We Need to Support Our Small Businesses

After 12 months of closures throughout the world, an unprecedented number of businesses are closing their doors for the final time. Large corporations are suffering, but small businesses seem to be taking the damage most severely. People need to do something to help support small businesses. Now.

I have always had a focus on small businesses here, but in the interest of being able to pay for this beautiful website, I have also represented large corporations – because that is where most sales go. However, now it is showing that while small businesses are closing permanently at a high rate, large corporations such as amazon, have profited many times over during this year. This heavy shift in profits to singular entities made me reach a point where I really needed to consider my priorities.

There are times in everyone’s life when we must make decisions between what is comfortable and what is needed. This is one of those moments for me. I have spent much time considering the current situation and I have decided that I will no longer represent the companies which are making such high profits while small businesses suffer. I will promote small businesses only, instead. This was not an easy decision, because I do understand that it will not be profitable and I most likely will not have the funds to renew this website when the time comes. However, I feel strongly about this as my conscious will not allow me to do otherwise.

In representing small businesses, I also ask that you, my dear readers, might take a pause and consider your own purchases for a moment. I feel strongly that if all of us shifted just 1 purchase away from our convince file and made rather the same purchase but from the small business, that would in itself make such a big change in the current situation. We have become so comfortable in our convenience that we seem to forget the significance of our small shops. It is understandable that certain services are most necessary while we are in the middle of a pandemic, as a whole, we still need a shift in our thinking.

I worry a bit to say this (because I already receive some *interesting* emails at times) but… If you are someone you know owns a small business, you can contact me and we can discuss if there are possibilities for promotion and what may work best.

Please note the following before contacting:

  • Most of my readers are in EU, USA & UK.
  • Businesses must be verifiable with registration & info accessible via online search. I have a level of liability here and I take that seriously.
  • No businesses with political or religious affiliations. This is neutral territory.

Let’s support our small businesses!