Holiday Funnies

It’s Christmas day. What better than to start the day off with laughter and cheer? So, I hit google search and posted the holiday funnies that made me smile.


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santa outhouse



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Happy Christmas!



Happy Holidays and Link Party!


Hello all 🙂

It is that time of year again. I just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday! Enjoy being with you beloved ones, forget about the diet for a few days and take the time to just stop and enjoy the moment!

In the spirit of the season, I am opening the comment section on this post for everyone to share your blogs. Give us a short description of your blog and leave the link. If you feel like it, check out some of the other blogs there too!

Happy Holidays!


I Almost Had it Together This Year….Only Not Quite.


That moment when you realize that you’ve been invited to holiday parties but realize that you don’t have even one hostess gift. You have 1 day to shop, again, for those – and today is that day!

So this is what I’m doing today, people. Going out to get the obligatory ‘Thank you for inviting, imbibing and feeding me – here’s ________’ gift. I hope the stores aren’t full of people. Otherwise, my hostess gift may be a bag of bird food.



*Photo sourced via Pixabay

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts


Hello and welcome to my final gift guide of 2018! These are just a few (more) of my favourite things!


A set of ornately beaded coasters 

Socks are a great practical gift and stocking stuffer. The older I get, the more I appreciate gift like this. (Visit item by clicking on photo)


A pack of these stick-on allergy labels could save a life! Made to be used on food containers, paperwork, etc.

If you’re traveling, or are sending your kid to school – this under the shirt invisible pocket belt is a wise decision. (Yes, they have all black too) Personally, I hate ‘fanny packs’ but I always have a good use for something that fits well under my clothes where I can stash emergency money or card. 😉 (can visit item by clicking on photo)

olive boat

An intricate olive boat for the entertainer

coldest water tumbler

Tumbler from The Coldest Water. Keeps hots hot and colds cold for the day!

Men’s leather belt (can visit item by clicking on photo)


A tin of organic baking cocoa

White cashmere triangle scarf (can go to item by clicking on photo)


Ethically made Lavender citrus mint dry shampoo

Fire hose and hide keyring by Elvis & Kresse (can go to item by clicking on photo)


Stylish cheese knife

Pure Cashmere Unisex GlovesA pair of cashmere gloves (item viewed by clicking on photo)

LJ home-candy-cane-soap-1_600x

Fair trade Candy Cane soap. Oooohhh yeeeahhhh 😉

Sams�e & Sams�e The Beanie - BlackBlack beanie (can be viewed by clicking photo)

Hope you saw something suitable! I know a few someone’s myself who might be getting those allergy stickers – for sure!

Happy Holidays!


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Peppermint Chocolate Cake.


Good day to you all 🙂
I came across this great recipe for peppermint chocolate cake on and I had to share it! This of you who have been with me for a time, are well aware that I cannot bake. Cakes confound me. She made this recipe look simple enough that I think I might even be able to give it a go. Thank you Crystal!

‘It Ain’t Christmas’ by Tombstone Betty


I had to share this emotional new Christmas tune by Tombstone Betty.  I’ve been following them for awhile now and this song was just recently posted. Speaking as someone who misses quite a few very special people over the holidays, it left me with a few tears. So I thought I would share this for those of you who don’t mind an emotional charge over the holiday season.



*Photo sourced via Tombstone Betty Official site

When the Holidays Sneak Up on You.

This year has been a bit strange. I am usually that insanely excited person who decorates early for the holidays. This year, I’m late for almost everything. It’s like time is just flying by and I still haven’t worked up the nerve to go sort through storage and drag out our Christmas decorations. I mean really. It’s not like we have so much that it’s overwhelming.

Everyone’s happy that ‘oh, I got my decorations up last week’ and ‘I’ve just finished my gift shopping’!

christmas pixabay

…and I’m over here like


Any ideas on how to banish my inner Grinch and get back into holiday beast mode are appreciated!


*Text photos sourced via Pixabay. Feature photo is my own.