in the bag, covered with dirt, not wanting me to eat it.  I laughed that heavily that I couldn’t just stop myself!


Of course, I had to share it with you 🙂 I hope you laugh also!

If you are wondering about this wise carrot’s fate, I can tell you that the carrot won the game. I did not eat it. I cannot. The carrot is nicely sitting on the food table, waiting for the next person to notice it, comment about it and laugh.

Carrot = 1 / Me = blog post


Unsolicited Hot Sauce Review: Poppamies Sriracha

We were really excited to try this Sriracha sauce from Poppamies. (See: Hot sauce fairy) This is actually a very new product. I think it only became available 1 week ago! So, of course we wanted to try this immediately!

This Poppamies Sriracha sauce has caused some bickering during our meals. My husband loves it, I love it and we both want to eat it on everything. My husband accuses me of using all of it and not saving him any.  He is correct that I use a lot because I am putting it on everything, but I’m not using all of it. ffftttt…


We like Sriracha sauce already. This Sriracha is a bit different from the one you are probably thinking of. This one is a bit smoother, which makes for a more versatile product. It takes you away from the thinking that Sriracha can only be used on stir fry. This is actually something I have used on rice with grilled aubergine and wheat  sausages.


The consistency isn’t super thick. It’s more like a light ketchup.  This makes me happy because I don’t like the taste of tomato sauce / ketchup / catsup (what name you just use), I’m not a fan. But this Sriracha sauce is mild enough, but still with some hot that I can easily use it as a ketchup substitute! Yay!

Speaking the truth, vege sausages and burgers taste like …. paper.  I usually use that many sauces to cover the taste of my food that I feel so happy to have found this little treasure. I will be keeping a bottle of this in my hand bag over the warm months so that whenever we find ourselves at a grill party (always) I have my secret food weapon ready.

Chili sauce makes vegetarian food taste better 🙂


*No affiliate links on this post. Products gifted as explained in Hot sauce fairy.

The Elusive Hot Sauce Fairy Visited!

Some of you may not yet know this about me, but I am a hot sauce fan. A big one! One of my favourite hobbies is trying new hot sauces and thinking what kinds of foods they would pair best with. (Just add cold dark beer and call it a day!)  I have a habit of staying with the companies I frequent, brand loyalty I think it’s called. Poppamies is one of the companies I adore. They are constantly showcasing new and interesting tastes. Also, they let me annoy them….which I do. Often.

If you haven’t yet heard of this company, you will soon. They recently won the title of Grand Champion 2018 of the International Flavor Awards in the USA for most outstanding product and they took the gold in the Barbecue category at the event with their Cherry & Cola BBQ sauce. I understand why. I’ve bought so much of that sauce and it is delicious!

So you can imagine the surprise when……


This weekend, the hot sauce fairy made an appearance! And we are so happy about it! 🙂

Poppamies heard their fan-girl and shared some amazing new flavours! YAAAY!!!

Unwrapping this treasure, it felt like it was my birthday 🙂 We’ve been smiling about it for days.  Would you like to know what I think is cool about it? There is no expectation that I will be posting about it on my blog. So, of course I’m going to post about it on my blog! Sharing my life with you people is what I do. 🙂

I have been thinking so much about how best to use these flavours.  If my photographic skills were better, you may actually be able to see what the products are. But I will list them below for you anyway 😉

The flavours included are (no affiliate links here):

Sriracha  – Super new product, I’m so excited to get this in my hands! We are already arguing over who will eat too much of this. Husband says it’s me. It’s me. No disagreement there.

Aged Jalapeno– I have plans for made at home salsa. Oh yes 🙂

Smoky Reaper. *Hot! Hot! 10+/10*  Put it on everything & sweat, then eat some more!

Chipotle Dip– I think this will be really good on aubergine burgers, or with potato.

Awesome Sauce– This is supposed to be a Caribbean tasting sauce. So maybe good to try with beans & rice?

Liquid Garlic– On. Everything. Smelling like garlic & onions is my early warning system.

Blackberry– Fruit and cheese. It has to be. We’ll know soon!

Horseradish sauce-an écrevisse salad, on a baguette. Oooohh nom!

Sriracha Mayonnaise– The idea of making cabbage salad with this has been quite stuck in my mind.

and… A meat spice rub for grilling! (Bean burgers, anyone?)

So this is my plan. In my mind, anyway.  I’m quite excited about finding the different ways to use these, so there will be more posts upcoming very soon. Keep checking those!

If you are thinking about it; Poppamies products can currently be purchased in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Austria and the UK.

Are you a hot sauce fan?


Happy Birthday, Lifexperiment Blog!

4 years…. I really can’t believe it.


You can imagine the smile on my face when I logged into WordPress and saw the special notification waiting for me. You know the one:


Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 4 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

When I started this blog, I told myself that I would try blogging for 1 year. I made a goal for myself and was quite surprised when I reached it. Now, 4 years later, I find myself wondering how I ever managed to write somethings that people thought was interesting. I was quite certain that when I shared my thoughts, my questions, my ‘I wonder…..what would happen if…. maybe I figure out the answer for myself….let’s experiment’ on the internet, that I somebody would tell me in very loud voice how odd person I am and that there is ___ medication to help me ‘fix my strange’. But no. Instead, I found myself surrounded by some very cool people who not only understand my oddness but encourage me to find the answers to my questions!

I thank you, my readers, my friends here on the blogosphere! It has been a lovely 4 years here and I’m looking ahead to this next year. 🙂

Over these 4 years, I have slowly been finding my focus as a blogger. I enjoy writing about many subjects, as I am sharing my experiences here with you. I am learning all the time, those things which I like and enjoy sharing about and those things which are bla for all of us.

For this coming year, going into year 5, I do have some visions for this blog. I would like to do some more experiments. I am on the search for the most affective skincare & anti-ageing products. (I am done with wasting my money on products that don’t work and I know you are also!) I would like to learn how to make some new foods and sharpen my focus a bit on the foods I am eating. Also, I think I am returning to the diet. I plan to continue my sustainability features & spotlights on small businesses that are doing good things (as this is a subject that is important to me).  Also, sharing those life moments which I enjoy sharing so much. 🙂

Thank you for 4 great years!


6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

As autumn has arrived, I thought it a good time to go on a bit of a nag about food choices.

With globalisation comes convenience. We can now eat avocado and strawberry throughout the year and have access to exotic fruits which only grow in areas half the world away. As easy as it is for us to add these to our shopping bags (it’s only a few €), we should really take a moment to consider what we are contributing to.

The Bad:

  1. Your fruits and vegetables are not ‘fresh’. They have been refrigerated for long times (sometimes months), shipped, trucked, sorted and treated with wax and preservatives, then put as display. Doesn’t sound grandly appealing….
  2. Conflict. It is said that the drive for avocado has created the atmosphere for violence in Mexico, and in a Chile community, water use has actually taken away the water from its residents and instead provided that water for avocado growing. (Learning much watching Rotten on Netflix) There are many more stories of farming conflict because of increasing demand for food items. Just google.
  3. Your food has travelled more than you. Take a moment and process … I can wait. 🙂

The Good:

  1. Supports local farms. I am quite certain that you are not looking the country of origin when buying potato. When you are purchasing fruits and vegetables in the harvest season, there is high % that you are purchasing the food items from a local farm. Local farms are the markets most affordable option of sourcing foodstuffs. So you are contributing to your community, your own country’s economy and not having to take 2 hours reading packages in the market. 😉
  2. Cost.  This is simply supply / demand. When the supply is limited because your lychee is only available in one geographic area for a short time, you are paying gold prices from it. When its autumn, and root vegetables are being harvested widely, you will pay a much lower price for those.
  3. The environment. Speaking the truth, making the shift to purchase seasonal foods is one of the simplest tasks you can do to contribute to the reduction of actions causing climate change. (It took me 5 minutes of thought to write that phrase correctly….there has to be a simpler way to say that.) That mandarin you are purchasing in February, travelled a long trip to get there. If you are wanting to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’, making a considered purchasing decision with these items will help you to lower it. Or maybe it doesn’t (in some situations). Think then, that you are contributing to the ‘demand’ of these items, which continues to increase the production of them.

Why should we eat seasonally when we have access to a world of options? Food items which have been harvested in the current season are more plentiful and there is a larger possibility that you are purchasing locally / sustainable. Traditionally, people only had access to the locally available, harvestable items in that season. Specialty refrigeration was not available to extend the ripeness of the plant nor were special waxes that could make fruit look like something from a animated movie. Mis-shapen fruits and vegetables of varying sizes were the norm and ruler-regulated items like cucumbers would have been considered as an absurdity. Then, you did not put food as waste only because it was not pretty. It was grown, and you ate it. It’s food.

Autumn seasonal fruits and vegetables vary by geography, of course.  But some of the general autumnal harvest foods are potato, varying squashes, apples, carrot, onion, beetroot, turnip and cabbage.


I do understand that eating seasonally could feel quite restrictive. It has been a long process to eating foods unavailable to us, and it will be a long process back to basics. In my mind, it does seem that we still have a small bit of ourselves that does connect to seasonal eating. In the summers, we crave fruit, berries, light foods. In the cold months, our bodies tell us that thick soups and dips are what we need. Most of these are based with seasonal harvest foods. We just don’t seem to think so much about it.

As with all consumer-driven changes, you must remember that we, as consumers, have the power. The power of purchase, which to companies = the power of money. Simply not purchasing these items will send a message in a very loud voice, that it is time to slow our food down again.

Have we lost the connection to our food?


Hibernation and Workaholism

Hibernation and workaholism….it doesn’t sound like a nice pairing, does it.

Everyone here knows that I am a workaholic. If I’m not blogging, then I’m researching to find interesting things to share with you, scouring press releases, reading blogs, networking, travelling, emailing, contacting companies and all the other fun things nobody actually knows I’m doing.  And when I’m not doing that, I’m usually frantically typing ideas and schedules on my notes app. All for good reason, as I like my home on the blogosphere and I want you to like it too!

October, November and December is the busiest season of a bloggers year.  Oddly, it’s also the beginning of hibernation season. (Or, well, mine anyway) It’s that time when the cold air has settled so firmly that I’ve lost all hope of a warm day of sunshine and slowly my body starts to tell me ‘I’m hungry’ – ‘I just ate’ – ‘I don’t care, its cold and I want to get under a blanket on the sofa and eeeeeaaaattttt‘.  (Netflix and eating….that’s a post of its own) Then begins the ‘I can exercise tomorrow’. Oh yeah, and maybe I sleep late on the weeks end.  Riiiigggghhhht… Then I wake up and spend the entire day online doing what I should have been doing when I was being lazy and dropping food all over the sofa the evening before.

I have a friend who does this. She’s a workaholic as well. She hibernates for about 5 months. I don’t know what she does at home because that’s her hibernation cave. She’ll send me a text that she’s going into hibernation and then I know that I should only contact her if there’s something so funny that I have to share it with her and otherwise I will hear from her again in the spring. The first year she did this, I thought it was a joke. Now I’ve known her for years and I realise that it’s the way she is.  (She is going to be so angry with me when she reads this. Maybe she doesn’t see it? )

I’m not hibernating badly. I’m just really happy when I get to be in a warm place, under a warm blanket with a big bag of goodies. My husband thinks I’m weird, but my dog loves it because he gets all the goodies that fall away from the bag. 🙂

Do you do this too?

I’m working on it!


I Have New Accessories…


These are not even little bit, the type of accessories I dream about. Apparently though, I will be wearing them with everything for awhile. I guess this is what happens when one doesn’t focus on what they are doing.

So these are the accessories that came with me today. I look like a newly born giraffe trying to find my way with these things. My husband thinks watching me trying to manage it is the funniest thing he’s seen. I must agree. I’m quite certain that if I could see myself the way he sees this, I would be laughing heavily too. Don’t tell him, but it’s good that he can see the humour in it. His laugh makes me laugh. And then we both stand there laughing at ourselves and enjoying every moment of being weirdos.

I know that I am a walking disaster. And now I also look like one (or well, hopping disaster?). So, of course I am concerned about how to balance the appearance. Unfortunately, I am so untalented at using these that I don’t think any amount of niceness on the appearance is actually going to change anything.

How badly do you think I’ll injure myself if I try this with heels on? Eeehhh….maybe it’s a better time for sneakers, ballet flats and autumn boots.  I quite much think that even if I was wearing a gala dress, I am so awkward with these walking sticks that can’t even little bit delude myself into thinking that I look like a sophisticated lady. Maybe I just enjoy some time being my comfortable, uncoordinated self.

These require a skill I do not have.



Random Factoids 24.09.2019

‘Baby sea otters can’t swim. The mothers wrap them in kelp while they hunt. A raft of otters will actually hold hands to keep from drifting apart while they are sleeping.’

*Fact from Good Housekeeping

I haven’t thought so much about otters, so this is quite interesting!


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Do You Ever….

…. find yourself doing whatever you just can, to avoid actually doing anything?

I have been this way the whole last week. And it continues….

Today, I have been mindless scrolling, googling, cleaning and just really doing quite much nothing. But I’m focusing so hard to doing nothing that I could have had my something done already many times.


Do you do this?

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How Is Your Decluttering?

Too much stuff… Too much stuff…. Too much STUFF EVERYWHERE!  That is what I was complaining to myself this year when I finally set the challenge for myself, and all of you, to see if we could get 1 item out of our homes every day.  I was so happy when so many people joined me in this challenge!

It has been awhile since I last posted about this, so I thought I might ask you: How is it going?

For me, it has been going quite well. I now know what my biggest problems are. (Post and random papers that come into the house and cannot be discarded for some reason or other.) Those papers are still everywhere. I have sorted so much of these. Somehow though, it seems like every time I get it controlled, a new wave of shit I must keep comes rolling in the door. How does this happen? I even put post ads in the rubbish immediately. But still…this is my chaos.

As for all other types of items, I think that I may be nearing the end of the challenge for those. I share quite often, that I don’t have so many items. My clothing is tidy in the cabinet. My books have been minimised to only those which I wish to read or use for reference. I don’t have those…what are they (?)…those little statues or eggs or what they just are that sit on the shelves looking interesting.  I finally managed to get my cosmetics hoard in control.  And we use all that remains in the kitchen cabinets. So my clutter is now just a never-ending overflowing desk and every kind of table with papers.

I have been thinking about going electronic with some of my paper items. But then I remember that that’s part of why I have such chaos to start. Or am I the only person on the planet that heard 1 000’s of times that if you throw out this paper, some office will surely demand it the next year? No. Some of you are with me on this one, I know it. ;P

How is your declutter?


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Random Factoids 03.09.2019

You don’t sneeze in your sleep because during sleep, certain neurotransmitters shut down. Seemingly the same neurotransmitters which send messages to the brain, making us sneeze during the waking hours.

Logical, but weird. What about coughing?





Quirky Quotes 27.08.2019

‘We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love’ true love.’

-Robert Fulghum

I like this one 🙂


*Photo credit: Appalachian LeadershipAcademy *Quote via Wise Old Sayings

Why I No Longer Write For Millionaire’s Digest

Millionaire’s Digest. Many of us are familiar with it. Its the site that has 100’s of likes within 1 hour of publishing a post. They were big. I haven’t seen them around in some time, but it may be because when I stopped submitting my work, I disconnected completely.

I was so excited to have my work published on the Millionaire’s Digest platform. Until … I understood their game.  It did not take many published posts for me to realise that this platform was just turning over posts in order to bring traffic. Meaning, that a post would go live, get loads of likes and then sink into oblivion – only to be posted again at a later time. When these posts were published again (or rescheduled?) all of the likes and comments from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd publishings were still there. Making it look like there were +400 likes, when actually it was only more like 20 for that publishing period. I would never had noticed this except when I reblogged my own posts to my site here at Lifexperiment Blog, it would become unviewable after several days. Quite frustrating.

And then it came….the biggest insult of all. I soon realised that Millionaire’s Digest didn’t accept me as a writer because I was good at it. They didn’t even care what I submitted. They just needed consistently revolving content. They did not seem to care if it was reliable information, good content, well considered, or a photo of a filthy toilet – they would take anything they could just get. Considering all the hours I had devoted to providing the platform well heavily researched, well-written, thoroughly cited content  – I felt used. Just a tiny piece in their big traffic-promoting machine. And it hurt. A lot. It was no longer an earned privilege to write for such a huge platform. It never was, even I was quite proud of myself for being accepted as a writer. Until I learned the game.

The game seemed clever in its simpleness. Beg people to create content for you, then post it, reschedule it for posting again, then again. The appearance of high traffic is there which generates even more traffic. Making it a perfect marketing machine. Anyone who doesn’t look deeper sees only a heavily ‘successful’ blog.

People have different motivations for blogging, and making money (attracting business marketing) is one of the biggest.  I understand. Money is difficult to get and getting paid to blog (actually paid – you know, where you can pay the bills or at least some of them) is like finding a unicorn. It can happen, but the rest of us are just imagining.

What bothers me about this plan is that it is so selfish and not caring about the people involved. You know, those people who spent so much time creating content for a site that was so self-thinking that we weren’t of importance. Just the workers there. Unpaid workers. Working for something we thought was great and was nothing more than a make money fast fraud for 1 guy.

I did google Millionaire’s Digest now and it seems that I am not the only writer that walked-away. I’m not sure if its even the same webpage, but it’s all new and there isn’t content anymore. Truthfully, you can still see the formatting posts – those fake ones.  It seems that a hard fall is what happens when you treat the people that are trying to help you, like rubbish.

If any bloggers are thinking about trying this – I would not suggest it.  Not only will it destroy any reputation you have as a human, but rescheduling your posts will badly mess with your SEO. All it takes is 1 person to click a link to your site that no longer exists, and the % is higher that they will never visit your site again.

Anyone else learning by bad experiences?


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Getting To Know You 20.08.2019: Motivation

How do you motivate yourself on those days when you very much want to do just nothing?

My answer: Difficult question to answer for some things, but I can say that when I just watch any kind of hoarder show on youtube, my home gets very tidy.

And you?

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Bad Blogger? Why I Don’t Keep A Mailing List and Other Items.

Google anything about blogging and the one item you will see that every ‘successful’ blogger must have, is a mailing list. Why? Why are mailing lists such a key item? Because it seems that I should take your loyal readership to the next level and….start sending you private emails to sell you things. Ah. Ok, so this is how those high-level bloggers are able to pay their bills. Hmm…I think that not for me.


Would I like to make money blogging? Of course. Do I? No.  (Any rare benefits from affiliate links are used to maintain this beautiful website.) WordPress sends my subscribers an email of posts. I think that is enough email you are receiving from me, no? Who wants a follow-up asking you to buy my course (in…I don’t know what)? Mmmmm….nobody wants that. I don’t want that. So, please have comfort knowing that the only use your email has here is that WordPress emails you my updated posts so you don’t have to get yourself here to read them.

The next must for any successful blogger is…..Social Media. I know, I know, a blog is social media. Apparently, I’m also supposed to be sharing every moment of my daily life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, jne.  Ugh. No. I often wonder if people’s lives are truly that interesting, or if they are actually do many of these activities only to provide content on social media. That seems like quite a bit of pressure to be a much more interesting person than I actually am. Also, I take horrible photos. My photography skills need much improvement, and for some reason, whenever I am in front of the camera – I have a need to make stupid faces.

Also, we are supposed to ask all of our friends and family to follow our blogs. I just….can’t. I know that I am not alone in this. I think that many bloggers don’t tell people they are blogging. There are quite many reasons for this that I understand totally. This topic is a post by itself. (One which I will be writing at some time.)

I have questions. So many questions. Can a blog be successful without trying to force it to be so? What even is a successful blog? And is it something that I want, even? I blog because, well, for me its like having a coffee with a friend. It’s just a bit of a mystery which friend I am talking to – until I read the comments of the friend talking back to me. I can write about my wishes, my difficulties, the odd things I think are funny and the topics that interest me. And you…you either schedule interest for a different day (different topic) or stay and discuss with me about it. That’s the thing. So I have trouble to understand why all of these  – ‘have to’s’ – are required.

Is it just me?

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A Small Thank You

I think that we don’t take the time often enough, to appreciate the people around us and the time they invest in us.


I wanted to thank you, my readers, for taking the valuable time from your lives to read my writings! Some of you read from here, many read from your email inboxes. I enjoy reading your comments and I am still surprised about the online friendships I have made here on the blogosphere. I so much enjoy being in a place where we support each others. Also, I know that many of you support me by clicking on many of the links I share, which is very kind. I appreciate it all very much, thank you!

I would also like to send some appreciation to the new subscribers here on Lifexperiment Blog! I am slowly noticing that subscriber number coming larger all the time. 🙂 I hope that you enjoy being on this trip called life with me, as much as I am enjoying sharing it with you!

You are super!


Self-Control? What Self-Control?

Dieting can be a nightmare. Even more so when oneself is so delusional that you think you’re dieting when you are actually doing anything but.

I like good food. I like healthy food. Unfortunately, I eat my healthy food and then…I get hungry. An insatiable hunger, with which I find myself eating double the amount I just ate, and nothing but rubbish food. And that hunger, it never seems to fully leave. Its not always so bad. Sometimes, I can almost manage to get through 1-2 days of healthy eating. But then, the hunger returns…

I keep telling myself that I eat like this


But then I realise that I’m actually eating like this


Somedays, I am able to look in the mirror and convince myself to just accept myself the way I am. To instead focus on leading a happy and healthy life, instead of being so focused on my weight. This is an amazing feeling of freedom and self-love. Unfortunately, the moment I can’t fit into my clothes, or I find myself too embarrassed to get into a swimsuit around friends, that self-hating, diet demanding, stress monster returns in bright colours.

I don’t want to be that blogger who complains. That isn’t me. But, challenges happen. It’s life. I know there has to be a compromise with this thing somewhere. Its so silly, no? All of this energy because of what we see in the mirror? If I put that energy into something else, I would see results immediately. So how am I fighting….myself? So odd.

Is it just me?


Getting To Know You 17.07.2019: That One Friend…

‘We all have that one friend…’

Today, I realised that I AM THAT FRIEND in my friend circles. You know that friend; The one that really tries to be normal, but just can’t. The chick that falls in heels, laughs at inappropriate moments, displays her emotions all over her face, worries constantly… That heavily neurotic friend who gets stupid-level excited about the smallest things. She wants to help. REALLY wants to help and sometimes goes so weird with it that you aren’t quite sure whether to be insulted or to start worrying that she’s a bit ‘slow’. That friend who genuinely means well, but most likely comes across as a complete nutter most of the  time. That’s me. I kind of wish I could be the cool, successful, beautiful friend. But then it would take away all my weird and my weird is what makes me, me. No?

So my question for you today is: Which friend are you?


My Year Long Shopping Ban Is Over! :)

I made it through the entire year, I cannot believe I was actually able to do it!

Last summer, I placed myself on a 1 year shopping ban. A shopping ban on un-necessary items like clothing, accessories, pretty things. I broke the ban in once occasion, about 6 months into the challenge. I purchased a dress for myself to wear to a friends birthday happening. (And I have worn it a lot afterwards) Otherwise, I have been very good!

When I began this challenge, I did not think I would be able to make it an entire year. I also imagined that I would find myself with a bit of extra pocket money that I could instead use towards my debts. I was surprised to find that I was incorrect about both.

I discovered that not purchasing did not leave me with the extra money I hoped would be there. This leads to me to question how I was able to shop before the ban. As many of you know, I do not have a wardrobe of many items. About 30 items.  So its not a situation where I am out shopping all the time. So that I can see, that there would not be so much money spent, to be saved during the ban. I was still not expecting to not have any money to show that I had not been spending.

Even I don’t shop so much, I wanted to so badly. Odd. I think maybe because I was telling myself that I couldn’t shop, that I felt like I was missing something and wanted to shop that much more.

I also realised something else, something I think is important. I got quite bored with my clothing. Sometimes because I was wearing the same items very frequently and most of them show the wear via holes, faded colours and just starting to look blaaahhhh. This made me want to shop. But then something strange happened. I found myself looking at new clothing that looked comfortable and heavily worn. Why? Wasn’t this what I was trying to get away from? I have been thinking about this for months. The only theory that seems logical is that I don’t actually hate my clothing, I hate the way I feel in them. I am still a bit overweight and for some reason, the self negativity comes out strongest when I see myself in the mirror. Even if I am wearing a beautiful dress, all I manage to see are the things I don’t like about my own image. I think many women have this same problem. So this is my lesson from this: I need to work on myself. I need to accept myself, be happy with myself. And maybe then, I can stop hoping that new clothes will make me feel better about myself and instead feel better about myself and that will make my worn and comfortable clothing look better!

How do you control your spending?


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Table Cucumbers

I made this recipe with my pickling spice, which was part of a package of spices that came with the challenge of creating new recipes with the spices. This turned out to taste very good!

If you need a simple and easy dish for your starting menu, this is it. There are 5 ingredients only (cucumber, onion, pickling spice, vinegar, sugar) and no cooking necessary.

In this recipe, I only call for 1 tsp of this particular pickling spice. When it sits in the cold, the flavour really comes out and it is delicious! If you are using any other kind of pickling spice, I suggest working the measurement out for yourself first, as this recipe uses only this type which has a very distinct taste.

What you need:

● Small dish

● Cucumber, sliced

● Onion, sliced

● Pickling spice (1 tsp)

● Sugar (1 tsp)

● Vinegar

● Water

What you do:

● Slice your cucumber and onion and place in dish

● Sprinkle 1 tsp pickling spice and 1 tsp sugar over the top

● Make a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water and pour slowly over the cucumber mix. You only need enough to cover the cucumber mix.

● Gently stir to mix and make sure all the cucumbers and onions have a coating of the vinegar mix

● Place in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Stir at least once more during the sitting time in the refrigerator

Place on the table and enjoy!