Online Quote of The Day

While spending some time online today and reading quite many unusual comments, I found this in a random comment section. Apparently, it has been found in a variety of places online so I do not know who the original author of this is. But I will share it here anonymously and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

This is my life right now. Actually I’ve been talking about this with the microwave and toaster while drinking my morning coffee and we all agreed that things are getting bad. I didn’t mention anything to the washing machine as she puts a different spin on everything. Certainly not to the fridge as he is acting cold and distant. In the end, the iron straightened me out as she said everything will be fine, no situation is too pressing. The vacuum was very unsympathetic, however and told me to just suck it up, but the fan was more optimistic and hoped it would soon blow over. The toilet looked a bit flushed when I asked its opinion and didn’t say anything, but the door knob told me to get a grip. The front door said l was unhinged and so the curtains told me to, yes, you guessed it, pull myself together!!!’


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Blogging in the Twilight Zone: Am I the Asshole?

When your need for dignified blogging lands you in a comment war with a teenager.

Yes, I realize going into this that it’s probably going to be a shit-storm. I also know that I am not alone. So, speak up, people!

I don’t want to sling mud, so the blog I’m referring to will remain anonymous. She is, after all, quite young and I don’t desire to inflict harm. I do however, want to find out who else has done this and why.

So here’s how it went down: Late last evening, I’m scrolling through blogs. It’s Christmas. I haven’t had a solid nights sleep in days, and I don’t care because its been a great holiday! So anyway – I come across this blog (that I follow- because its supposed to be news-y & political discussions & there have been some read worthy posts.) I had to check out the article because the last one I read seemed to be a bit of a rant against a certain group of people. So I do. And the information being portrayed as news facts, is …off. As far as I know anyway. The article was stating that Russia was sending entertainers to entertain the Syrians. I know nothing about this – could be true, could be bs. However, I do know that the entertainers who died in the plan crash yesterday, were headed for the troops to entertain for the holidays. So, I leave a comment that it is the case and it’s quit normal as USA has sent entertainers to entertain their troops for the holidays for a very long time as well …just for the record. (This is my fault. I should have just let it be. But in my mind, if you are going to pass a blog post off as news – you need to have your facts straight! Otherwise, its just propaganda.) And Hooooolyyyy shit. The response I get, you wouldn’t believe! Something along the lines of: How dare you compare the USA to this…..awful person…They never!  So I said ‘ So the US never sent people like Bob Hope & Marilyn Monroe to entertain their troops?’ Big Mistake. Apparently, ‘ignorance is a right not a duty and it is shameful to make such analogies.’      Me: ‘ Ummmm…what?! ‘ Then I lost my cool completely. (Shame on me…)   Long story – short: Apparently, by saying that those who died in the crash were Russian military musicians and comparing entertaining their own troops to the USA doing the same – has somehow been distorted to my minimizing the atrocities in Syria. WTF?! How did THAT happen?! So I just said OK and that I didn’t mean it that way – in any case- and sorry it was perceived that way.

I am still completely puzzled as to how that whole thing happened. But it also really made me think. How often do we ourselves, or others, have completely well-meaning intentions that turn ugly when people are carrying on 2 very different conversations with each other? Do we expect conflict so much that we inadvertently create it?

What do you think? Have you done this?